The interior of the living room in the style of Provence - the charm of France in your home (170+ Photos)


Provence style in interior design is the most vivid expression of the so-called "French country". He received world fame for his extraordinary lightness and comfort, which radiate rooms designed according to the rules of provincial France. The striking features of the style are rustic naivety, comfort and original simplicity. He is often chosen by people who are tired of ostentatious luxury and want grace.


This is a rather complicated style and you will have to carefully consider thousands of details. Today, we are also counting on the inner warmth and romance of the rural lifestyle of this warm and cozy corner.

A bit of history

Provence is a region in the south-east of France, the founder of the "French Country" style. In the 17th century, the French bourgeoisie settled here to stay away from the city noise of the capital, to enjoy the silence, serenity, picturesque landscapes that surround this place from all sides. They began to build their homes with the inherent, purely French elegance, which absorbed all the best - the natural lightness, naturalness, charm of the Old World. All these features are reflected in authentic French country music so far and in this sense Provence is its quintessence.

Provence is a region in southeastern France

The Bohemian audience immediately noticed and picked up this style. He quickly became popular, first among artists, poets and writers, and then among a wider public.. By the 19th century, Provence became known throughout Europe. And today we are inspired by its special energy and atmosphere, which has to calm and contemplation.

If you like simplicity and originality, then this style will suit you. It will look great in country houses. The atmosphere of lightness and relaxation under the canopy of nature is a feature of Provence.

The atmosphere of lightness and relaxation

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How to create a Provencal style?

Think about the transformation of the interior using characteristic vintage furniture, Chebbi chic décor, small details, modern accents in a room that will resemble a French province. The simple interior, decorated in the Provencal style, brings in the comfortable simplicity of the French county house, natural fabrics, antique furniture.

Country naivety, comfort and original simplicity

Provencal style calls for an open interior design, delicate colors, complemented by white decorations, pastel colors, bright accents and floral prints. French provincial home decoration is a mixture of flavors of local markets, shops, French cafes, seasoned with delicious spices, flowers of Provencal cuisine.

Houses in Provence are warm, bright and cozy. Decorated with wooden doors, large windows and shutters, they are hospitable and welcoming. Beautiful gardens and spectacular views are reflected in the interior, bringing nature into the living space.

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Living room Provence in the house

In a spacious country house this style can be achieved much easier, it looks more organic in the cottages, especially in the south. But you can create a Provence also from a small living room.

Simple and beautiful interior

BoardBeige, light gray tones, soft white decorating ideas, coffee with milk, wheat, pale lilac, olive, pale turquoise, blue hues and dark purple colors bring the atmosphere of Provence to the interior design and decor.

A Provence living room should plunge its inhabitants into the world of exquisite decorative art, without which the room will look too cold and empty for this style. Therefore, you should carefully consider all the details for walls and other surfaces that will enrich the interior with a special "worn chic" characteristic of it.

Provence plunges into the world of exquisite decorative art

What about wall paintings? You can choose a finished fresco or hire an artist who will professionally paint cozy Provençal streets on the whole wall in the rays of the hot sun, there will even be enough flower motifs against the background of roughly plastered light walls. Or add a few paintings on canvas depicting spacious meadows, blue sea, bright flowers of Provence. Place decorative ceramics on the shelf to add comfort, as well as decoupage jewelry boxes.

The houses in this style are warm, bright and cozy.

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It is the furniture that makes the atmosphere in the living room and is responsible for the overall impression. It should be not only and not so much functional, but primarily decorative. Unpainted furniture was made in the province of France from an expensive tree - walnut or cherry and had many carved patterns with motifs of animals, flowers and musical instruments.

The chairs were made of lighter waxed wood, such as mulberry or walnut, and the tops of a large family table were usually covered with green, brown or yellow glazed tiles. By the way, it is also the tile that is desirable for the floor, and not the carpets, as you can imagine.

Thinking about a typical Provence living room, I immediately imagine these characteristic curved legs of wooden furniture - where without them. And upholstery - always with watercolor floral patterns on a light background, preferably with a craquelure effect.

Exquisite decorative art

The furniture should look as if you got from the sixth generation great-grandfather bourgeois. It can be really old furniture with a patina of time, erased paint on legs and faded upholstery - that would be perfect! But you can hardly find the original furniture of this era somewhere. It’s good that they learned to reproduce it - this technique is called "artificial aging" and is widely used in interior design. Regarding the Provence style, this technique embodies many possibilities, imitating chips, scratches, scuffs from imaginary exploitation, traces of wood bugs and much more.

Pay particular attention to this "worn" effect when working on a style, as it is very important here.. You can do it yourself. The main thing - to achieve the feeling that the furniture in your living room is already at least a dozen years. Too elegant and sophisticated things will seem inappropriate here, since it is necessary to achieve the effect of simple village life, a little rough simplicity and ease in design.

Furniture makes the atmosphere in the living room

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The composition of colors, materials and furniture

The living room is the most luxurious room in an apartment or house and decorated in Provence style looks particularly cozy and hospitable. To turn a standard living room into an unusual room with a modern look in the provincial style, you need to change the furniture to visually aged, add light pastel colors, decorate with exquisite accessories made of wood, stone or porcelain and, of course, correctly present all this.

Sometimes it will be difficult to achieve a sense of harmony when working with this style, as it contains a large number of parts and accessories that easily litter the living room.. Therefore, it is necessary that each item played its role.

Style brings a sense of harmony

Great importance is given to flowers. The walls and ceilings are clothed in pastel colors, mostly white. Use rough plaster or rough wood to emphasize a simple rural setting. All these materials should be supplemented only with wooden furniture - furniture from another material will break the whole image.

The most luxurious room in the apartment

Wooden furniture can be painted not only in light colors, but also in bright ones, imitating the colors that are found in the nature of Provence - meadows, lavender, sea. Such a color game will create a feeling of eternal summer and bring a bit of heat from southern France to your home.BoardIf you plan to use metal objects in your living room, all of them should be supplemented with wood.

Fabric is also very important. It should look harmonious with our design, it is best to choose simple cotton textiles with patterns of flowers, trees and herbs.

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Kitchen-living room

A new tendency to unite the kitchen and a small living room is aimed at getting a single comfortable living space. And this is an excellent reason to make effective zones - the living room, kitchen, dining room - in an elegant and at the same time comfortable for life Provence style. Let these zones become the embodiment of comfort and warmth - it will be easy for you to achieve this effect with the help of soft colors on the furniture.

It looks especially cozy and hospitable.

Fill the kitchen-living room with light, pastel colors, slightly aged furniture, accessories from natural materials, flowers and knick-knacks made of stone or porcelain.

Use a practical set of wood in the tone of the living room furniture, light curtains with floral motifs, pots and spice jars. If it is better to place kitchen warehouses and containers in Provence style on the open shelves, then it is better to store modern kitchen appliances in the built-in and “disguised” form as much as possible.

Use a practical headset

The kitchen needs good lighting from various sources and, preferably, a large window. Light pastel walls, old, cracked and slightly stained furniture, abundant use of forged metal elements, copper and bronze accessories, flowers in clay or porcelain pots, open shelves with plates, wicker elements, natural textiles - all these will combine your kitchen and living room design .

Light pastel walls

Use shades of beige, mustard, olive, which will make your mood. Shades of blue, lavender or turquoise, traditional white or cream colors are also often used for kitchen furniture. Dark furniture can also be used in the kitchen. For example, chocolate brown or nutty, but this is more of an exception.

The sofa has a semicircular shape

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Each region in France has its own style of fireplaces. Fireplaces in Provence style were traditionally made of white stone, which is found in large quantities in the region (Estaillades stone). He was carved from a monolithic piece by hand, had a rather rough appearance. He also initially had a fairly large size - sufficient to allow him to cook food.

Today there are different ways to reproduce the Provencal living room with a fireplace - you can choose an authentic look or replace it with newer solutions that are often found in country styles not only French, but also in a different direction.

For example, you can use masonry, brick, tile.

Use a fireplace

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Forged items for lighting - such as candelabra, candlesticks, chandeliers - nicely complement the living room and give it a charm. It is worth noting that all these parts must be present, because in the 17th century the bourgeois did not know electricity and used these items. You can paint them yourself in light colors, if you found only black products in the store, or if light ones are several times more expensive. Any touch of manual labor is appreciated here, perhaps, more than in other styles.

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Provence colors

The Provence region has the amazing beauty of nature with fabulous landscapes, lavender fields and gorgeous sunny skies.All this is reflected in the interior - especially impressive shades of blue and golden colors, lilac, violet shades and soft white tones, which reflect the natural vitality of Provence.

Use shades of beige, mustard, olive

Here warm neutrals are always relevant - from pale cream to sandy and soft dark purple hues. These colors create the atmosphere of a tranquil French province, where a peaceful life flows through the centuries under an unhurried rhythm, organically combining with comfortable and modern ideas.

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Decor and accessories

It is difficult to imagine this style without fresh flowers and indoor plants:

  • roses;
  • lavender;
  • alfalfa.

French love for flowers is reflected in many household items, textiles and shades: embroidery in the form of plants, patterned forging, resembling winding stems, even dishes are traditionally decorated with a vegetable print.

BoardThe provencal atmosphere can be achieved with handmade ceramics known as earthenware.

Actual warm neutrals

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For your proven project, you will need the following details in large quantities:

  • photo frames;
  • ceramic trinkets;
  • various vases and candlesticks;
  • household items.

But as accessories the most important place is occupied by painting.

Artists are often inspired by the Provencal landscape and humanity has a large collection of a variety of works that will satisfy every taste. This can not but rejoice, because with taste the selected picture does a lot for the decor. If not to say more: a well-chosen picture is able to define the whole decor and set a leading role in the perception of space.

This focus has its simple explanation - the picture is usually hung on the walls, just above the eye level. Therefore, it immediately catches the eye and attracts the eye with one of its location. This technique is used by designers to create bright focal points in the interior using pictures.

The paintings are more noticeable than the elegant legs of chairs, for example, which initially can escape attention. And they open their gaze later, delivering an aesthetically pleasing impression. And the picture has a different mission - to serve as a bright accent on the walls. Return to the menu


In Provence, of course, the walls were not covered with wallpaper, but painted in red, orange, yellow, blue tones. In the French province itself, workshops are still held on the traditional methods of painting walls and furniture that have been used for centuries in the region.

But today you can find a lot of beautiful wallpapers that make the whole decor.

French country style

BoardDo not be afraid of color. The nature of the Provencal is an excess. The interior can also be redundant, it can even be said that this style is the opposite of minimalism. Add colors to the walls to a neutral palette by choosing colorful wallpapers.

A huge amount of wallpaper with an intricate pattern give a lot of room for creativity and fantasy over the decor.

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According to the canons of style, the ceiling, floor and walls should not stand out and be visible. They play the role of the background, and instead all attention should be paid to the curtains. The curtains do not blend in with the general background; they can be distinguished by bright colors and an interesting shape.

Their main purpose here is to preserve lightness, not to overshadow excessively, to provide air access. Therefore, the fabric for curtains should be made in bright colors, thin, from a natural breathable material.

Fabric for curtains should be made in bright colors

The color is very important for curtains, if you pick it up incorrectly, you can ruin even the most high-quality interior. It is important to choose color based on the Provence palette: dark and cold tones will look completely inappropriate, but pistachio, olive or beige will do everything possible.

Pastel colors are the basis of the color gamut of the style, although bright colors are not prohibited.Allowed to allocate them small parts and accessories. Competent addition of blinds for curtains will complement the sophistication.

The nature of the Provencal is an excess

Speaking about the eaves, it is worth noting that, like the curtains, they must be made of natural materials: a wooden or metal rod without any patterns and decorative forms.

For the kitchen-living room

You can save on curtains by making them yourself, as the Provencal image does not imply complex designs with lambrequins, but simplified, rustic unpretentious forms. However, the fabric for the living room should be interesting. Here are some simple living room ideas:

  • Roman curtains. They look great in any shape, but look more successful when the length is adjusted with your own hands - with the help of ribbons or a rope. Roman curtains are suitable for both large and not very large windows. Quite often, these curtains hang along with patterned or plain-colored curtains without a pattern. Most suitable for kitchens and living rooms.
  • Classic white curtains. This is the most versatile way to decorate a window so that daylight does not overload the room. Good for large windows and location on the sunny side. You can bring originality by decorating the curtains with laces that you can make at your leisure.
  • Crochet curtains do it yourself hands. These are the most original curtains, they best fit into the situation. However, this is hard work, but the result is worth it.If you do not want to knit all the fabric, you can limit yourself to the same rim with small knitted inserts.

Choose for yourself all that you can recreate a piece of France and will harmoniously fit into the interior.