Bathroom tile options: 185+ (Photo) Wall options


The bathroom is the place where you want to feel comfortable and private. Where at the end of the work day you want to bring your thoughts in order, relax and unwind. And this can contribute not only to a warm shower or bath, but also an appropriate interior decoration.


Any bathroom can be effectively transformed with the help of a tile pattern. An ordinary buyer washes his choice of decor from the wide variety that manufacturers offer. In addition, the tile composition will not only decorate the room, but also serve as a durable wall covering in a room with high humidity.

Decorating a bathroom with the help of a panel has recently become a popular option, since practically any design decisions are realized. The decor is made using a special technology that increases the moisture resistance of the coating and prevents fading. Also, the tile surface protects the drawing from the action of high temperature and aggressive household chemicals.

The bathroom is the place where you want to feel comfortable and private

Product Features

Decorating a bathroom with a tile composition over time is gaining more and more relevance. When choosing a finishing material should focus on such aspects:

  • long term use;
  • hygiene;
  • strength of finish;
  • image stability to high humidity, the action of cleaning products and temperature changes;
  • affordable price.

The room can be effectively transformed with the help of a tile pattern.

When buying a kit you need to pay attention to the material from which it is made. As an economical option, you can choose ceramic tiles. In addition to it, wall panels, porcelain stoneware structures, and mosaics are used to create the decor.

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Varieties of composition

To decorate a bathroom, it is worth exploring various types of wall paintings. A variety of designs depends on the material that was taken as the basis for finishing.

Has image stability to high humidity

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Wall decoration

The size of the decorative picture is directly dependent on the total area of ​​the bathroom. The selected design is able to smooth out some flaws in the room and highlight the external advantages. In the large bathroom, you can install the overall design. Suitable drawing, lined with ceramic tiles. For the bathroom often choose:

  • seascapes;
  • ships;
  • marine flora and fauna.

To make a small bathroom visually higher and more widely will help the picture, which should be installed in any corner. Drawing should be without plot. LThe abstraction or the image of thin lines will be the best option.

The size of the picture depends on the area of ​​the room.

Panels on the wall are performed in different interpretations:

  • Photopanel is a relatively young appearance. You can create it from any photos. Most often they use photos of media personalities, animals, plants, city landscapes, retro photos and so on.
  • For a bathroom of a small area it is better to use a mirror design of the walls. The mirror will not only visually expand the boundaries of the room, but also fill it with light. The surface can be decorated with various translucent patterns.
  • The walls of a small bath can also be decorated with a picture consisting of one tile. The picture is placed on the background of the tile, painted in one tone. Colored spots accentuate attention, and look original.
  • Panels with 3D image are made of modern materials with increased strength.
  • Mosaic finish is most often used to decorate the bathroom. However, the laying of such material is a very time consuming process. Beautifully look image of seashells on a white beach.

Photopanel - a relatively young look

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Mosaic composition

Mosaic as a decorating material is very popular among designers. The selected image is laid out using small multi-colored tiles with a width of up to 3 cm. Each part is fixed using a special metal mesh. All elements are made from such materials:

  • Diversified ceramics. Mosaic tiles are covered with moisture-resistant glaze, which also protects the surface of the future decor from abrasive wear.
  • Glass mosaic looks like crystal. The spectacular image is not afraid of excessive moisture. Glass parts do not react to acids and other chemicals.
  • The smalt finish is durable and reliable. The production technology of smalt elements makes it possible to install a spectacular internal illumination when sticking.
  • The use of stone of natural and artificial origin allows you to create unique compositions for wall decoration. The material can be polished or aged.

Mosaic as a decorating material

From the mosaic, you can make ornaments from Eastern culture, which will give the bathroom a long-term spirit of history. Also from small pieces are created modern motifs, abstractions, portraits, silhouettes of animals and people, elements of the plant world.

The essence of the mosaic is that the details should be placed in any order. The result is unique patterns. The classic bathroom is decorated with geometric shapes. The room with the interior of the Provence direction is decorated with images of pastel shades or seashells.

Classic bathroom is decorated with geometric shapes.

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Ceramics on the floor

Due to the quality characteristics, ceramic tiles are best suited for decorating the bathroom floor. The flooring tolerates mechanical impact, is not afraid of dampness and has a long service life. The technical properties of the tiled panel in the bathroom make it possible to enclose electrical elements under the decorative material for installing a floor heating system.

It will be interesting to look tile, laid out in the form of a roseon. However, this type of ceramic image is suitable for a spacious room. The surface of the coating should be matte or glossy. Among the patterns often used marine themes, shells, paintings by famous artists.

Flooring tolerates mechanical stress.

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Ceramic wall panel

To create a composition in the bathroom, you can choose ceramic tiles of various textures and colors. The popularity of ceramic material is also due to its distinctive properties:

  • simplicity of laying tiles;
  • low cost;
  • suitable specifications for use;
  • resistance to contact with household chemicals;
  • resistance to mechanical stress;
  • ability to withstand temperature drops.

Ceramic tile with tulips

Along with all the advantages, tiled flooring has some disadvantages. The main disadvantage of the tile is fragility.

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Ways to apply ornament

The drawing on the ceramic surface is applied using several methods:

  • printing followed by firing is a long and expensive method. With this method, the image can be applied even on a ribbed surface;
  • sublimation printing refers to faster and cheaper equipment;
  • decal is a method of drawing a picture by means of a decal. Decal is the most functional option;
  • The use of UV ink is considered the cheapest.

Painting the walls in the marine theme

When choosing a photo tile, it is necessary to take into account the place where the installation will take place and the presence of high humidity. The decal technique is best used in a bathroom with good lighting and with a constant level of humidity.

The cheapest lining is used in rooms with low humidity and low risk of causing mechanical damage.

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Features of porcelain tile

Porcelain stoneware finish has a long service life and strength properties. The quality of the material exceeds the tile counterpart. Porcelain tile has a low level of water absorption compared with other types of finishes.

Porcelain stoneware finish has a long service life.

The porcelain tile has the following advantages:

  • suitable for use in wet rooms;
  • distinguished by reliability and high scratch resistance;
  • images of different complexity are applied;
  • just care for the material.
BoardIt must be remembered that this type of finish is very slippery and is not recommended for floor covering. Glazed and polished tiles are used to decorate walls.

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Photo tile

To create a decorative in the bathroom, most designers prefer photo tile. With this material you can create images in the most juicy and bright colors. It is also possible to choose any pattern. Photo tile is made not only small areas of the bathroom, but completely the whole wall.

With a photo tile you can create images in the most juicy and bright colors.

When buying a phototile for wall panels, it is recommended to stop the choice on such options:

  • image of wildlife or beaches of exotic countries. The interior of the bathroom will look harmoniously waterfalls, fish, shells and jellyfish. Romantic will be the image of small boats with white sails;
  • for the bathroom, decorated in various styles, suitable floral designs. Orchids look spectacular close up;
  • Many designers use family photos for the panels.

From a tile of this type, you can make a solid image or break it into separate parts. To the selected picture was on the whole wall, use high-resolution photos. For a small canvas that can be placed in different parts of the bathroom, the cost will be much less.

A good option would be to choose a few small photos. The phototile is suitable for framing a doorway or mirror. You can also finish it with a niche and install a beautiful lighting there.

This type of tile can make a solid image.

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Glass tile

A glass panel can have a matte, grooved or smooth surface. It looks like a glass composition, which decorates an empty area on the wall. Such designs can be equipped with various backlights. Pieces of glass with dimensions of 10x10 are painted in different shades and spread out of them beautiful compositions.

The glass picture in the bathroom has several features:

  • they are able to create bright accents in the interior of the room;
  • appropriate for rooms decorated in modern design directions;
  • Interesting will look glass panels with a mirror surface. During the installation of special lighting apply holographic patterns.

May have a matte, grooved or smooth surface.

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Single panel

A picture created from one tile contains a certain plot. Features of this type are as follows:

  • for the main image using geometric shapes, large flowers, silhouettes of animals;
  • drawing put in the bas-relief way;
  • the composition is often supplemented with ceramic structures;
  • used mainly for decorating bottlenecks.

Carefully selected single tiles make it possible to decorate the wall in the bathroom with original compositions.

Design in black

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From several tiles

The most popular option for decorating a wall is a composite image. The overall plot consists of parts, each of which is applied to a separate tile.

The features of the precast panel are as follows:

  • the whole image is assembled from individual parts;
  • elements are combined in such a way that as a result no joints are visible;
  • sizes sometimes reach three meters;
  • the shape of the coating can be square or rectangular. The composition can be made and round, or oval.

Bright design of the room

A large image should be placed in the center of the entire wall.

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With 3D drawing

Panel with the effect of 3D appeared not so long ago. Modern technologies are used for its production, so the image on the tile looks very realistic. The photoprint applied to the material must be further calcined. As a result of this process, the product is fully protected from the damaging effects of moisture. During firing, paint penetrates deep into the surface and is fixed there. From above on a tile put special glaze.

Panel with a 3D image is considered a unique material.

3D picture has significant advantages:

  • long term use;
  • resistance to mold;
  • ease of installation;
  • ease of care;
  • hypoallergenic characteristics;
  • high impact resistance.

Panel with the effect of 3D appeared not so long ago

A panel with a 3D image is considered a unique material, as it drastically changes the perception of space and time.

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Frisise panel or free size design was created specifically for rooms of irregular height. The advantage of this type of composition is that the owner of the room can decide for himself what height his future panel will be. The main thing is that the picture harmoniously fit into the atmosphere of the room.

The plot of the scenery is divided into three separate parts: the middle, the beginning and the end.. The main role in this puzzle is played by the middle, due to which it is possible to extend the panel by any size. The middle part of the plot consists of tiles, on which one drawing is applied. The first and third squares can not be interchanged or added to another tile, because they are the beginning and end of the image.

Beach motive

Better understand this will help illustrative example. The panel depicts a tree. The plot begins where the trunk comes out of the ground. Completion of the figure is the crown. The trunk itself is the middle. Here it is possible to extend it to at least five meters in height, simply stacking identical tiles one after the other.

There is another kind of free size - a tile on which a pattern is printed that has no borders.. That is, to make a specific picture of them will not work. The panel is represented by a scattering of elements created in order to create a randomly selected pattern. Tiles can be connected in any order at their discretion.

As a result, you can put:

  • starry sky;
  • abstract composition;
  • flower glade;
  • combining different patterns from one set.

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Rules for choosing a decorative composition

A panel is primarily a finishing material. Therefore, when choosing a suitable pattern should be based on the shades of the room and its dimensions. For a small bathroom, it is better to choose a monophonic composition with small eye-catching images. The drawing should be in pastel colors so that bright colors do not hide the space. Dark and contrast tiles suitable for large rooms.

The selected composition should blend harmoniously with the overall style:

  • for the bathroom, decorated in retro style, select the panel with an abstract pattern;
  • tile with marine motifs promotes relaxation. It can be ships, beach landscapes, fish, shells and more. Combines such a composition with the interior in the style of the Mediterranean;
  • graphic patterns and mosaic suitable for ethnic bathroom;

For a small bathroom it is better to choose a monophonic composition.

  • Classic or baroque style can be supplemented with tiles of delicate tones, which depict landscapes, butterflies or flowers;
  • The oriental bathroom will be special if you use unusual patterns and bright colors. You should not limit imagination, you can apply an abundance of colors;
  • A country style bathroom should be decorated in discreet colors. Welcomes light mosaic with a matte surface;
  • natural motifs are typical for small spaces. For decoration use tiles that mimic wood, leather or bamboo. Seashells are also popular.

In shades of brown

Panel of tiles in the bathroom are selected based on the preferences of the owners of the house, the size of the room and its interior. You can choose an inexpensive option or order a more expensive decor from the designer.

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Advantages and disadvantages of tiled design

Decorating the walls in the bathroom panels of tiles - not a new trend in interior design. This type of finish has been used for many centuries. Over time, only the tile format changes - new textures and patterns are invented. Also significantly expanded the range of materials used. Ceramic panels, porcelain stoneware and glass compositions have become available to modern designers. Among the owners of apartments are popular panels and tiles with the application of images.

The disadvantages of consumers include the high cost of material and complex installation. For those who do not understand the process of laying the panel, it is better to stop photo tile. The selected image is applied to the usual tile. The finished tile is attached to the wall in the most usual way. The equipment is uncomplicated, but as a result, the bathroom will acquire its own flavor and uniqueness.

New trend in interior design

Glass panels look very unusual. They can be supplemented with LED lighting.. Glass panels are not popular in the market because they are very expensive. Also at their installation often there are some difficulties.

Photo tiles are also made of plastic and wood. Their price is low, but the panel itself is short-lived. This option is used by people who like to often change the style of the bathroom. Return to the menu ↑

Color varieties of tiled pattern

The most organic are compositions, the coloring of which completely coincides with the color of the walls in the bathroom. Bright images visually push the walls and increase the procountry Warm tones create an intimate setting.. Bright accents will fit into almost any design, even in modern minimalism, and the appearance will remain original.

This type of finish has been used for many centuries.

Such an unusual combination of colors should not violate the integrity of the composition or stand out from it. Attention is given to the contrast of colors and the right combination of them. The tones must overlap not only with the walls, but also with the furniture, the frieze and the plumbing fixtures.

Over the centuries, the tile panels changed their forms, colors, production methods. Modern technologies made it possible to significantly diversify the drawings and ornaments used in the compositions. For this purpose, standard and innovative materials are used, with the help of which a wide scope for designer’s imagination has appeared.

Ready panels became the most actual. The picture consists of standard size tiles with a printed pattern. This is an inexpensive option. It can be decorated according to your wishes and taste with friezes or inserts.

The tones should overlap not only with the walls, but also with the furniture

To create an exclusive interior using mosaic. Mosaic panels are bought in finished form or ordered according to their own preferences. Composition can be created from a variety of multi-colored small tiles or elements of the same tone. Variants of images are very different - from drawings with a plot to single figures.

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Features of decorating the room, depending on its area

The size of the panel also matters and it depends on the dimensions of the bathroom. Details of the selected design will hide the obvious disadvantages of the room and improve its interior.

The owners of large rooms use some recommendations about the fact that it is not worth shy with the scale. You can think of something unusual, for example, lay out the entire wall mosaic. Dolphins, ships, seascapes, wildlife can be depicted on the mosaic panel.

Bathrooms of medium size are recommended to decorate with ornaments on 2/3 of the entire wall. The theme will suit any, what the imagination of the owners will be capable of.

In pink color

Bathrooms with modest dimensions should be expanded with the help of a panel placed in one of the corners. The picture does not have to contain the plot. Often choose an abstraction with a minimum number of bright details with clear contours.

The process of visiting the bathroom by children can be made more interesting and fascinating. To do this, the area above the sink or the bath itself must be decorated with a tiled panel depicting cartoon characters or fairy tale characters.

Popular drawings in the children's style are cartoons, where the main characters are the fish, for example, Dory or Nemo. From fairy tales you can take those characters whom the child loves. Images of wild animals, fairy fairies, the theme of travel, bright butterflies and birds, cars and ships will also be suitable. Babies will be interested in taking a bath surrounded by their favorite characters from books or TV.

Night city

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Design Ideas

There are several ways to transform a bathroom with a combination of multi-colored tiles and different types of panels:

  • Classic design. The dark bottom is separated by a frieze from the light top. As a decor use single-panel panels, which are placed throughout the bright area. On the upper perimeter, you can make a dark border, lined in one tile.
  • Horizontal edging. If there is a large amount of furniture in the bathroom, use the method of horizontal decoration. Dark stripe in one or three tiles share a bright bottom and top. With such decoration, you should consider the arrangement of furniture and technology, so that as a result, the drawing is not closed. Dark tiles can be laid out in a checkerboard pattern.
  • Vertical accents. Panel, having a vertical direction, emit static objects. For example, with a contrasting composition it is possible to distinguish a toilet area, a washbasin, a bathtub or a shower. At the same time, the width of the panel should be slightly smaller than the furniture itself or the sanitary fixture. The image can start from the floor and end under the ceiling, if it is not an animal, portrait or photo. An abstraction, landscapes, mosaic or monophonic drawing will be suitable for a panel on the entire height of the wall. Horizontal lines should not cross such compositions.

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Original DIY panel

It is a pleasure to decorate a bathroom with home-made decoration elements. Moreover, such a finish option will be much cheaper than the purchase. For independent creation of a panel in a bathroom the mosaic will be better suited. As a result, you can get a unique thing that you will never see anywhere else.

For work useful unnecessary tiles, remaining after the repair, or broken debris, which was originally planned to be thrown away. There are many methods for creating panels. However, the initial stage is drawing a sketch of the future composition.

In English style

The easiest and cheapest way to make a beautiful panel is considered decoupage technique. The drawing is applied to tracing paper or film, and then glued to a specially selected tile. The image is put after the correct laying of facing material.

BoardAfter labeling, the printout should be covered with a clear lacquer, which will create additional protection for the image from burning or erasing. This method of creating a tiled panel with his own hands is convenient and simple, but it should not be used in rooms with high humidity. Return to the menu

Application of old and innovative technologies

Mosaic is an ancient method of creating a decorative composition of tiles. The design is made up of many individual multicolored tile scraps, glass or stone. To do this, often used broken or chopped ceramic tiles or majolica. The process is very time consuming. It requires minimal skill and experience with mosaic, as well as a considerable amount of time. But it is worth going through all the difficulties, because the end result will exceed all expectations, and the bathroom will become unique and inimitable.

This design will take you to the islands

For lovers of modern technology is suitable ornament on the tile with a special composition, which is very similar to glaze. Drawing put in the printing method or manually. But to create a panel at home, this method is not suitable, because in the future painted tiles must undergo a heat treatment process.

Regardless of the chosen method of creating a tiled panel, the decor, made personally, is able to give the interior of the bathroom an absolute exclusivity. This panel can decorate the entire wall, a separate section of it, a niche, frame a mirror or a doorway. With this decoration you can interestingly zone the bathroom, highlighting the area of ​​the sink, bathtub or shower.

In turquoise color