Zoning the living room and bedroom in the same room (235+ Design Photos): we use the space with benefit and convenience


For convenience and comfort in the space of one room it is necessary to allocate different areas for the living room and bedroom. Interesting decorating techniques help to achieve harmony. I wonder how a living room and a bedroom in one room can look like a single style composition without interfering with each other? What are the zoning methods? Where better to put the bed? Answers to all questions further in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Living room - bedroom: interesting tandem
  • Features of zoning with furniture
  • Types of partitions
  • Stationary structures
  • Mobile options
  • Pros and cons of products
  • Style matching options
  • Lighting
  • Modern layout with design
  • Top 14 recommendations for combined premises
  • Where better to put the bed
  • Center of the living room - by the window
  • Distinctive features of styles
  • VIDEO: Zoning space for comfort
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The most original and stylish ideas for space zoning
  • Living room - bedroom: interesting tandem
  • Features of zoning with furniture
  • Types of partitions
  • Style matching options
  • Lighting
  • Modern layout with design
  • Top 14 recommendations for combined premises
  • Distinctive features of styles
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The most original and stylish ideas for space zoning
  • Living room - bedroom: interesting tandem

    With the correct calculation in any room you can arrange a zone for night rest and reception of guests. They are usually located at different ends of the room:

    • sleeping corner - in the far side of the room;
    • living room - closer to the door.

    Beautiful and comfortable tandem

    Zoning method is chosen depending on financial possibilities, area of ​​the room, location of windows, availability of niches, which are easy to use for expansion of space. When the original room is large in size it is not difficult. It is much more difficult to distinguish different zones in a small space.

    Conditionally divide the room partition

    You can divide a room:

    • having constructed a partition;
    • using high cabinet furniture or transforming models;
    • separating one zone from another by a curtain or screen;
    • arranging a podium where the bed moves in the afternoon;
    • raising the bed to the second tier;
    • with decorative accents.

    We do zoning using shelves

    Two-tier interior is possible only in a room with high ceilings and in the absence of physical health restrictions.

    Thanks to this zoning, you can rationally use every centimeter of space, and in a one-room apartment it allows you to improve living conditions.

    Curtain zoning

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    Features of zoning with furniture

    For many years, the most popular method of isolating a sleeping area and reception area has been a large wardrobe. Today, it is successfully replaced by the "coupe" model installed from floor to ceiling, which does not require additional space to open the doors. Parallel to them, the surface of the cabinet is perfect for decorating with wallpaper or 3D composition to create comfort in the reception area.

    Snow-white interior with a bright blue sofa

    To increase the convenience of this method of separation can install an integrated two-sided cabinet, which is best done on an individual project. On the one hand to arrange space for clothing storage, and on the other - shelves and niches for household trifles and accessories.

    The depth of the functional areas of the cabinet may be different, because its stability will guarantee installation with a ceiling coating.

    We do everything so that everyone is comfortable

    A bulky closet will prevent natural lighting of the sleeping space.

    A more rational way to use furniture for zoning - bedroom-transformers. Such pieces of furniture are easily rearranged, laid out and folded. Most often it is folding sofas and chairs. They do an excellent job with the task of saving space, but they daily require time for manipulating the transformation.

    A great option when there is such a furniture-transformer, which is easy to hide

    It is better to choose a bed without a footboard with a small headboard, small bedside tables or whatnot for them.

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    Types of partitions

    Partitions - the original, practical and beautiful version of zoning without losing space. By design, they can be:

    • stationary;
    • frame;
    • mobile.

    An excellent solution to divide the room can be a partition

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    Stationary structures

    • plasterboard;
    • glass;
    • wooden.

    Plasterboard partition to separate two rooms

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    Mobile options

    • sliding;
    • racks;
    • curtains;
    • folding screens.

    Zoning tulle

    Material for partition:
    • acrylic;
    • bamboo;
    • mirror;
    • forged;
    • plastic;
    • designer

    The material serving as a partition may be different.

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    Pros and cons of products

    Plasterboard products are inexpensive, lightweight, smooth, easy to install, do not require doors, but do not have high strength and sound insulation - an option to preserve the privacy of the sleeping area.

    Glass partitions take up little space, transmit light, can be sliding, but more fragile and more expensive than other products made of brick and drywall.

    Glass partitions that take up little space

    Acrylic products are characterized by impact resistance, lightness and flexibility, therefore they expand the possibilities of playing with various forms..

    They are:

    • transparent;
    • various shades;
    • openwork.
    Wooden models of partitions are the surfaces of pallets, bars, both simple and complex structures. Slatted options do not make the space heavier, allowing the light to illuminate the highlighted part of the room. The appearance of the wood texture always gives an impressive result.

    Impressive result with this partition

    Forged products attract the grace of lines and grace, but their cost is higher. A simple way to use open shelving for zoning adds space to store books, souvenirs, collections, but completely eliminates sound insulation, as well as screens, curtains.

    Open racks are perfectly serve as additional shelves for the most necessary

    As simple and unusual partitions are used:

    • vinyl records;
    • strung on the frame of the rope;
    • fishing nets;
    • strings with strung beads.

    Comfortable furnishing in one room

    Products do not interfere with lighting, decorate the interior, but do not contribute to privacy and sound insulation of a sleeping corner.

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    Style matching options

    A decorative partition is one of the ways of not only zoning, but also underlining the interior style:

    • curtains with a national ornament - Japanese;
    • wood compositions - eco style and country;
    • a screen, cloth cloths - east;
    • imitation of brickwork - loft;
    • thick curtains - classics;
    • whatnot - minimalism;
    • carved design - Arabic;
    • bamboo product - Chinese;
    • transparent walls - industrial.

    We adhere to the general style in everything

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    Easy to zone the space with a variety of products. Diode tape, table, wall lamps of different designs clearly and unobtrusively able to separate the sleeping area from the guest. At the same time, streams of light in different directions will make the atmosphere unique, visually differentiate the room.

    Lighting is another easy way to divide rooms.

    Pairing sconces or floor lamps in a sleeping corner will replace natural lighting. A chandelier or a series of spotlights is the center, and the spotlights for illuminating paintings or photographs provide the cozy atmosphere of the living area.

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    Modern layout with design

    Fans of free planning, which allows to keep space and freedom in medium-sized rooms, use various decorating techniques to create an interior.

    Wall decoration can visually separate rooms

    Accent design combines a sleeping corner and a living area in a single composition that does not interfere with each other. For registration apply:

    • original wall covering;
    • textile products;
    • texture and shades of flooring;
    • decorative baluster, continuing baguette on the wall;
    • stucco;
    • relief image of drywall on the wall;
    • combining materials with different textures.

    The classic version of the separation of two zones

    It looks interesting to the border of the outdoor pots with potted plants or a tall narrow aquarium, arched or rectilinear arch. Using bamboo curtains or from beads simply marks the boundaries, while maintaining the unity of the style direction of the room.

    The use of screens, moving in both directions, allows you to change the area for sleeping. In the evening, she moves back toward the living room area.

    Separate the area to sleep using the curtains in the nursery.

    Differentiate the space allows different design of the walls, flooring and ceiling surfaces. For example, in the bedroom there is a tactilely pleasant carpet, in the living room there is a laminate or carpet.

    To decorate the walls of each zone with wallpaper of different colors, patterns or textures. The combination of contrast shades, textures, the characteristic properties of modern materials makes it easy to get a harmonious result.

    Zoning in a small room

    For the living room is better to use bright colors, bedrooms - calm shades, not annoying glance.

    An excellent designer bundle for the zones is textiles. For example, the same upholstery and soft headboard, combined shades of curtains and bedspreads, ornament on the wallpaper and colors of window curtains.

    Textiles are a great bunch.

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    Top 14 recommendations for combined premises

    1 refuse bulky furniture; 2 avoid models with an elaborate design; 3 choose lockers and shelves with glass inserts or through high legs; 4 do not use wallpaper and window curtains with large images in wall cladding so as not to visually reduce space; 6 excellent accent for a specific area - panels or gallery of photographs; 7 instead of classical ones use roller curtains; 8 solid glass partitions create the impression of a trendy interior; 9 for residual lighting is better to use transparent materials; 10 it is necessary to choose products made of tempered glass that do not form sharp fragments; 11 spectacular or tinted surfaces will protect the bedroom from bright light; 14 Instead of chairs to use soft ottomans.

    Original zoning method

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    Where better to put the bed

    In the presence of a bay window, the sleeping corner is usually placed there, and the guest corner - in the rest of the space. Doing the opposite does not allow the area of ​​the bay window, which is usually slightly larger than the size of a double bed.

    Take the place of the bed so that it does not disturb you or your guests.

    In other cases, it is better to place the sleeping area in the farthest corner from the doorway, because it is the least passable area in the room. In addition, the presence of natural light does not play a special role for sleep. With its functions, wall, ceiling light sources, wall lamps and table lamps do an excellent job.

    A frequent way is to install a bed behind the backs of a pair of chairs or a rectangular sofa.. With this layout, we look at the decor of the wall surface at the head of the bed.

    Popular zoneing method

    When using a low through-rack, the bedroom is located both at the entrance to the room and next to the window.

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    Center of the living room - by the window

    The most convenient location of the zone for receiving guests is the space by the window. Usually for her enough chairs, a table or a compact ottoman, a TV on the console or wall.

    Choose the brightest place for the living room

    With such a plan, it turns out to be a private corner for outdoor activities, conversations, reading, needlework. During the day there is enough natural light in the evening - a floor lamp, table lamp or built-in slots.

    The living room zone is logical to allocate by the fireplace or its imitation, if they are in the room or built into the partition.

    Fireplace Zoning

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    Distinctive features of styles

    When choosing the best style you need to consider:

    • architectural features - area, height, number of windows, geometric shape;
    • the number of permanent inhabitants.

    The decoration of the room consists of strict laconic furniture, clear lines and a moderate amount of decor. Natural tones do not exclude the desire for bright colors of accents. This is the most versatile style for families with children.

    Modern interior in classic colors.

    The most economical option - Scandinavian design. White painted walls visually expand the space. Functional furniture can be a non-standard form, which is perfectly combined with different types of chairs, armchairs, poufs. Such compositions look extremely natural. The color range of accents - natural shades.

    White color visually expands the space.

    Minimalism provides for the installation of several concise pieces of furniture necessary for life. No decor just for beauty. Dynamism adds color contrast or monochrome with bright accents. Due to this design, the room has a free and spacious atmosphere, so it is convenient for any number of inhabitants.

    Minimum furniture for a beautiful interior

    The industrial design of the room is a choice for modern creative youth. With the help of partitions, combining pieces of furniture, playing color and light, it is easy to create a comfortable atmosphere for even a small bedroom-living room.

    On numerous photos with finished projects, you can draw on the concept of design, add your own ideas to it to create a comfortable space in a small room.

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    VIDEO: Zoning space for comfort