Decorating a baby's room for a birthday with your own hands. Making birthday to 7 and from 8 to 15 years + 180 PHOTO


All parents strive to make a surprise to their little birthday boy - they choose how to decorate the room for the child's birthday. If you remember what the kid loves most of all, you can make a big surprise when he arrives in a fairly short time. To do this, you will need a pair of helpers and a good mood. You must take into account the age and sex of the child, so that the surprise becomes pleasant for him. The teenager will consider that the preschooler will be happy as nonsense. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Room birthday to 7 years
  • Room birthday from 8 to 15 years
  • The division of the festive room into zones
  • Wall decor
  • Dressing for themed holiday
  • Registration of a children's table
  • Play area
  • Photo area
  • Themed birthday
  • Making a child in a pirate theme
  • Princess room
  • Disney style children
  • Mafia Style
  • VIDEO: The brightest ideas for decorating a room
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The best ideas for the decoration of children's birthday
  • Room birthday to 7 years
  • Room birthday from 8 to 15 years
  • The division of the festive room into zones
  • Themed birthday
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The best ideas for the decoration of children's birthday
  • Room birthday to 7 years

    Kids love surprises very much, and sleep well enough, thanks to this you will be able to decorate a nursery at night. Waking up in a new, festive atmosphere, the child will feel the holiday and your care from the very morning.

    Arrange a fairy tale for your child

    If you decide to change the room globally, it is better to lay it in the living room or in your bedroom.

    Thematic birthday can be arranged simply and fairly budget, if the entourage of the room will correspond to the chosen plot. Most likely, the child has his favorite comics, cartoons or games, the continuation of which he constantly asks to purchase, it is in this vein that you must build the scenery.

    Decorations for themed birthday

    For babies under 3 years of age, be careful about using decorations that can be harmful to health. Suppose a balloon, bursting, can frighten a baby, or he will be interested in a rag from him, and accidentally swallow it.

    Use paper fruit decorations

    Do not forget to warn the parents of the little guests about the birthday theme, and your child will be delighted with the guests' attire and the gifts that are really interesting for him. Return to the menu return to the menu

    Room birthday from 8 to 15 years

    This is the age when the child already has a serious interest in a particular topic, he has a hobby, or favorite characters from films and books. It is worthwhile to look closely at this part of his life.

    Consider the interests of your child in the design

    For a girl and a boy, the room should be arranged differently - the boy is unlikely to be happy with the setting with pink balloons.

    Room design option for a boy

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    The division of the festive room into zones

    Divide the room into zones, and starting from the actual use of a place, decorate each zone.

    1 area for games;

    Decorate the play area separately.

    2 table with snacks;

    Choose snacks your child loves

    3 sweet fruit table;

    Beautiful design with chocolate fountain


    Arrange a zone for photo sessions in memory of the holiday

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    Wall decor

    With the help of colored corrugated paper, ribbons, and scotch tape, any wall can be decorated in a photo zone, and next to it can be placed a shelf with fake accessories. Plain colored paper with prints can look like a wall for a photo at the opening of the film festival. Photos of the birthday boy, with the help of Photoshop, you can make it funny, or look like movie characters, and paste it over the wall.

    Decorate everything in thematic style of the entire holiday

    Highlight a small area for congratulations. Place a large sheet of drawing paper on the wall, next to it tie colored markers with which guests will write congratulations for the birthday man. Children keep such moments for a long time. After the holiday, you can stick on this paper with the best photos of the celebration.

    The option to design a poster for birthday greetings

    Fans or balls of colored paper will be bright spots on the wall, which will give the child a mood. Multi-colored rain will easily turn into bows, or add playful shine to curtains.

    Balls and fans on the holiday of the child

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    Dressing for themed holiday

    Come up with a special dressing room, where guests who are ill-prepared for a thematic holiday can choose the necessary jewelry, hubcaps, and holiday-style clothing. For example, little ballerinas can try on ballet tutus, and pirates can choose a bandana, or eye patch.

    Bright caps with cartoon characters

    If the theme of the birthday is not determined, then the costumes can be organized completely different:

    • Clown wigs;
    • funny noses on elastic bands;
    • cloaks of wizards;
    • ears and tails of various animals;
    • air skirts for princesses;
    • magic wands and Jedi swords;
    • tiaras for princesses.

    The more small but important details you take into account, the brighter and more authentic the holiday will be. Children, most likely, during the evening will be happy to change clothes or change them. The design of any room will benefit, if you add a little magic to it, make it somewhat animated.

    Stock up on several costumes for a photo shoot.

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    Registration of a children's table

    Try to make it safe. During active children's games, dishes may fall off the table, or the leg may buckle. Put him as far away from the games area as possible. If the room is small and there will be a lot of children visiting, place the table in another room. Children do not spend much time at the table.

    Themed table for kids with sweets

    Make a separate children's table, which will be sweets, drinks, fruits, it will be convenient if the kids in the process of games want to recharge and eat. Decorate the table with themed pictures, lay out comics or coloring books.

    Make a table on the subject of the holiday

    Above the table, stretch the ceiling lights, gel balls on the ceiling. You can tie light sweets to the ropes, decorations that will hover over the table. Try to withstand the color scheme of the table in accordance with the theme of the holiday. To do this, there is a huge selection of paper plates, glasses, wine glasses and tubes for cocktails.

    Aged colors

    If the birthday is held under the auspices of pirates, red and black colors should prevail on the table, but if the child prefers unicorns, the colors should be rainbow-colored.

    Pirate holiday in red and black colors

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    Play area

    This part will have to allocate the largest area. During the celebration for the children organize contests, and most often they are quite active. The more children present at the festival, the more space will be needed for games. If the baby is small, arrange this area in the living room.

    Living room for a birthday party area

    Adult children, most likely, will want to play a prefix, or to arrange a sitting with board games, keep this moment in mind, and prepare the necessary chairs or tables.

    Do not leave adults without attention

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    Photo area

    This place should reflect the essence of the topic. Photos of this day will be remembered for the whole family. The photo zone can be organized near the candy bar, where you place circles with fake mustache, eyebrows and glasses on sticks. Light frames, which children can lift and take pictures of themselves, can be hung on the wall, or attached to the balls, and they will float in the air.

    Photo area must comply with the theme of the holiday

    The garlands and lanterns stretched over this zone will give the photos a very solemn look.

    Memorable photos will not leave anyone indifferent

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    Themed birthday

    In order for games, congratulations and gifts to be subordinated to one style, it is also necessary to design the room in one or another subject. Scenes for fun games in the atmosphere of one theme is simple and fun to plan with your child.

    View all holiday decor options by topic.

    For a thematic birthday, you will have to take into account that all space must be subordinated to one style, and you will have to follow the following rules:

    1 From the room you have to remove or decorate items that do not correspond to the subject. Suppose if you have a Cinderella ball feast, then posters on the wall with heroes of comics or modern films will completely spoil the view. 2. Observing the color scheme will help to create the necessary entourage. Do not rush to decorate the room all at once. In the absence of, say, a tablecloth of the desired tone, choose a white one and decorate it in the right colors. to injure, or break, the same expensive equipment, or little things dear to your heart.5 Prepare simple but pleasant compliments for guests, which they can take home with them, in memory of the holiday. Be prepared for the fact that some elements of children’s props will also want to keep themselves - buy simple and inexpensive gadgets. 6 Choose the topics that you really master, and start preparing in advance.

    Start preparing for the holiday in advance

    Do not forget about the main thing - the safety of dishes and decorations for children, choose safe food colors, if you need to tint fake accessories or table decorations. Return to the menu

    Making a child in a pirate theme

    Pirates are loved by both boys and girls, and many people want to try on the costume of Jack Sparrow. For the celebration in the pirate style, there are many scenarios, and decorate the room in this topic is not difficult.

    Registration of a children's holiday in piracy subject

    You will need:

    • black and red balls;
    • triangular flags on the stretched thread;
    • treasure map on the wall;
    • black - red tablecloth and dishes;
    • black mark cookies;
    • white ribbons or sail fabric in the ceiling;
    • cockedol and bandanas;
    • telescopes, anchors and handwheels for decoration and props;
    • ships of paper, suspended from the balls, and hovering above the table.

    A muffled light, walls draped in a blue cloth, and a photo session area in the form of a cabin with round portholes help in creating the right atmosphere. With the help of a lightweight steering wheel and drapes in the form of sails, you design the captain's bridge. Children will be happy to take part in the creation of the whole ship from chairs and other available materials.

    Photo area for the best moments of the holiday

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    Princess room

    Here, the main thing - do not overdo it with pink, if the room is originally framed in a different color. If it is dominated by yellow or blue, decorate in this shade, only a little lighter than the main one.

    Castle for a little princess

    Mandatory in the bedroom canopy over the bed, a table for the princess with the necessary decorations, and a wardrobe.

    Create the right atmosphere will help:

    1Small balls under the ceiling, on the strings of which flowers and snowflakes of corrugated paper are placed — they will hover over the play area and the festive table .2Accurate bouquets arranged around the room. You can create a boutonniere of artificial flowers of delicate shades. 3 A wardrobe with a lot of fluffy skirts made of netting or other light material, a shelf with tiaras and other decorations. Girlfriends will appreciate the amount of equipment needed for the holiday. 4. A zone with a large mirror, near which you can arrange a photo session with small princesses. 5 Smaller multi-colored crowns with elastic bands for the table. Each can be put on a separate plate, and the guest right on the feast will also become a wonderful magic princess. 6 Bright lights, colorful garlands and candies hanging on them, snowflakes and ballerinas floating in the air will fill the space.

    Bright and airy holiday design

    This design is easy to design in the style of little fairies who study in a special magic school. To do this, add magic caps, sticks and capes in the wardrobe.

    Do not forget about the main attributes of princesses

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    Disney style children

    For babies under 6 years old this topic is especially close. To create a mini Disneyland you need everything related to animation:

    • Multicolored balls, sparkles, bows on the walls.
    • Tablecloth in red black peas will remind you of Mickey Mouse.
    • The decor on the walls in the form of cartoon characters.
    • Costumes, or parts of props in the wardrobe.
    • Bright dishes and tubes for cocktails on the table, napkins with cartoons.
    • Photo zone decorated in different colors, or even draped with strips of cloth or ribbons in a rainbow.

    Disney heroes at your child's holiday

    This design is easy to achieve, and even arrange a carnival with costumes that most likely every child has. Photos of the holiday are the brightest and most striking.

    Carnival at a children's party

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    Mafia Style

    Adult students most often choose topics that involve intellectual games. The mafia game is a famous card game around which you can create beautiful scenery. For this you will need:

    • Check out the table with treats and snacks in the form of a tape measure.
    • To decorate the walls in the style of a loft - for this you can place on different parts of the wall drawings with bricks or communications.
    • Prepare an area for a photo with the interior of the Chicago police. This will help hanging on the wall frame with the signature "wanted", and a height meter nearby.
    • Toy guns and machine guns will fully reflect the comicity of what is happening.

    Interior decoration in the style of "Mafia"

    When you make a child's room, do not forget that the maximum space should remain free, since mobile games should be given more time than sitting down at the table.

    Come up with games about your party

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