Blue: Zen color in the interior to achieve serenity. 210+ (Photos) Color combinations in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bedroom


Blue - one of the most versatile shades in the interior, it complements almost any style. Among all the colors, light blue is the most immaterial, reminiscent of the sky or the sea. Although it is a good color in the interior, it will not give you strong emotions. In the blue interior you will be very welcoming and calm. Such an environment can calm even in the most stressful and stressful days. More detail later in the article.

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  • Soft blue
  • Denim decor - a new surprise in interior design
  • Blue denim sofas with pillows
  • Denim drift
  • In the interior of the rooms
  • Bedroom
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  • Shades of blue
  • Turquoise
  • Azure
  • Combinations with other colors
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  • Brown blue
  • Beige and blue
  • Blue blue
  • 8 ways to bring the sea to your home
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  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 210 photos)
  • Soft blue
  • Denim decor - a new surprise in interior design
  • In the interior of the rooms
  • Shades of blue
  • Combinations with other colors
  • 8 ways to bring the sea to your home
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 210 photos)
  • Soft blue

    The light blue interior may look different when exposed to sunlight. Therefore, it is worth making sure before choosing this shade that there is enough natural sunlight in your space. Otherwise, the interior may become too cold.

    If you want to create a calm, almost ephemeral atmosphere for your home, consider painting your walls in a pale blue color of any shade. Pale shades of blue are very detached and elegant, they are able to create the impression of a sensitive, delicate space.

    A bit blue for a relaxed atmosphere.

    That is why people often paint their baby in the pale blue room. Next to this shade is difficult to put the first color. The main colors that will match him are different shades of green and brown, but also in pale versions.

    Because of the soothing effect, try not to disturb the harmony with contrasting or intense shades. Pale blue walls are always closely associated with pastel and white tones. In the children's room, try to install white or pastel furniture.

    Dilute the nursery with white furniture

    Children's room is not the only place where we can use this color. A light blue living room is also a good idea for a home. Choosing brown furniture would be a good idea for this room.

    BoardIn the living room you can add some contrasting colors without worrying that the balance will break.

    But try adding contrasting colors that bind the overall look, which will be seen in the details and on small surfaces. Regardless of whether your room is small or large, the pale blue walls will make it bright and create the illusion of more space.

    Add bright colors

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    Denim decor - a new surprise in interior design

    Denim is an amazing new material that is actively used in interior design. Denim pillows, furniture can create a relaxed, welcoming, fresh atmosphere.

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    Blue denim sofas with pillows

    Denim sofa gives a bold, bohemian entry into the trend and a great way to update your living room. Use themed denim and contrast printed pillows for accents to create the perfect oasis. To complete the overall look, use carpets with an abstract pattern on the parquet floor and patterned blankets.

    We create the perfect oasis with pillows

    Contrast your denim furniture with wooden accents: if you prefer rustic accents, look at faded ombre denim sofas and throw a blue and white striped rug beside them. For the finishing touch, you can install an elegant coffee table made of light wood, dark metal shelves and a whitewashed brick wall - all these things are perfectly combined with denim.

    Different accents in light colored denim will help you to accept the trend without overwhelming effect.. Try to remake your space by placing a dark gray sofa, covered with a fringed denim blanket. Add accent pillows in a marine theme of blue and white stripes with faded jeans. Thin shades of denim will surely create a light, soothing effect.

    Add accent with striped pillows

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    Denim drift

    Must-have color of 2017, "Denim Drift" switched to 2018 from fashionable jackets and trousers to paint color for our walls, an option for interior decoration.

    The idea of ​​using this gray-blue tone for the interior was born in the heads of a team of Western designers. They adapted it so that it looked optimally on the walls, so that it also worked in the kitchen, in the bedroom. And to avoid the effect of "baby blue" - a delicate shade characteristic of children.

    We choose the optimally pleasant shade

    One of the ways to create a calm, clean, classic atmosphere in the living room would be the inclusion of blue shades in the decor. This color has always been a sign of freshness and elegance. The result of this decor in the living room is always stylish, and also creates a calm atmosphere.

    In a room filled with mostly wooden furniture, the blue color of the walls may be particularly appropriate. You can also use it for curtains, possibly in combination with other colors, such as gray or beige, which are neutral tones and will not interfere with the accent color.

    We combine with all possible colors.

    You can also use blue for the carpet, as well as for other items such as lamps, decorative pillows, or even the furniture itself. This color looks absolutely wonderful when combined with brown, beige. The atmosphere becomes so attractive and calm that you want to spend the whole day in the living room.

    You can use this color for walls by applying pastel colors instead of bright shades, so that there is no effect of suppression. Using vintage design, textured fabrics, and a combination of blue, cream shades, you get a fresh, relaxed atmosphere. In addition, it will be easy to create a classic balance.

    Use the blue carpet

    Other ideas that will help create a successful blue living room design include the use of blue and white stripes that are always elegant. You can use a marine print for pillows, curtains and a rug. Blue also looks great when combined with white walls and dark wood furniture.

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    In the interior of the rooms

    Which room doesn’t blue exactly harm your interior? Consider options for your design.

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    When reinstalling the bedroom, the first thing to do is to set the color scheme. Your ideas can range from pastel to black and white. But when confronted with a blue theme, a number of issues may arise related to how to give a room depth.

    Adding a warm, saturated sky tone will create balance and new style. Here, as always, brown helps out, which is always a good duet with blue flowers, which he plays in a new way. The blue-brown bedroom is a stylish, fashionable trend, the various shades you have chosen for it will guide the space, making the wooden parts more expressive (in the case of brown). The artistic style is bonded with lighting and furniture that fully correspond to the style.

    Blue accent in beige and pastel colors

    The blue and brown bedroom theme will be the perfect combination for any style you choose. Dilute the chosen style with small patches of shabby-chic with shading to combine look and space.

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    Make your kitchen bigger, airy, the place where you want to spend your time. Use two or three shades on the walls to add depth.

    In the kitchen, using a blue palette, you can create a modern look, a retro style, or something in between. It can be for you:

    • soothing;
    • or crisp;
    • warm, cozy;
    • either cold, fresh;
    • comfortable and relaxing, depending on your preference.

    Create a modern look.

    Here are some ways to include a light blue palette in the kitchen.

    Ocean inspiration

    Choose deeper shades for a classic effect. Rough wooden ceiling beams perfectly complement the maritime theme. Hang a picture of the seascape, sea accents to create a coastal theme, reminiscent of the pristine waters.

    Refresh your headset

    Give cabinets and storage boxes a fresh coat of paint to create a clean, undisturbed space. The graceful, pastel colors and pale shades of blue go well with the white walls that will make the space joyful for cooking, dining and entertainment.

    We refresh the interior with furniture

    Add shine

    The blue lacquered finish, whether floor or ceiling paint, adds pomp and class to any kitchen.

    Sophisticated manufacturability

    Blue paint is well combined with modern stainless steel appliances, as well as other kitchen elements of a cold metallic shade.

    Turn on feelings

    Include different materials, items that have a texture, such as kitchen chairs with a blue fabric pillow, decorative baskets, elegant carpet, or painted walls.

    A bit of decor so that the color does not seem boring

    Hint of blue

    Thin strokes of light blue can make a huge difference. Switch to this color in the tile, use it for dining chairs, dishes or just place a fruit stand, show a few frames with a touch of your choice.


    A good color scheme is not so difficult to put together, so do not limit yourself when it comes to styling your kitchen. Mix and match different blue shades for the kitchen, adapted to your taste, your own individuality.

    Do not limit yourself to fantasy

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    This is a classic color for the bathroom, where it also successfully soothes, relaxes, and is associated with water. It can be used as an accent with many other colors or as primary.

    The pale blue bath of a clean sea shade is a traditional choice that will expand the space, have a soothing, airy effect. In combination with darker and more saturated monochromatic colors, your bathroom will look more masculine, strong, and cozy. Add bright yellow accents for a tropical aquarium effect or use green for a more organic style.

    Regardless of how you use your blue color, you need to beat it correctly. To do this, use these tips.

    Color soothes and relaxes

    Choose a monochromatic pattern

    Saturated with the whole spectrum of light blue - from rich blue "Royal" to pastels, your bathroom will give the impression of a quiet quiet place. Use classic floral wallpaper in blue shades. Or choose oriental ornaments on the walls, which will resemble a soft splash of waves in a watercolor motif, creating a dynamic background.

    BoardDecorate the place around the expressive wallpaper with towels, candles, accessories, shower curtain, floor mat, adhering to the theme of monochromatic blue. Paint the finish and ceiling with a semi-gloss pearl white paint.

    Minimalism looks no less beautiful

    Use the colors of the desert

    The color of the desert is serene and earthly. Add salmon to the bronze and gold tones of the sandy floor, and then watch how the colors change under the influence of natural light. Create the same atmosphere in your bathroom, painting the bathroom walls with light bronze or pale yellow color, and the ceiling with a blue tint that will be lighter than the lights in the bathroom. Add an accessory with a touch of salmon or aqua to link the color scheme under the motif of the desert.

    How can colonial decor be applied?

    The colonial decor is characterized by frequent combinations of blue and white, which can be successfully reproduced in the bathroom. Paint the walls white with a slight shade of blue, and the inside of the bathroom door a darker shade. Continue the dark shadow on the accent wall.

    We combine blue with white

    BoardUse white semi-gloss color on the finish. White candles in glass jars, dark blue towels, blue-white toilet curtain for the shower will complete your colonial look.
    Urban style

    Make a splash of color in the bathroom using light blue lights as a base. Add bright yellow paint to the walls, hang the shower curtains in blue-yellow-red. Put a pot with red poppies on the cosmetic table and a bowl of colorful handmade soap that will attract the eye in the decor. Mix and combine the towels using the three primary colors shown, but keep the floor mat in the same shade to prevent color overload.

    Bright yellow paint on the walls

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    Shades of blue

    Emphasize the space of the dining room or living room with different tones of azure, turquoise, blue, mixed with a large amount of white, light wood and glass.

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    Turquoise is a royal color that resembles a gem whose name wears. But no matter how noble, it is a little risky to use it in your home, especially on large surfaces. However, there are more courageous people who cannot stand up to the picturesque effect for at least one of their rooms in turquoise style. Sometimes the effect is unbelievable, and the result is amazing, but in other cases the final may look like kitsch. That is why you must either qualify for the help of a specialist, or follow clear safety rules.

    Beautiful luxury turquoise with a touch of gold

    First of all, you must keep in mind that there are many shades of turquoise. A more aggressive tone can tire the eyes, but you can reduce this effect by painting only small surfaces in this shade or alternating it with other more pale tones.

    BoardTry to use bright turquoise only for parts and accessories, and not for all walls. Pale turquoise has almost the same effect as pale blue, relaxing you after a busy day.

    Do not overdo it with the brightness of color

    If you prefer more ordinary paint for your walls, you can add a little turquoise to the furniture. Be careful, not every color is turquoise. Pale turquoise comes with soft brown, yellow, cream, white shades. If you are an eccentric person, try a slightly crazy combination of turquoise with:

    • fuchsia;
    • yellow;
    • gray;
    • brown.

    This combination looks good on small alternative surfaces. Your room will express joy and youth.

    Combination for lovers of bright

    Turquoise is a color with therapeutic abilities, in the past it was believed that it protects against evil. Turquoise creates the impression of oriental decor, so you can enhance this effect by decorating your room with accessories that resemble Indian or Chinese civilization. Try some rugs, paintings or figurines that fit into the subject.

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    The color of relaxation and escapism will create a summer sea mood even on the most overcast day in any room of the house. This luxurious blue shade works well in both modern and classic interiors and is well suited as an accent color in a neutral space.

    Classic interior interspersed with azure

    The perfect partner for the azure shade is snow white or gray-gray, which will create fresh coastal inspiration and will work fine in small rooms at home. For a more tropical beach-inspired design, choose shades of azure, sand and cream that can be accentuated with flashes of bright fuchsia, lime and yellow. If you prefer a more manly room, combine the blue with black and white or deep dark blue shades that will create a refined and sophisticated look in your room.

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    Combinations with other colors

    Heavenly tones are often overlooked because they are not easy to combine with other colors. However, it is one of the most attractive shades for small and dark rooms. By using warm, rich blue tones, you can create a beautiful outline and impressive space.

    Visually expand the space

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    Gray blue

    Gray-blue is currently very popular in interior design, because it is a calm color, rich in gray shades, which are still used as a fundamental canvas, setting the tone for the interior. A dirtier and less pure shade of blue, with the addition of steel, gives a sense of serenity that makes the space play with new colors.

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    Brown blue

    The combination of warm brown and cold blue gives a natural feeling and is associated with earth and sky. It is believed that when these colors are not combined in the right proportion, they can have an overwhelming effect, but when they are in the right amount and in the right places, they look great.

    Brown-blue print in the living room

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    Beige and blue

    This combination creates the most discreet, classic interiors that are suitable for any home and style. Use it so that both colors - warm and cold - complement each other, making the room harmonious. Create the already mentioned sand pattern using the colors of the desert - including the hot shades of terracotta.

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    Blue blue

    The monochromatic blue scheme works great. With the help of her room can be made expressive and multifaceted. Use the theme of the sea and the coastal palette.

    Blue perfectly complements the blue

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    8 ways to bring the sea to your home

    The seaside trend this year is much softer and more elegant than in previous years - there is a hint of scandium due to gray, there is less bright Mediterranean blue. Coastal blue (Breezy blue Eng.) - so you can call the color, which is deservedly considered by designers the most suitable for a peaceful feeling. For starters, you can try this trend in rugs and carpet runners.

    BoardUse an alternate combination: complete with light flooring and warm gray shades for a Scandi effect.

    Alternative combination with carpet

    Here the tree looks good with a sunburned effect, as well as the sky palette, coral, aqua and red.

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    general characteristics

    Natural materials are in the center of the whole idea - this is, first of all, a bleached tree, which has the appearance of a material that is worn out by the maritime climate and has acquired characteristic color and texture. Or try painted wood in shades of white, blue or watery green, interspersed in a bolder color. Seaside themed accessories will immediately cause a coastal feeling — it could be a pair of oars or a windsock — but avoid using too many details to avoid cliches.

    Blue curtains from expensive fabrics

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    Choose simple, textured heavy linen or homespun designs that have a traditional look, such as linen and cotton, with marine motifs. Fabrics such as denim (which also has a use for curtains or upholstery) or frayed flower motifs are a stylish way to bring color to a light scheme. Light curtains also work well in a variety of designs, including printing or embroidery.

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    Use a combination of white, gray and whitish as a background, then add more interest, warmth and life with sandy hues or small patches of stronger colors such as coral, red, aqua, green, blue.

    Saturation due to contrast

    BoardFor the best effect, look at the slightly faded tones, which seem a bit aged or faded in the sun. Return to the menu


    Driftwood crafts are best for this style, but hard to find. Instead, you can select items from regenerated wood with uneven paint or whitewash to create a feeling of wear. Woven items of braids, ropes, flagella, or jute can be part of or an element of a chair or chair back. Outdoor furniture — made from bleached teak or hardwood, or folding metal style — used internally can have a similar effect.

    Lightweight design with gentle tones

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    Sand and polish wooden boards with light wax or alkaline soap to give them a silver, worn, simple but stylish look. Today there is a large selection of ceramic tiles on the market that can realistically imitate this effect — the choice of tile can be dictated by the conditions when good durability is needed.

    Floors made of solid wood can be painted in white, cream and gray (use a special floor paint). This option is successful in terms of aesthetics, but much less wear-resistant. Natural coatings - seaweed, sisal, coconut fiber and jute - have a textural appeal and are well suited for use on walls or in the form of knitted rugs.

    The blue chandelier is bright and beautiful

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    Aged, worn and damaged, as well as matted and coarse - objects with these qualities are an important part of the style. Ropes, woven cords or coarse sisal - everything speaks of the sea mood.

    BoardChoose furniture or lampshades made from woven materials, or add design features such as rope railings. Use matte emulsion lime as well as a stone floor or countertop for more interest.

    Blue lamp shade for bright design

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    Village or old artifacts are a good way to capture the coastal mood. Plates with shells, snags or storm lanterns, as well as marine art, seascapes and vintage bird prints. An evocative still life, a collection of straw hats — all this creates festive memories. Glassware with fresh flowers, located on the shelves, fireplace or windowsill, also has its appeal. Other elements that give a sea note include postcards and maps, carved birch bark birds, or models of ships and boats.

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    For authentic style, find nautical heritage or resembling one. Choose utilitarian fittings, enamelled ceiling lights or floor lamps and metal lamps with coarse aesthetics. Tripod fixtures based on brass and wood theodolite look spectacular. Woven lampshades and coated with raffia or sacking have a textural advantage.. Alternatively, choose an industrial-oriented style based on ship's beams and table lamps with a glass base of a watery color.

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