Design an elegant hallway in a small and large private home. The most fashionable and affordable interiors + 180 PHOTOS


The business card of the house is an entrance hall, so the first impression of the house depends on its layout and decor. The decoration can set the tone for the style of the whole house or, on the contrary, differ sharply from the design of other rooms. Ideas options for stylish interiors are presented in this article. They reveal the secrets of how decorative elements and materials not only decorate, but also expand the functionality and practicality of rooms of different sizes. A significant role here is played not by fashionable prints on the walls, the newest technologies of laying the floor covering, but the strength and ability of materials to retain the look and ease of removing dirt.

Content of this article:

  • Color palette
  • "Clothes" for walls
  • Flooring tiles - stylish, practical and durable
  • Lighting secrets
  • Hall in the house
  • TOP-10 space correction methods
  • Classic emphasizes status
  • Eclecticism
  • Loft - design without strict rules
  • GALLERY: The most stylish and fashionable designs of hallways in a private house
  • Color palette
  • "Clothes" for walls
  • Flooring tiles - stylish, practical and durable
  • Lighting secrets
  • Hall in the house
  • TOP-10 space correction methods
  • Classic emphasizes status
  • Eclecticism
  • Loft - design without strict rules
  • GALLERY: The most stylish and fashionable designs of hallways in a private house
  • Color palette

    There are no mandatory requirements for the gamut of hallway shades. Actual use of shades:

    • beige;
    • wheat;
    • brown;
    • gray.

    The hallway is beautiful in any colors.

    They can be the base or accents. The main thing is that the walls for a couple of tones should be lighter than the flooring, but darker than the ceiling.

    Room color as base or accent

    This combination visually expands the room and gives the space extra airiness. The hallway with a contrasting black and white interior looks organic.

    Organic hallway in a contrasting black and white color.

    Glossy surfaces visually increase the space, which is important for small rooms. Frosted materials underline the elegance of the entrance hall.

    Frosted materials - focus on elegance

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    "Clothes" for walls

    Moisture, dirt, mechanical damage and pet habits are the "enemies" of the walls in the hallway.

    Choosing "clothes" for the walls

    Therefore, finishing materials should not only be durable, but also easy to clean and restore. It is advantageous to decorate the walls with:

    • textured plaster;
    • masonry;
    • decorative concrete;
    • paints;
    • MDF panels;
    • liquid wallpaper, varnished.

    Any material for irresistible room

    Option for use - combined wall decor. On the upper half of the plaster or wallpaper, on the bottom - plastic or wood panels.

    Combined approach to wall decoration

    Another method of finishing - rough stone or brick columns at the entrance of non-standard geometry.

    Custom finish in brick geometry

    It is not recommended to use textile or paper wallpaper, even high quality. Washable options preferred. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    Flooring tiles - stylish, practical and durable

    High load, the possibility of mechanical damage, moisture require durable and reliable material. The most popular flooring:

    • linoleum;
    • wear resistant laminate;
    • porcelain stoneware or stone tiles.
    Thin linoleum is susceptible to damage, so it can not withstand the load in the hallway for long. The seams of the connection of narrow linoleum cloths break the harmony of the decor.

    Choose quality linoleum

    On the floor, the original finish looks combined, which is great for zoning space.

    Combined finish in zoning space

    For example, at the entrance - tile, and then laminate, because the hygiene, ease of maintenance, strength and durability of the tile is higher than other materials.

    Ease of care in combining materials

    Tiled texture, surface patterns are diverse. According to the photo of the hallway design, it is difficult to distinguish material from parquet, stone, wood.

    Tiled texture, surface patterns are varied.

    The only disadvantage of porcelain is the cold surface. You can fix it by laying the floor heating.

    The only drawback to porcelain is the cold surface.

    The tile with imitation of a tree or a laminate excludes a "official" look. The diagonal way of laying visually expands the space. Using a combination of plates of different sizes, you can create an elegant mural on the floor.

    Gorgeous panel with a combination of plates

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    Lighting secrets

    Usually there are no windows in the hallways, so the lighting system should be thought out to the smallest detail.

    Think over the lighting system for small things.

    Modern lighting technologies allow us to give space a cosiness, visual space, to hide the flaws. To do this, you must use a combination of general and local lighting.

    Use a combination of common and local color.

    Light sources are located both on the ceiling and on the walls. The main criterion is to correctly direct the radiation flux. The choice of light sources depends on the ceiling finish.

    For attachments, built-in lights are great. Bulky ceiling chandeliers steal space, so they are not rational for small spaces.

    Make rational use of built-in lights

    As an option - installation of flat ceiling fluorescent lamps of any geometric shape.

    An additional option is flat luminaires.

    Diffused light is the best solution, so matt ceiling light sources are sent to the ceiling.

    Ambient light is the best solution

    For local lighting set:

    • floor lamps;
    • sconce;
    • slots;
    • Spotlights.

    Local lighting in the hallway

    As additional lighting, it is fashionable to use LED strips for framing pictures, niches, inside or above the cabinet, the perimeter of the ceiling or along one wall.

    LED strips as fashionable additional lighting

    Bright illumination of the mirror, mounted on top, will add to the brightness of the main light.

    Large frosted lamps with a series of point light sources visually balance the space.

    In small rooms it is rational to use light indicators on the switches in order not to touch the walls when entering.

    Alternatively - battery light sources that react to sounds. They do not require connection to fixed wiring, which provides additional convenience.

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    Hall in the house

    The functionality of the hallway depends on the storage of clothes, shoes and accessories. Modern wardrobe with height to the ceiling, installed along the entire length of the wall, perfectly copes with this task.

    Install the wardrobe to the ceiling

    Its capacity allows you to store even off-season clothes and shoes. In addition, the mirror on the surface of the door perfectly increases the volume of the hallway. The optimal design is angular. It can be installed even in small rooms.

    Capacity allows you to store all clothes and shoes.

    Oversized furniture of light shades looks less bulky, therefore it is suitable for rooms of any size. Furniture with dark decor is only suitable for spacious rooms.

    The functions of the wardrobe in the halls of modest size can replace furniture modules. Wall hanger will save space.

    The shoe storage boxes installed underneath can be used as seats if the covers are decorated with upholstery.

    Saving space with stools

    Another element and storage places - a basket for umbrellas and a chest of drawers with a mirror.

    Use the umbrella basket

    A universal way to highlight any zone is to use a non-standard color combination with decorative elements.

    Paintings or convex bas-reliefs are used as unifying accents. This is a classic method of decorating the space, giving it lightness and airiness.

    Unifying accents in the form of paintings

    In this way, the desired tone of the atmosphere is set without losing precious space. Visually expand the space and allow wallpaper.

    Visually expand the space and allow wallpaper

    Hallway space can not be overloaded. Making the most of the corners, it is necessary to leave room in the middle of the room. Return to the menu ↑ return to the menu

    TOP-10 space correction methods

    The disadvantages and advantages of the hallway can be the reason for the realization of creative ideas.

    1In a niche, arrange a place for outerwear or a shelf for various trifles.

    Use niches for small things

    2 The fronts of the chiffonier with a mirror surface, will illuminate from above and will make the space of a wide room higher.

    Visually increases the room mirror

    3 Vertical wallpaper pattern will visually lift the ceiling.

    Vertical wallpaper pattern raises the ceiling

    4Walkboard, laid across the wall, or imitation brickwork will add airiness to the atmosphere.

    Imitation brickwork will add airiness to the atmosphere

    5 Spotlights emphasize the orientation of the style of a small hallway.

    Spotlights for even light

    6The decoration of the walls, the ceiling in bright colors will give the room a volume.

    Volume due to light colors

    7 "Raise" the ceiling will help glossy white paint in combination with plain matt-light walls.

    The ceiling is higher with gloss paint

    8 Mirror surfaces will expand the space.

    Mirror surfaces will expand the space

    9Huchi of light directed along the walls illusively dissolve their surface, creating a feeling of spaciousness.

    Light along the walls increases the space

    10A set of identical light sources will increase the area of ​​a long and narrow hallway. Many small elements visually litter the room, giving the impression of a closet.

    Do not litter the room with small details.

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    Classic emphasizes status

    The classic design is considered a manifestation of wealth, because it requires a significant investment.

    Classic - a manifestation of wealth

    It misplaced simple parts and accessories, as in high-tech, provenance or modernity. Everything is simple, restrained, but elegant. This classic interior is different:

    • clarity of layout lines;
    • discreet palette of colors;
    • natural decoration and stucco;
    • plant drawings;
    • massive pieces of furniture;
    • large mirrors;
    • chased and carved accessories;
    • luxury textiles.

    Simple, restrained but elegant

    The natural shades of the furniture in the classic interior contrast with the palette of the floor, wall and ceiling. For example, dark set and creme-beige walls. Light furniture set and dark flooring.

    Natural shades in furniture and walls

    In small spaces it is difficult to withstand such stylistic features, but it is possible.

    Banquettes, couches, cabinets, dressers, corner or hanging consoles line up symmetrically around the center of the composition.

    Furniture in the hallway symmetry

    Accessories in the form of antique vases, antique watches, rare sculptures emphasize the completeness of a single concept.

    Accessories underline the complete concept

    An excellent decoration are living plants in floor vases. Luxury add copies of painting masters in gilded baguettes or artistic painting of walls and ceiling surfaces.

    Jewelry in the details

    Compositional center, you can make the door, placing the furniture around. Back to menu ↑ return to menu


    Fashion trends give preference to eclecticism - the artificial combination of heterogeneous ideas based on the classics.

    At the same time the decor looks organic. The use of compositions and elements of different times and different origins give a single ensemble charm and elegance.

    Organic place to decorate any time

    The design can be minimalist or ornate. The classics are complemented by lush baroque elements, ethnic motifs or loft trim.

    Minimalism in design and detail

    Palace Empire style - details of a dynamic modernist style or oriental ornament.

    Palace Empire

    In a modern eclectic interior can be used no more than three directions, united by the texture of materials, a single palette and furniture.

    Modern eclectic interior

    Eclectic style:

    • dynamic;
    • respecting proportions;
    • neutral palette;
    • different configurations of furniture.

    Dynamic and compact style

    When making a design, details play a special role in helping to create a single solution. For example, cult objects brought from travels add color to design.

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    Loft - design without strict rules

    The basis of the loft is a mixture of unfinished walls, furniture of strict geometry and industrial paraphernalia. The priority is a combination of classic decor and modern technology, stylish pieces of furniture.

    Design without strict rules

    This is chic, which is disguised as careless creativity.

    Careless creativity in creating a masterpiece

    This interior is different:

    • lighting system only from built-in lights;
    • chrome parts;
    • old floor mirrors;
    • shelves with open shelves;
    • art statues of metal or bronze;
    • vinyl stickers.

    Favorite details in loft style

    No extra items. Wires hanging from ceiling ceilings, floor retro hangers, abstract paintings, even a bicycle on a special chrome-plated stand are combined into an inseparable composition using a strict color palette.

    "Classic Five" shades:

    • white;
    • black;
    • gray;
    • terracotta;
    • brown.

    Classic five shades

    Simplified wall decoration with wood, materials that imitate brick, natural stone, simple plaster with “streaks”, granite or marble chips in combination with ceilings, flooring and stylish furniture gives the room a unique look.

    Uniqueness in wooden furniture

    A poster with an abstract plot is perfect for decorating a wall with brickwork.

    Choose a refined panel for your hallway.

    Each style of an interior of a hall of the house is in own way interesting. The concept of design, of course, depends on the preferences of the owner.

    To the admirer of traditions, to the taste of the classic, to the Nature Lover closer to country and the Scandinavian setting, to the city dweller - high-tech and modern, most combined with habits

    Light colors with color accents in the interior

    The main influence on the choice of having a size, because a large area opens space for the implementation of creative ideas.

    It is better to think in advance about the concept of the interior, and add your own ideas.

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