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Kitchen design in a private house - the possibility of a convenient and modern design. But there are nuances of organizing an effective interior. A private house in most cases has space, which many urban apartments are deprived of. Here you can turn around with the design and go on about their desires. The lack of binding to a small area is an indisputable plus.

Content of this article:

  • Kitchen features
  • Differences
  • Allocated zones
  • Planning is our starting point.
  • Corner layout
  • Linear layout
  • Planning letter "P"
  • Top 6 most popular styles for the kitchen
  • Rustic style: simple simplicity
  • Provence - the choice of romantics
  • Country style, uplifting
  • Rustic style
  • Modern style
  • Classic - strict and noble
  • Kitchen form: we select the design
  • Square - the best option
  • Narrow and long room: overcome the difficulties of planning
  • Custom layout: form dictates the design
  • Combined kitchen
  • GALLERY: Modern kitchen design options in a private house
  • Kitchen features

    Kitchen space in a private house and apartment are significantly different.

    A lot of space - the key to success

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    1 The possibility of varying the location of the working and dining area. The number of windows is usually more than one. The form of a room can be non-standard. 4. Additional interior items that are not in a city apartment. For example, a fireplace in the dining area of ​​a kitchen. 5 The dining area is often quite large. 6 Communications can be laid depending on the wishes of the customer.

    The interior of a large kitchen can be allocated more zones than in a small city apartment.

    There is more space in your home, so there may be more kitchen areas.

    And this is a clear advantage of a private house, which is able to create conditions for rest and cooking in one room.

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    Allocated zones

    • Working, including storage space for food, kitchen utensils and cooking;
    • an optional seating area (a bar counter, a fireplace, comfortable chairs, etc.) can be placed in it;
    • dining room (usual kitchen corner or table with chairs).

    We delimit the space with a bar counter

    You can delimit the space with the help of such design techniques as the use of partitions, arches, the selection of the bar, the use of various decoration techniques.

    A significant area of ​​the room in most cases assumes the presence of an island structure, the presence of which can be accentuated, for example, by a contrasting shade.

    Very large and beautiful kitchen

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    Planning is our starting point.

    In many spacious kitchens, the layout of the equipment and the headset can be arbitrary:

    • angular;
    • linear;
    • in the shape of the letter "P".

    Diverse set in the kitchen

    A large room does not impose insurmountable restrictions on the number and size of storage systems.

    This allows you to arrange the room as it will be convenient.

    Romantic atmosphere of a kitchenette

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    Corner layout

    The organization of the kitchen by filling in the corner space is one of universal. In this case, the minimum space is used most fully for the work area and storage systems.

    Corner layout

    A refrigerator, stove, sink and a work desk are placed along two adjacent walls. This layout is suitable for rooms of any size, even without reference to the location of the windows.

    Among the advantages of this layout is a large free space that can be used in the kitchen for a spacious dining area.

    Linear layout possible

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    Linear layout

    The arrangement of the kitchen unit along one of the walls, including the built-in appliances, is suitable for a room in which it is necessary to place the dining area with an island or a dining group along the opposite wall.

    Built-in furniture fits perfectly into such kitchens

    Another option is an island on which the work area is located directly. It is convenient for some housewives to organize the workplace in this way.

    If the work area and dining are combined on the island, then this option will be good only for small families.

    Plenty of space allows you to distinguish between tables and a dining area.

    Are there many, or often, family members? In this case, the dining area should be separated.

    Linear location can also be an option for a small kitchen.

    Planning letter "P"

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    Planning letter "P"

    Such a difficult approach to the arrangement makes sense, if necessary, to arrange a lot of storage systems and household appliances.

    It can be a built-in dishwasher, an additional freezer, etc.

    In large kitchens recommend the location of cabinets as much as possible in different ways.

    In a spacious kitchen, filling the three walls will not look oppressive with proper placement, selection of colors and style of the room.

    The remaining free space can be used as a dining area along a free wall or as an island.

    Bar counter as a dining area

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    Top 6 most popular styles for the kitchen

    A private house allows you to show imagination in the design, not only in terms of placement of equipment, working space and dining area.

    The choice of style is the component of the interior that makes the kitchen not only functional, but also spiritual, breathing homely warmth.

    Rich and elegant cuisine

    Which style to choose will depend on the style of the whole house. When eco-friendly orientation of the interior uses natural materials:

    • ceramics;
    • a rock;
    • tree;
    • textile.

    Maximum use of natural materials

    The design of the most private house of stone, logs or timber can be complemented by decoration in such stylistic directions as country, Provence, Russian izba style and others paying attention to the naturalness and environmental friendliness of materials.

    More and more popular stone in the design

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    Rustic style: simple simplicity

    Kitchen design in the style of Russian huts is an eco-friendly space, conveniently organized and pleasant to the eye.

    In a modern private house, such a kitchen will have the simplicity of design and placement of household appliances.

    Classic white style

    In this case, the furniture may have an underlined wood texture, features of aging. And the predominance of light warm shades.

    Textiles can be used actively here, including curtains, curtains on open shelves, napkins, colorful cotton print gloves.

    Which material to choose is up to you.

    Window curtains in Russian country are often light, containing embroidery, hemming, lace.

    The walls of such a kitchen should be in light, calm shades, decorated with wood, plaster. Simple decor is a must.

    Just an incredibly beautiful set in the kitchen

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    Provence - the choice of romantics

    Romantic, simple and very comfortable, Provence style is the best fit for kitchen design in a private house.

    Romantic design in pastel colors.

    The feature of such an interior is pastel colors with a predominance of white, milky, blurry pink, blue and mint shades.

    Provence is natural materials, an abundance of wooden and textile items, a light floral pattern. Such a kitchen will be very cozy and really sweet.

    The kitchen should always be cozy.

    Among other features of the style of the French province:

    • aging, which is expressed in the emphasized wear of the ends of the furniture;
    • the translucency of painting, with the selection of the texture of wooden surfaces;
    • matte fittings;
    • the presence of flowers and floral prints.

    Environmentally friendly materials

    When styling the kitchen of a private house under the Provence, household appliances are not shown off, but organically fit without attracting too much attention. Return to the menu

    Country style, uplifting

    Focusing on environmental friendliness, country music in the kitchen of a private home creates a warm atmosphere.

    Warm green color of the kitchen

    Wooden furniture sets, the use of colorful napkins and bright checkered curtains add comfort and ease. Shades in the interior - nice looking and clean.

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    Rustic style

    Wooden elements and especially rough simplicity of design allows to harmoniously combine historicity and modernity.

    Trends of harmony and comfort

    The combination of vintage antiquity and trends in one interior is combined with the simplicity of wall and ceiling decoration.

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    Modern style

    Who said that the kitchen of a private house can not be the same as in a city apartment? Modern eclecticism in a large room acquires completely different features.

    A lot of space in the kitchen allows you to make 2 dining tables

    Without facing the problem of a limited area, you can afford to furnish a kitchen with latitude, and the use of decorative elements.

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    Classic - strict and noble

    The classic interior of the kitchen will be a logical addition to the private house, made in this style.

    Bright shades of wood

    The nobility of colors and materials creates a spectacular, but comfortable interior. Tiles on the floor, solid work surfaces in the traditions of the old masters and unobtrusive style create a space that does not get tired and out of fashion for many years.

    Strict furnishings in soothing shades go well with modern appliances and classic kitchenware.

    Strict decor in soothing shades

    A mansion or a cottage in a classic style, having a stone or brick cladding on the outside, will be combined with the decoration of decorations in such directions as:

    • English style;
    • French;
    • Empire;
    • democratic american etc
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    Kitchen form: we select the design

    The kitchen of a private house is mostly guaranteed spaciousness. To create a functional and comfortable interior, you should take into account the shape of the room.

    Bright decor will liven up even the darkest room.

    The room can be a familiar shape or have a non-standard layout.

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    Square - the best option

    This form refers to the simplest and most convenient for registration. Functionality and comfort with the correct form of the room and a large area do not pose difficulties in implementation.

    Functionality and comfort

    The square shape allows you to arrange furniture set, even on three sides. The dining area in this case will be able to occupy the center of the room.

    If it is more convenient to move it to a free wall, then you can apply for the decoration of a vertical surface, for example, photo wallpaper, wood-like styling or use a contrasting background.

    We place furniture set on three sides

    If in a private house a square kitchen is small, then it is better to place the furniture of the working area along one wall. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the location of the window.

    When decorating the walls with wallpaper, you can give freedom of fantasy - in this kind of room almost any wallpaper will look beautiful.

    Do not be afraid to give freedom of fantasy

    Dining furniture for this kitchen is desirable to be with a large comfortable table and the same comfortable chairs.

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    Narrow and long room: overcome the difficulties of planning

    A private house can be planned not only with a square kitchen, but also with a narrow one. To deal with such a problem will have to use a selected design. An important task is the visual expansion of space.

    A large dining table is very practical in the interior.

    To do this, it is good to use light shades in the interior. Which style to prefer? Provence - one of the best options, if this style will be organically combined with the interior of the rest of the premises.

    Provence is natural, tinged to a light range and gives the room lightness, which is so lacking in a long narrow space.

    Light range of shades gives lightness

    What else to do? One of the requirements is not to clutter up and not to weight the space.

    Appliances and furniture should be only necessary. If there are lockers that are not particularly needed - we eliminate.

    It is very important not to clutter up even a large room.

    Do you like to arrange souvenirs on the shelves and hang pictures on the walls? They will also have to give up.

    The windows are decorated with attractive and necessarily light curtains. The dining area in the kitchen is too narrow, unfortunately does not fit.

    Window decoration with light curtains

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    Custom layout: form dictates the design

    Unusual layouts imply individual design. The project of such a kitchen should take into account the bends of the walls, the number and size of windows.

    Each kitchen is individual, as are its owners.

    The suite for a non-standard room design is selected for specific parameters.

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    Combined kitchen

    Studios in private homes are relatively rare. The division of space (into the kitchen and living room area) can be realized by such means:

    • color design;
    • using screens or curtains;
    • using different materials for finishing each zone;
    • the separation levels of the floor.

    Often, with a shortage of space, the kitchen is combined with the neighboring territory.

    Combined kitchen in a private house will look dynamic and modern. To embody the idea of ​​a joint room, modern, minimalism and some other directions are well suited.

    We embody all your brilliant ideas

    And even with a small room size, allotted for the kitchen, convenience and functionality should not suffer. With this approach to design, the presence of accessories is reduced to a minimum.

    Bright curtains always attract the attention of others.

    Arrangement of kitchen in a private house is different from the design in the apartment.

    Competent approach and thoughtfulness of interior design to the smallest detail - a component of creating a comfortable atmosphere of your home.

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