Crafts from a sheet of paper do it yourself with step-by-step instructions. TOP 7 best workshops + 130 PHOTO


With the help of a sheet of paper you can make interesting things that do not require investments at all. Just a little patience and time. Sure that you will like the result. Try with us. In this article you will find the best master classes of paper crafts.

Content of this article:

  • Top 5 paper home decor items you can do yourself
  • Personal Hanging Mobile
  • Candle Wrap
  • Garland from Instagram photo
  • Chinese lanterns
  • Individual liners for the dresser
  • Workshop on Chinese lanterns
  • How I Made a Chinese Lantern: 6 Easy Steps
  • Fantasize
  • VIDEO: Master class of Chinese lanterns
  • Making a bouquet of paper flowers
  • Making paper daisies
  • VIDEO: Master class for creating daisies
  • Making paper dahlias
  • VIDEO: Master class for creating dahlias
  • PHOTO GALLERY: More than 130 PHOTO of the most beautiful paper crafts
  • Top 5 paper home decor items you can do yourself
  • Workshop on Chinese lanterns
  • How I Made a Chinese Lantern: 6 Easy Steps
  • Making a bouquet of paper flowers
  • PHOTO GALLERY: More than 130 PHOTO of the most beautiful paper crafts
  • Top 5 paper home decor items you can do yourself

    Colorful paper craft ideas for children, adults, inspired by contemporary wall paintings or wall decorations in ethnic styles, create unique room decor accessories for contemporary home interiors.

    Beautiful decorations for the interior

    Realistic - futuristic, fabric - paper ideas for flowers - these are fun rooms that adorn projects that need to be done with a child.

    Home decorations do not have to empty your wallet. Instead of visiting the store, rethink, rearrange the items that you probably already have in your home. With the help of a printer and a small artistic talent, you can give your home a new cosmetic look.

    Use these five ideas, agreed with the budget, the art of color, lighting, furniture, to get started.

    Home decorations can revive any corner.

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    Personal Hanging Mobile

    Decorating empty space on the wall with something else, instead of the usual printed picture in a frame, can be a gap in the budget.

    Swan mobile over the crib

    But with some imagination, pictures, a collection of your favorite photos, you can create a unique mobile of a kind for half a day.

    Print your favorite pictures on a black and white printer, then cut out the images in the form of geometric shapes (for example, in the form of circles or hearts).

    Very beautiful butterflies

    Sew or glue the long fishing line to the top of the images, attach them on the buttons-studs in different lengths, hang and voila! Instant trick.

    Add a little bit of contrast by alternating photos with colored cardboard cut into shapes that match your home interior, or print pictures in original colors on photo paper.

    We set the room a certain key

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    Candle Wrap

    Let the living room express your individuality with a handmade candle wrapper. Create your own drawings, patterns and fonts that you like, change them every season.

    Add contrast

    Such small accessories, which transform the entire home decor, are often used to decorate the little things in the interior, so the idea of ​​candlesticks is a great way to give the room some tone and emphasis with minimal waste.

    There are a lot of variations of handicrafts - we turn on the fantasy

    You can repeatedly use wrappers. Add ribbons, different suspenders or sparkles for extra chic.

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    Garland from Instagram photo

    If you have your own Instagram channel, which is filled with amazing shots, why not include it in your home decor?

    Garland do it yourself

    Create your own banners by printing a few of your favorite Instagram photos on thick sheets, photo paper, in Instagram booths of your city.

    Punch holes in the two upper corners, push a long braid, flap or rope into them. Decorate photos with a decorative ribbon, a few of your favorite phrases or an individual decoration from each family member. Hang out and admire your creativity!

    Autumn leaves

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    Chinese lanterns

    Lanterns are not only for outdoor activities. Bring a familiar summer glow to your home by making Chinese lanterns with paper and a few stationery.

    Home decor should boost your mood

    Forget expensive appliqué paper from a craft store, search the Internet for the colors and patterns you need.

    Print a few selected pictures, draw a picture of your own, or use your favorite page from the magazine.

    The scheme of the Chinese lantern

    Follow our guidelines below to fold the paper into lanterns of various shapes and sizes, set over electric candles or under "String Light" (the popular "chain of light" decor).

    Hang in clusters or just scatter around the room to create a soft, cozy warmth.

    We create a cosiness, beauty

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    Individual liners for the dresser

    Not all updates to home decor should be visible - you can raise your spirits by putting your favorite pictures or inscriptions in places hidden from view.

    Beautiful flower do it yourself

    When I had a desire to add a part just for myself, I transformed a chest of drawers with personal items.

    You can do it in your own way, but I chose my favorite digital photos by making funny inscriptions on them.

    Bright flowers - good emotions

    You can also use simple text with motivation or a compliment for confidence, cheerfulness.

    Prepare enough sketches to fill the bottom of each drawer and securely attach sheets of paper to the bottom with double-sided tape.

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    Workshop on Chinese lanterns

    Making your own Chinese lantern from paper will not cause difficulties even for a child, but it will perfectly decorate your home or other room — be it a school, a cafe, or something else.

    We find the right colors, samples.

    You can hang them or put them on the table, one by one or in groups. This is the easiest way to make a decoration out of paper and all the materials you need are always at hand at home, because all you need is paper, scissors, glue.

    Bright red traditional Chinese lanterns are the main attribute of any Chinese holiday.

    Accent with minimal waste

    They decorate temples, shrines, parks, shops, houses, offices, Chinatowns everywhere.

    Chinese lanterns come in different shapes, sizes and colors. You can try your favorite color scheme, but I stuck to the red and gold shades - the traditional colors for the Chinese.

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    How I Made a Chinese Lantern: 6 Easy Steps

    Necessary materials:

    • A4 sheet of red paper;
    • A4 sheet of gold paper;
    • pencil, ruler;
    • scissors;
    • glue.

    So let's get started!

    Step 1:
    • Fold the red paper in half.
    • Use a pencil and a ruler to draw lines perpendicular to the folded side, about 2 cm each and leave 2 cm below the fold.
    • Use scissors to cut through the lines - they will look like an accordion in the middle of the lantern.
    Step 2:
    • Roll the gold paper across to form a tube, it will be the center of the lantern.
    • Secure it with a small amount of glue.
    Step 3:
    • Flatten a sheet of red paper.
    • Connect one end of a red sheet with a gold tube at one end.
    • Secure with glue
    Step 4:
    • Connect the other side, leaving a visible part of the golden tube, depending on how long you want your flashlight to be long or short.
    • Secure with glue.
    Step 5:
    • Cut off the excess gold tube from below.
    • Or just leave it as part of the decoration, making a "fringe" and cut into thin strips.
    Step 6:
    • You can use an excess of gold strip to make a pen.
    • Cut it and glue both ends on top.

    Done! Once you have basic knowledge, it is easy to try different options, depending on the fantasy.

    Beautiful decor for any room

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    For example, you can add gold stripes to a flashlight, cutting them with simple or curly scissors, if you have them.

    Flower pendants

    In this case, the gold stripes should be a little red already, to which they will stick. Install them before sticking the lantern to the gold tube.

    Lily master class

    I have tried several different shapes and types, including the most common red ball lamp, a square lamp with a box, and some delicate prismatic shapes that are great for hanging.

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    VIDEO: Master class of Chinese lanterns