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Wallpaper in the bathroom: Which is better to stick? Liquid, vinyl, washing, moisture resistant - choose the most practical (115+ Photos)


Bathroom - a room with its own microclimate, high humidity, serious temperature changes. Therefore, when thinking about the design of a bathroom, preference is often given to ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, and plastic panels. But the profile stores offer wallpaper for bathrooms, which are not inferior in terms of basic working and technical indicators of tiles. For more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Liquid wallpaper - the best alternative to tile
  • Decorative uses
  • Liquid wallpaper manufacturers
  • Wallpaper and tile
  • Tile laying options
  • Wall decoration
  • Vinyl wallpapers
  • Printing methods
  • Creating accents
  • Washable wallpaper
  • How to transform a room?
  • Creativity
  • Moisture-proof wallpaper
  • Where can I stick?
  • Design ideas - combine materials
  • Conclusion
  • VIDEO: Choosing the best wallpaper for the bathroom
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 115 photos)
  • Liquid wallpaper - the best alternative to tile
  • Liquid wallpaper manufacturers
  • Wallpaper and tile
  • Vinyl wallpapers
  • Washable wallpaper
  • Moisture-proof wallpaper
  • Conclusion
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 115 photos)
  • Liquid wallpaper - the best alternative to tile

    For rooms with high humidity, liquid wallpaper is an original and justified decision. They are characterized by moisture resistance, the ability to absorb water vapor and high detergency. If one of the sites during the operation will be damaged, it can be updated in 10-20 minutes.

    Wallpapers in the bathroom look beautiful

    This is a high-quality finishing material for anyone who is interested, it is interesting to design the bathroom, displaying creative abilities and innovative thinking, without using a standard lining. Liquid wallpaper can be described in two epithets - originality and exclusivity.

    To translate your design ideas, you need to buy powder in a hardware store and dilute it according to the instructions before use. You can use different colors, so you can combine shades (about the same as when using watercolors).

    It's just great if you can draw - with the help of liquid wallpaper and colors you can create full-fledged drawings and paintings on the walls of the room. The material is a suitable type of finish for the realization of creative talent.

    Liquid wallpaper - the best alternative to tile

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    Decorative uses

    An important advantage of the material is the variety of decor options offered in stores. When using standard wallpapers there is only one option - to paste on what you bought. In the case of a liquid material, the variations are endless. You need to determine the main color or several shades, as well as decide how to apply a new finishing material.

    The most popular design solutions are:

    • Simple and angry: we use only one shade to decorate the bathroom. The variant is interesting because in cases where the color gets bored, you can add bright colors in a few hours of work, using a new mixture, mosaic, stickers.
    • Universally: we buy one dry composition, create a finishing material with different shades using color schemes. As a result, the interior of the bathroom takes on an original look. Wide scope for imagination - do what you want!

    An important advantage of the material is the variety of decor options.

    • Diverse: liquid wallpaper can be applied in various ways. We take a roller or any other suitable tool and spread decorative materials on the wall with stripes, ornaments, patterns - whatever you like! For the formation of a complex pattern, it is recommended to draw the outlines of future figures on the walls, and then paint them with the composition. If you can not make clear contours - do not worry, because before the final drying of the finish can be washed off with water, correcting all inaccuracies.
    • Unusual: you can use the relief and structural rollers, creating with the help of liquid wallpaper a unique decor or stucco effect. To do this, apply two layers: thin and thick (relief roller).
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    Liquid wallpaper manufacturers

    The bathroom is a specific room, so finishing materials for it must be chosen correctly. The leader of the global market for the production of liquid wallpaper is a company Senideco. The company manufactures products that meet international standards and norms.

    You can use different colors

    If you want to add a “zest” to the interior, then attention should be paid to the French manufacturer, Cotex. The company produces a finishing coating in which you can add glitter, various cereal inclusions, which gives the finish texture. In some cases, Swarovski crystals are added to the solution.

    The leading Russian manufacturer is the company Stenol. The company's products are inexpensive, high-quality (different colors are well combined with it). Optimal for bathrooms cottages, country houses, cottages.

    BoardWhen choosing a material, if finances allow, it is unnecessary to buy the cheapest and simple liquid wallpaper (especially if the bathroom uses high-quality plumbing and beautiful decor). Poor quality compounds will not last long (usually they are only enough for a few years). They may also contain harmful substances.

    Pay attention to the quality of the material.


    Regardless of the manufacturer, the country of manufacture, the cost of production, before buying it is necessary to study the packaging. You should look at it, finding the line that the used finishing material is suitable for use in rooms with high humidity.

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    Wallpaper and tile

    Making a bathroom with wallpaper and tiles is a reasonable solution that allows you to create an interesting, original interior. The decision is especially relevant if the room is not small (in small apartments a variety of finishes will look ugly, variegated).

    For use in rooms with high humidity the following types of wallpapers are optimal:
    • vinyl;
    • liquid;
    • glass wallpaper;
    • all types of washable (eg, metallic coated, acrylic).

    Print products with birds

    Tile and wallpaper - optimally divide the bathroom into separate zones. For example, tiles can be laid out those areas that will be the most wetted (floor, walls near the shower, bath, sink). It is recommended to glue the wallpaper where the towel dryer, the entrance to the room, toilet cabinets, towel rack, washing machine.

    BoardDo not forget about the combination of colors.

    For example, a beige tile will look good only with black or white wallpaper, canvases with a pattern. You need to pay attention to the junction of the two materials, because in the case of irregularities or curvature, it is he who will catch the eye, not the beauty of the design.

    In green


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    Tile laying options

    You can tile tile using a variety of techniques - it all depends on your ideas, conceived design, size of tile products. Popular mounting options are:

    • Traditional method. Provides laying tile in even rows with the formation of a single grid (regardless of the size of products).
    • With offset. Laying is performed obliquely with an offset to the side with each subsequent product.
    • Diagonally. In this case, the installation is carried out from the angle of the surface of the wall or floor. A good solution for use is a square tile of small size.

    Experts note that there are more than 40 different options for laying tiles. To create a unique, interesting design in the bathroom, it is recommended to explore different solutions. It is not recommended to independently combine tiles of different shades and sizes (in this case it is better to ask the designer for help).

    The blue color of the product in combination with white

    One of the solutions for the combination of tile shades is to take black and white tile (or products of other contrasting shades). In this case, it will be possible to easily select the wallpaper that matches the color (for example, beige cloths fit just perfectly).

    To create the decoration of kitchens and bathrooms often use traditional tiles, which are represented by small square products. Depending on the design and size of the room, the tiles can be small (no more than 10 cm) or larger.

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    Wall decoration

    It is difficult to combine ceramic tiles and wallpapers in the same room, as it may seem at first glance. With a small bathroom, it is strongly not recommended to make a bright finish. If you want to do something catchy, you can paint one wall (for example, where the bath is) in a bright color.

    A classic out of fashion

    If one wall is bright and catchy, then the tile and other canvases should be made in extremely calm, simple shades. This will make the room look harmonious and beautiful. For example, a blue or blue bright finish of one wall will be perfectly combined with the bed tones of other finishing materials.

    One of the most common methods in the case of using tiles and wallpapers in the same room is to create a vertical or horizontal line. It is formed using tiles of a different color (they should be small in size). Such a solution will allow to decorate the interior (using the vertical line, you can well divide the space into zones).

    Decorate and unusual to decorate the bathroom, you can use alternating tiles in a checkerboard pattern. It is not necessary to choose black and white products - any kinds of tiles, the colors of which fit well, will work. For example, it can be the following combinations: red-green, blue-orange, yellow-brown.

    The combination of plain and printed wallpaper

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    Vinyl wallpapers

    For decoration of bathrooms and kitchens, vinyl wallpaper is used in many countries around the world. They are presented in the form of double-layer canvases. The stores sell paintings with different patterns and color ornaments:

    • Monophonic (red, white, gray, blue, yellow, etc.).
    • Striped.
    • Multi-ton.
    • With an image.
    • Embossed with a pattern.

    Vinyl products are used in many countries of the world.

    For rooms with high humidity, you should choose vinyl wallpaper labeled "kitchen vinyl". These are special washable linens that have been created for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Models are created on the basis of rubberized vinyl, which is resistant to moisture, pollution.

    Often "kitchen vinyl" is used in bathrooms instead of or in combination with ceramic tiles. The material has a relatively large thickness (in comparison with other types of canvases), so it will look coarse externally in the room. Therefore, it is recommended to diversify the appropriate decoration solutions.

    Suitable for rooms with high humidity

    What types of vinyl wallpaper are suitable for a bathroom?

    The top layer in this type of canvas may be different. It determines the appearance of the coating, sound absorption, thickness of the material. It is customary to distinguish several types:

    • Smooth. Relief high-strength models, perfectly washed. Decorated with brick, stone and other popular materials.
    • Solid. Resistant to various negative effects canvas with a dense structure. Also imitate known finishing and construction materials. You can choose an option for an existing bathroom design.
    • Silk. Fabrics with a beautiful texture, reminiscent of silk fabric. Such vinyl wall-paper on a screen-printing technology is made.
    • Embossed vinyl foam. The presence of the foam layer allows the paintings to "breathe." Models have a relief, clear picture, so they are well suited for decorating bathrooms and kitchens (especially if there are small irregularities on the walls).

    Models are created on the basis of rubberized vinyl.

    According to the idea, for rooms with high humidity, you can choose any type of vinyl wallpaper, based only on the preferences in appearance. These canvases are perfectly combined with ceramic tiles and other finishing materials.

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    Printing methods

    When choosing cloths, it is recommended to pay attention to the technology that was used to print the pattern or pattern on the material. Manufacturers use different printing methods for applying images on vinyl. Popular ones are:

    • Plain print. It is used if you need to apply any one color or simple patterns to the canvases. Such models are plain, can have traditional simple images and drawings, which are represented by patterns, figures, ornaments.
    • Photo printing. Canvases on which the image is applied by photo printing, have a great appearance. The applied image has good detail, high definition, rich and bright shades. It was popular before, but now this solution is rarely used in bathrooms and kitchens.
    • UV printing. Vinyl is obtained with bright, clear, slightly brilliant images of drawings that have the effect of volume. If bright light hits the surface, then the canvases shimmer. A great option for bathrooms and bathrooms.
    • Stereoscopic Printing. One of the most modern and interesting printing methods, the use of which allows you to get a 3D effect. Drawing can be single, occupying all wall, or panoramic. Large enterprises to order can make models that will glow in the dark (due to the built-in LEDs).
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    Creating accents

    Vinyl wallpapers are great for highlighting the main zone in the bathroom. To this end, it is recommended to use paintings that have a contrasting shade. For example, if the floor and walls in the room are (partially) lined with white tiles, one of the options is to create an accent with red vinyl wallpapers.

    Bright room design option

    You can paste two walls with bright and bright wallpaper, continuing the composition to the ceiling. When entering the room, this composition will immediately be evident. It should be made out, taking into account the existing style of the interior and the realized color range.

    A good solution for creating an accent is a combination of vinyl photo wallpaper with a wallpaper of another type. Wall mural is recommended to glue on the entire wall. At the same time, it is necessary to make sure that the color scheme of the overall composition matches the other finishing materials used. Return to the menu ↑ return to the menu

    Washable wallpaper

    Washable wallpaper specially created for use in various rooms with high humidity. Therefore, they are a suitable solution for kitchens, bathrooms, bathrooms, where the problem of high humidity is particularly acute. Such cloths can be combined with plaster finishing, tile materials.

    In black and white

    When combining the main thing is to correctly combine the shades and texture of various finishing materials. For example, if embossed volume washing wallpaper is selected, then the tile should be appropriate. Color combinations are just as important, no matter what types of finishes are combined.

    In the case of using washable wallpaper in bathrooms, experts make the following recommendations:

    • Canvases should be combined with the overall style. A good approximate option - a combination of blue and green shades, which in the bathroom can create the effect of purity and harmony.
    • If the room is small in size, it is recommended to abandon the use of canvases of blue, red, black shades.
    • Bed and body colors will be a good solution for the implementation in the interior of a classic-style bathroom. When choosing the style of Provence, you can use washable wallpaper with a miniature floral print or vertical stripes.
    • If the bathroom has a medium and large size, then the orange and yellow canvases will be the appropriate type of finish. They can bring more light and energy into the room.

    Washable suitable solution for kitchens, bathrooms, toilets

    When choosing washable 3D wallpapers, it is recommended that the canvas covers the entire wall. The image should not interfere with pipes, shelves and other plumbing and decorative items. If the bathroom is small, then the image can be represented by a small bright picture.

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    How to transform a room?

    Shops offer a large selection of washable wallpaper, which can be presented in different shades and textures. Therefore, with their help, you can create a different interior in the bathroom and in any other room.The possibilities for the implementation of ideas in the field of design are almost endless.

    There is a large selection of washable wallpaper.

    If the bathroom has a relatively small size, then you can use bright canvas with a small pattern. This will visually expand the space, make the bathroom more comfortable. It can be used in large bathrooms in combination with other finishing materials.

    You can create an accent with washable wallpaper, if you do not want to glue the whole room with such canvases. This option is resorted to in cases where expensive wallpaper was purchased, with which you can emphasize one wall. Remaining surfaces can be monophonic.

    If the bathroom has simple furniture and plumbing, there is a regular bath or shower, then you can take a chance. To do this, many home designers buy washable canvases with a rich and bright pattern. This allows you to create a bold, original, eye-catching design that often looks advantageous.

    Retro style

    The variety in the bathroom (especially if it is small) is usually superfluous. It is necessary to avoid paintings that have contrasting shades, rich patterns, if you want to keep a clean, simple, calm interior. A good option for "calm" design - the use of style Provence.

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    The implementation of bold ideas and original ideas is an important part of the process of creating a good design in the bathroom with washable wallpapers. Modern designers advise in this case to think about the room as a box in which decorative elements, beautiful plumbing and decoration can turn the bathroom into.

    Large bathroom design option

    What else should I pay attention to?

    • For bathrooms, made in a modern design, often suitable paintings with patterns. If the drawing is repeated more often than every 30 cm, this will help you see, even on the small walls of the miniature bathroom, several repetitions of the main motive.
    • Do not forget about the light. Bathrooms do not usually have natural light sources, so you have to use tricks. To do this, you can buy in the store reflective washable wallpaper, which, when used, will increase the reflection of light from mirrors.
    • Pasting the ceiling. Guests of your house will be clearly surprised if the ceiling is covered with wallpaper. This trend trend is now attracting many famous designers.

    Summer atmosphere in the bathroom

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    Moisture-proof wallpaper

    Wallpapers with moisture resistant properties are in demand and popular in the segment of finishing materials for kitchens and bathrooms. These canvases today come with a different design:

    • Floral prints.
    • Monochrome models.
    • Striped.
    • In the cage.
    • With ethnic motifs.
    • With abstraction, with geometric shapes.

    Wallpapers of this type are suitable for them to paste over the entire room. But we recommend using combinations of different materials. This will create a high-quality design of the room, as well as extend the life of the finish.

    In bright colors

    Combining two materials or more is recommended only if the area of ​​the room is more than 5-6 square meters. For smaller bathrooms, you should choose simple design solutions without a combination of finishes and with a simple color scheme. Return to the menu

    Where can I stick?

    When creating a bathroom design it is necessary to take into account the practicality of using water-resistant fabrics. There are several main areas:

    • The first section is the wall surface above the bathroom, inside the shower stall, above the sink. These zones are most susceptible to direct exposure to water, so even moisture-resistant types of finishing materials are not glued to them.
    • The second section - the surface above the bathroom at 30-40 cm. It is considered suitable for the use of moisture-resistant cloths that have high strength and density.
    • The third section is a zone above 60-70 cm above the bath, sink, shower. These parts are considered relatively dry, so they are well suited for decorating various types of wallpaper (but not just plain paper).
    • The fourth section is above 80 cm above the bath. Safe and suitable for pasting area, which can be used to combine various paintings.

    The areas in the room that are most susceptible to constant exposure to moisture, it is recommended to finish with ceramic tiles, ceramic granite. Wallpaper in these areas should not be used. Return to the menu ↑

    Design ideas - combine materials

    Moisture-proof wallpaper is well suited for combining with other materials in the bathroom. With them, the combinations are harmonious, easy, simple. This allows you to create an interesting and unique interior, even using inexpensive finishing materials.

    A popular combination is the use of moisture-proof wallpaper and tiles. Usually, ceramics are mounted in those areas that are subject to direct water ingress (the edge of the bath, near the sink, etc.). A good solution in this case is to glue the wallpaper above the tile.

    In combination with tile

    In the interior of bathrooms tiled materials are also often used to form mosaics on a separate surface or near sanitary ware products. Wallpaper in this case, try to choose so that they match the color and texture of the tile, and do not stand out from its background.

    If you have a desire to create an environmentally friendly interior with an unusual design, the moisture-proof wallpaper in the bathroom can be combined with stone or wood. Artificial or natural stone can be used in any texture and color range (it is easier to pick up linen to a stone than vice versa). If wood is used for the combination, it must be treated with moisture-proof compounds, otherwise it will quickly become unusable.

    If you want to save a little on the design of the bathroom, you can use plastic panels. They are also well combined with moisture-resistant wallpaper, are practical and easy installation. This is a good option for use with photo wallpapers or monochrome canvases.

    In the bohemian, classic style

    Wallpapers with panels can be alternated or combined in zones. For example, the lower part of the room is trimmed with panels, and the upper part with moisture resistant canvases. Plastic trim is almost always mounted in places where water enters.

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    To wallpaper the bathroom with wallpaper or not - the decision is yours. Above, we looked at the main options for using this finishing material in a high-humidity environment, gave basic tips on this topic, and talked about the nuances.

    In the shops you can choose paintings that are able to complement the existing interior. For example, if using wallpaper to make bright and catchy accents in the center of the bathroom, or near plumbing products.

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    VIDEO: Choosing the best wallpaper for the bathroom