Children's room design for a little girl and teenager from 3 to 16 years old + 150 PHOTO Memorable interiors


Cozy, bright and very comfortable - this is what the girl’s children's room should be like. The harmony and practicality of the interior - a pledge of peace and comfort of your child. In addition, it must be done according to the needs and age of the child. You should also take into account his individual wishes in creating the interior.


  • Design: features of incarnations
  • Style
  • Classical
  • Modern: universal space
  • Pop Art: for active and energetic
  • Provence for romantic girls
  • Color range: a responsible choice
  • Pink: girlish and cute
  • Lilac: nontrivial approach
  • Blue room: breaking stereotypes
  • Green: natural and calm
  • White: pros and cons
  • Beige: creamy tenderness
  • Finishing: features of incarnations
  • Can the ceiling be perfect
  • Walls: lead wallpaper
  • Gender: what to look for
  • Furniture for girls
  • Lighting
  • Top 5 ideas for a little nursery
  • VIDEO: Minimalistic interior in an oriental nursery
  • GALLERY: The most beautiful interiors for the children's room
  • Design: features of incarnations

    When making a nursery, it should be borne in mind that at least once every few years you will have to make changes as the child grows.

    The pink dream of any girl is a beautiful room

    With some versatility created interior, make changes, additions will be quite easy.

    In addition to the ability to make adjustments to the situation, the interior of the nursery for a girl must correspond to her tastes and wishes.

    We take into account the tastes and wishes of the child

    Personal space in childhood leaves an imprint on the formation of character, the formation of attitude and taste.

    For a harmonious interior, weighted selection of each item is important. Everything in the room should be balanced, comfortable, safe.

    We do everything harmoniously and balanced.

    The child should have free access to toys, books, comfortable furniture, arranged with the allocation of functional areas.

    Such an approach will bring independence in the baby, will give the opportunity to arrange the toys, keep things in order.

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    The choice of children's style is an important aspect that sets the tone for the future interior. It is desirable, but not necessary, that it be the same as the rest of the premises in the house.

    It is very important to choose a style and stick to it in everything.

    Children's room baby is the whole world. It is not scary if some elements will not correspond to a clear focus of style.

    The main thing is that the room should be liked by the child. Currently, the girl's room does not necessarily have to be focused on the pink hue in the interior and a large number of dolls.

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    The little lady will love the style of real princesses. What distinguishes children's classic style relative to others?

    Classic design

    She looks like an adult's room. Here the lighting is given by a real classical chandelier, the design of the walls is a single-color or dim pattern.

    Large balls on the ceiling look very impressive

    The classics of the interior are underlined by a noble color scheme without excessive brightness, smooth lines, furniture with carved legs, and strict decoration.

    Furniture color - in natural soft shades. From white, milky to noble chestnut.

    There may be a variety of shades

    To the room did not look too strict, the furniture is better to choose light.

    The distinctive elements of the classics include:

    • canopy over the bed;
    • lambrequins;
    • tracking the classics even in accessories;
    • consistency of the interior of a certain color scheme.

    If a discreet, very elegant, aesthetic interior like a child, the baby will be easy to bring up aristocracy, a sense of beauty.

    We lay down the feeling of beauty from childhood

    This style will be equally good for a little girl as well as a teenager.

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    Modern: universal space

    Conciseness, characteristic of modern style, will allow you to create a universal space. The modern interior gives the freedom to use unusual elements in the design.

    An interesting chandelier can only emphasize the chosen style.

    An unusual-shaped chandelier, a “fairytale” lambrequin with curls, stars, and an unusual combination of colors in the design should be in harmony with each other.

    If the child has a hobby, then the style of the room will emphasize the preferences of the girl and her personality.

    Individuality and peculiarity of each room has its own

    Wall mural, you can choose with your favorite book or cartoon characters, find a place for a collection of dolls or figurines.

    Peas in everything, even in the framework!

    BoardThis style is more suitable for a teenager than a baby who is still playing with dolls. Return to the menu

    Pop Art: for active and energetic

    For girls who are dynamic and active, who have many hobbies and who know how to enjoy each day, a child in pop art style will be perfect.

    The child should feel comfortable in his room.

    Such a room will be an incentive for the development of imagination, creativity, the implementation of unusual ideas.

    Bright shades, bold color combinations in combination with eclecticism will make the interior of a child energetic, mobile, fashionable.

    Bright accents with trendy red

    In such a room, almost any object will be organic. A teenager will be able to hang posters with comics on the walls, a younger girl with cartoons characters.

    Bright toys in the style of pop art can easily coexist with unusual accessories, original pieces of furniture.

    Complete the room with different accessories and decor.

    A dull room will appeal to him, who does not sit quietly for a minute.

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    Provence for romantic girls

    Originating in the south of France, the style of Provence has absorbed the Mediterranean sun, the bright colors of nature, the simplicity of the lifestyle of rural provincial Europe.

    The color scheme of Provence - soft and natural:

    • olive;
    • white;
    • beige and milky;
    • soft blue;
    • lavender;
    • light pink;
    • mint;
    • greyish tones;
    • blue.

    All the colors of the field, garden flowers can find their place in the interior of the room of the girl who loves nature, fairy tales, her toys.

    Unobtrusive and pleasant interior

    Floral patterns, lightweight fabrics, natural materials make the interior of a nursery pleasant with its simple.

    Antique or artificially aged eco-friendly furniture is a mandatory attribute of the Provencal interior.

    An interesting combination of colors and decor

    Here you can hang an antique clock on the wall, lay out embroidered napkins, make a bed with a bedspread with ruffles, put flower pots, put dried flowers in a vase.

    And toys will find their home in wicker baskets, arranged on open shelves.

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    Color range: a responsible choice

    Girls are more than boys, sensitive to the shades and colors of the room in which they live.

    Shelves for books, for flowers, and for dolls

    The choice of the predominant color should depend on the character and temperament of the child, but calm pastel colors remain preferable.

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    Pink: girlish and cute

    The traditional, familiar is considered to be for the girl's room is pink. He embodies tenderness, peace.

    Floral patterns, delicate shades in pink tones create a cozy homely atmosphere.

    Pink interior - comfort and wonderful atmosphere

    Pink color goes well in the nursery with white, light beige. Making it a reference, you can complement the interior with objects with floral prints.

    We complement the design with all possible prints.

    For example, curtains, embroidered decorative pillows, etc.

    It is advisable to avoid unnecessarily bright and caustic shades of pink. Return to the menu

    Lilac: nontrivial approach

    Juicy lilac - girlish, but it is not completely banal shade. Related to the cold colors, not every girl will like it.

    Lilac - soft, beautiful and calm shade

    In order for the room to become soft, lilac can be combined with floral motifs, to experiment with different hues of the palette.

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    Blue room: breaking stereotypes

    It is generally accepted that blue and blue are the colors for boys. But it all depends on the personality of the child.

    Do not think that boys only blue

    If a girl likes a delicate blue tint, striped "sailor" colors, then why not decorate the baby room with a predominance of the color of the sky?

    Blue can be combined very easily with other colors.

    Blue combines well with white and beige. And he is "friendly" with a striped and checkered pattern, floral prints and natural fabrics.

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    Green: natural and calm

    It is not just about green, but about a range of tones, semitones, pleasant to the eye. Neutral and calm, green can be the background against which a child creates his own personal space.

    An interesting embodiment of several colors in one room.

    Mint, olive shades are natural. They are well combined with pastel colors, creating a pleasant interior for the child.

    Light mint shades in the room, even very useful

    In combination with pink elements, the mint shade becomes truly girlish, tender.

    Thanks to the large windows, there will definitely not be enough light

    How can they be combined? For example, furniture in a gentle greenish tint is combined with beige walls, pink accessories - a desk lamp, a wall clock, bright bookbinding of books on open shelves, and decorative pillows.

    You can use a lot of pillows - it will only enrich the interior

    It is believed that green has a positive effect on the child's psyche. However, if the child categorically does not like the shade, it is not necessary to insist. Return to the menu

    White: pros and cons

    For children, the presence of white is desirable and sometimes necessary.

    Always beautiful white

    So that the child’s girls do not look unnatural, sterile, white should be combined with other colors, setting accents and enlivening the interior.

    Correct accents

    White is a universal background for creative embodiments, interior solutions. In combination with pink, for example, it acquires marshmallow softness and tenderness.

    This color is the most universal - it is appropriate as the main and for a very young child, and for an adult girl.

    Universal and classic design

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    Beige: creamy tenderness

    Any shade of beige can be a starting point in the development of the design of the olive or classical interior of the nursery.

    Any color can look harmonious and beautiful.

    Mixing beige with other colors can sometimes be difficult due to the abundance of its tones and halftones with the care of gray or brown.

    Some flowers and butterflies

    Best of all beige is combined with wooden furniture and natural fabrics. Return to the menu ↑

    Finishing: features of incarnations

    When choosing finishing materials for repairs in a child's girl, you should give preference to environmentally friendly materials, in which the safety of the child's health must be assured.

    We prefer only environmental materials

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    Can the ceiling be perfect

    Making the ceiling in the nursery can be both very simple and complex. The best option in terms of hygiene requirements is cement plaster and subsequent painting.

    Gray color is important to dilute with light curtains and furniture.

    But what about the starry sky? If the child is emotional, often distracted, it is better to choose a pure white color. With this choice it will be easier to fall asleep.

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    Walls: lead wallpaper

    It is important environmental friendliness of the materials used. According to the popularity of finishing material for the walls are still leading wallpaper.

    The most popular wallpaper for the walls as always

    The color scheme is selected depending on the design of the room. It is better to give preference to paper wallpaper, since vinyl, for all its decoration, is not desirable to use in the nursery.

    The use of paper wallpaper is most common.

    In addition to paper wallpaper, you can consider the following options:

    • photo wallpaper;
    • liquid;
    • eco wallpaper.
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    Gender: what to look for

    Floor covering must meet many requirements:

    • It should not be slippery.
    • Wear resistance is also an important indicator.
    • Ease of care.

    Oh, these bears! Well, where do without them

    Laminate, cork, linoleum and parquet are still relevant. In addition to them, is gaining popularity a new modern coating - Marmoleum. It is inexpensive, beautiful and environmentally friendly.

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    Furniture for girls

    An interesting, responsible and fascinating moment in the design of the nursery - the selection of furniture.

    For each age actual different furniture

    The necessary items are selected on the basis of such data:

    • child's age;
    • the size of the room;
    • room style;
    • design of the whole apartment;
    • environmental friendliness of materials;
    • child's preferences;
    • security, etc.

    Safety and environmental materials

    For a newborn baby there will be enough a cot, a changing table or a dresser and a chair for an adult.

    As a child grows up, his needs change, tastes and preferences are formed.

    Be prepared for the fact that from time to time, with age, will have to change the style and interior

    In this case, you will need a headset that allows you to meet all the needs of the girl, and including pieces of furniture for: sleep, leisure, schoolwork.

    The cot cradle may not necessarily be used for very small children.

    Required minimum:

    • bed;
    • wardrobe;
    • table, chair for classes;
    • rack for toys, books;
    • security.

    Bright, stylish, fashionable and simply fantastic beautiful

    Selecting a set of furniture, it is important to take into account the wishes of the child.

    Some girls, for example, want to have a single bed with a canopy, others - so that the sleeping place is located on the upper tier.

    An important role should be attributed precisely to the bed on which the child sleeps.

    We select very carefully

    According to the girl's age, places for storing toys, books and other things should be located so that they are easy to use.

    If you have to supplement an existing set of furniture with a new item, you need to select it very carefully, making sure that it matches the rest of the furniture in its color, style, size.

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    In the child girl should be enough light. The workplace is desirable to place near the window. Both general and local lighting should be present in the room.

    Need to take care of good lighting

    It is a chandelier in the center, a desk lamp on the table, a night light, a sconce.

    Necessary lighting devices are selected taking into account the child's age and design. Important is their safety, structural stability.

    Cool interior for a little lady

    The younger girl will be pleased with a nightlight with a painted fairy or another favorite character. For an older girl, you can pick up a romantic picture.

    Spectacular chandelier in the form of flowers in a large ball

    It is desirable to equip a nursery with the involvement of her little resident and taking into account her wishes.

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    Top 5 ideas for a little nursery

    1 Light walls and furniture.

    White color will visually increase the room

    2 Wallpapers with vertical stripes for low ceilings.

    Vertical strip will make ceilings higher

    3 Uniform lighting and spotlights.

    A good example of lighting

    4 Bed-attic.

    Bed attic for the girl

    5Maximum shelves.

    Children's shelves

    Nursery layout

    Children's for two girls

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    VIDEO: Minimalistic interior in an oriental nursery