Successful examples of the transformation of the facade of the house with the help of shutters for windows (wooden, metal, plastic). Make it simple and beautiful (+ Reviews)


The shutters on the windows for the villa turned into an interesting detail, decorated with drawings, forged details or carvings. Find out what species are. What is their purpose. And what you need to choose the material in order not to be disappointed. Everything further in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Functional purpose
  • Protective function
  • Energy saving inside the house
  • Sunshade protection
  • Decorative
  • By type of construction
  • Swing constructions - timeless classics
  • Lifting shutters - rolling shutters or rolling shutters
  • Removable shutters - to protect the house from invasion
  • Material selection
  • Wooden constructions
  • Metal shutters
  • Variations of plastic
  • VIDEO: Modern options for window shutters
  • Conclusion
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 130 photos)
  • Functional purpose
  • By type of construction
  • Material selection
  • Conclusion
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 130 photos)
  • Functional purpose

    Shutters for a country house ceased to perform a protective function, becoming a full-fledged decorative element. When choosing a design for decorating window frames, they solve in advance the designated tasks that she has to perform in order not to stand out from the overall design of the site.

    Traditional designs of a modern house

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    Protective function

    Metal or wooden shutters reduce the likelihood of penetration inside the house. To protect against burglary, they are equipped with safe locks from the inside or outside. The actions of thieves will attract the attention of neighbors, warning of hacking. Structures with locks become a barrier in front of the window opening; it is more difficult to get inside the building. Models made of wood or metal with constipation will appeal to summer residents who leave their country house unattended for several days.

    Often on such shutters put the lock

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    Energy saving inside the house

    Heat is lost through the cracks of doors and window frames, even the installation of multi-chamber double-glazed windows does not eliminate drafts. Reducing the leakage of thermal energy will help tight installation of valves with a tight fit to the window openings. The preservation of heat will serve as the fastening of the model of natural wood with a minimum of through-thread, mounted according to the rules.

    Well keep heat in the house

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    Sunshade protection

    With the help of shutters, blinds control the level of illumination and shading. It is recommended to completely close the windows in hot weather to reduce the ingress of sunlight into the rooms. The option will appeal to owners of houses built on the south side without tall trees.

    A more modern version of the window shutters

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    The shutters echo the furnishings and the garden near the country house. Simple wooden models are painted with bright colors, creating a rustic or country style.. To display the style of an old manor house with carved shutters, it is recommended to order them from woodworkers who will make old wooden parts. It is interesting to look metal shutters with wrought decorative inclusions, depicting flowers, leaves or animals.

    It is enough for the owner to paint the doors with colors, cutting out floral ornaments with a jigsaw on a wooden canvas. Metal constructions look massive, but leave less room for imagination.

    Beauty and convenience first

    For a country house, models are selected for the desired functionality. If you wish to purchase a decorative design, it is a mistake to contact the master for expensive steel shutters with an integrated lock system.

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    By type of construction

    Before decorating the window frames are determined with the type of model required. Prices are distinguished regarding the complexity of installation and component parts, the amount of material spent and decor.

    Prices depend on the material

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    Swing constructions - timeless classics

    Established in a two-story Scandinavian-style house, a country mansion with a black and beige design of facades. Swing shutters with an abundance of decor - the choice of Russian style, where through and embossed carving is welcomed.

    Fashion is back again

    Structures on high window openings with hooks to the wall look beautiful, so that the shutters do not slam against wind gusts or drafts. When installing heavy models are mounted on both sides of the frame on the hinges.

    Metal - safer and more durable


    Single leaf strengthened by the window frame. When closing, use the locking part, which is mounted to the opposite side. Suitable for large country mansions in the style of Provence, decorated in pastel shades with facades imitation of wild stone or plaster like "bark beetle". Models are recommended to be made of natural wood, coated with varnish or painted with sand or milky paint.

    Bright and beautiful options

    Double shutters - often used in the design of country cottages and country villas. These are two symmetrical wooden cloths attached on both sides of the window opening. To lock mounted special lock or hook in the middle, which is attached inside or outside the building.

    You'll love these shutters.

    Double-leaf designs emphasize the originality of houses in the style of Italian classics, attracting plastered or brick facades, an abundance of window openings and spacious terraces.

    Prefabricated or folding models allow you to open the windows completely, half or a quarter, controlling the degree of illumination of the room. It is recommended to install on large openings in area, to make of several mobile elements. Architects develop drawings of houses with composite shutters made of steel, wood or plastic to reflect innovative design trends. Natural ventilation of the building is preserved against the background of protection from sunlight.

    Folding designs for windows

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    Lifting shutters - rolling shutters or rolling shutters

    Lifting structures - these are the blinds that fold at the top under the influence of the built-in mechanism. They perform a protective and energy-saving function, harmoniously combine with the style of the building, take up minimal space during installation.

    Rolling shutters take up minimal space.

    The choice of color for rollt:

    • Basic shades of beige, black, brown will complement the naturalistic interior, often used in the design of timbered or wooden mansions by type of chalet.
    • The classic design involves the installation of rolling shutter milk, beige, ivory or ivory.
    • Cottage-type houses with red brick facades will complement the shutters to match the scarlet or ruby ​​color.
    • If you want to give a touch of playfulness and lightness, it is recommended to refer to the design of turquoise, emerald or lilac color.
    • The high-tech building will complement the blinds in the color of metal, bronze or silver.

    Internal shutters are more decorative

    Rolling shutters are recommended to be painted in the color repeating the general scale of a country house, or to issue in a uniform palette with a shade of a roof or the base.

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    Removable shutters - to protect the house from invasion

    Installed in the absence of the owners, on arrival, remove the design of the window openings. Decorative in the last place, the main thing - strong constipation on the doors, preserving the property in the house from thieves.

    Such an option for reliable protection

    An alternative option for outdoor models will be the internal structures that are built in the middle of the room. Internal shutters are equipped with the same security locks, but they have pronounced decorative functions. Models will like the owners with a concise view that opens in winter without access to frosty air.

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    Material selection

    Manufacturers produce designs of wood, metal or plastic. The owners of country houses choose swing or internal models for finances, the number of decor and inserts, versatility.

    Most wood is increasingly preferred

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    Wooden constructions

    For the production of models of wood take clapboard, grooved boards or slats. Of the wood species recommended linden or pine, at least - oak, with solid wood. Larch is considered an expensive option. Other breeds are not suitable for processing due to instability to temperature fluctuations, snow and rain.

    The prevalence of models is explained by several advantages:

    • The abundance of proposals from design firms. The tree is amenable to processing, on the market they sell triangular, square and arched models. They are applied paints and varnishes, painting and carving, combined with metal elements.
    • Control room lighting. Install shutters for the dosed receipt of light, it is recommended to open up to half or completely for a comfortable rest.
    • Environmentally friendly material. Wood contributes to the establishment of the microclimate of the room, balances temperature and humidity. Designs become an obstacle from street dust, noise, drafts.
    • Shutters with a minimum of decor look expensive in the interior, are the completion of any style of a country house.

    Look on the facade is expensive and beautiful

    Wooden structures require annual maintenance, which is painted, varnished and antifungal agents. It is recommended to inspect the shutters in early spring for the appearance of mold, pests or fungus to eliminate the problem, to replace rotten parts.

    Need to paint annually

    Examples of interesting proposals of designers:

    • The chalet-style country house is decorated with carved wooden shutters. Select in one tone with the foundation the color of paint or stain, it is advised to use chocolate tones.
    • Decisive summer residents who wish to realize the dream of glass windows to the floor, apply massive wooden structures to the entire surface of the walls. The shutters are folded down, turning into terraces around the house. When you lift up completely close the room, preventing access to thieves.
    • European traditions are embodied in the combination of pergolas with wooden doors. Pergola is allowed to climb plants to protect the house from noise, sunlight and dust.
    • Rustic style display when installing designs with tree-cutted fir-trees, deer, birds. Specialists laser cutting display complex patterns in the form of folk embroidery, characteristic of the area.

    Multi-door shutters for decoration

    If you want to hide the sash from prying eyes paint them to match the walls, if you want to show all the beauty - paint in contrasting colors. The internal structures of the bright palette immediately attract attention without needing decor.

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    Metal shutters

    Metal structures provide protection against hacking at home, although they look heavy. When mounting, steel sheets, galvanized sheet metal, aluminum and similar materials that resist corrosion are used.

    Heavyweight but more reliable

    The windows of the country house are covered with monolithic doors of iron sheets to provide protection against invasion. A costly option - blinds on a metal frame with a set of fixed or fixed slats between the racks. They incorporate locking mechanisms from inside or from the outside, a mechanism with a safe lock will help reduce the chance of slamming.

    Reliably cover window openings forged elements on an openwork metal grille, performing decorative and protective functions.

    Stainless steel look no worse

    Aluminum constructions possess decorative qualities, often imitating wooden shutters. They perform decorative functions, protect from dust and sun, but are not equal in reliability with iron shutters.

    The owners of country houses are stopped by the cumbersomeness of the model and the price category, but with proper protection against corrosion and rust, they get strong and durable protection against the penetration of thieves.

    Fine wood imitation

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    Variations of plastic

    Lightweight plastic models do not require a concrete or brick wall; they are mounted on a window frame. Assume an extensive range of designs with imitation of metal and wood structure, color range and decorative inserts.

    Plastic shutters are not useful for the protection of the house, used exclusively for decorative purposes. A minimum of care is to wipe the dust from the surface, it is not necessary to varnish or paint every season.

    Exceptionally performs decorative functions.

    Models are free from flaws characteristic of metal and wood. Summer resident independently installs the structure without assistance from neighbors. Before buying, it is recommended to accurately measure the parameters of window frames in order not to be mistaken with the dimensions of the shutter.

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    VIDEO: Modern options for window shutters