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For real summer residents it is sometimes important to keep their land in good condition. This applies to both the garden and the entire territory of the villa. Modern gardeners are trying to improve the house, building on its territory various fountains, waterfalls, ponds, gazebos, recreation areas and entertainment. Especially important for any owner is precisely laying the foundation and building a fence with his own hands. So every man will look like a real craftsman, a master of his craft. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

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  • Pros and cons of profiled sheet
  • Types of coloring and variety of colors
  • DIY Fence
  • Brick and corrugated
  • From a professional flooring under a tree
  • Forged from profiled flooring
  • Fence of metal decking under the stone
  • Fence fence
  • Fence of corrugated and polycarbonate
  • Wall with foundation
  • Gate and gate
  • Forged Products
  • Fence decoration
  • Figured cutting
  • Carved decor
  • Forging
  • Decors on the fence in the form of full-fledged drawings, "paintings"
  • Green spaces
  • Flight of fancy
  • Figured metal profile
  • VIDEO: Fence of corrugated
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 140 photos)
  • Pros and cons of profiled sheet
  • Types of coloring and variety of colors
  • DIY Fence
  • Brick and corrugated
  • From a professional flooring under a tree
  • Forged from profiled flooring
  • Fence of metal decking under the stone
  • Fence fence
  • Fence of corrugated and polycarbonate
  • Wall with foundation
  • Gate and gate
  • Forged Products
  • Fence decoration
  • Figured metal profile
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 140 photos)
  • Pros and cons of profiled sheet

    Despite the fact that in most European countries, in most cases, there have long been no fences, residents of the post-Soviet space still actively shield themselves from the sometimes very annoying population. In addition, behind the walls of the fence, we feel much safer than without it.

    In this regard, the choice of material for the construction of high-quality, inexpensive fencing should be approached carefully. Among the large variety of building materials, profiled sheet metal is popular. In common people it is called a professional sheet or professional flooring.

    Important for any owner is the construction of a fence

    Profiled metal sheet or corrugated flooring is a wall covering or roofing building material. It is mainly used in the construction of external fences, walls, roofs.

    Use in the manufacture of the fence profiled metal sheet due to several factors:
    • The cost of building material of this type is available to many homeowners.
    • The profiled metal sheet, despite the sounding name, is quite simple to use. Therefore, it is suitable for the construction of a fence with his own hands.
    • High construction speed.
    • Plus the construction of this material is that, in contrast to the fence from the fence, the use of corrugated board allows you to prevent gaps between the sheets. In addition, the owner can also determine the height he needs.
    • A good protective function: not every robber will dare to climb over the fence, afraid to cut his hands on the sharp edge. In addition, it is hardly possible to call this steel coating a reliable "support".

    The cost of building material of this type is available to many homeowners

    • Enviable durability. In compliance with the rules of installation, operation, this fence is very durable, up to several decades (from 20 to 50).
    • Qualitatively selected material looks very aesthetically pleasing.
    • Large selection of color coverage.
    • The ability of protective materials covering a steel sheet to maintain its original appearance for a long time, that is, the metal does not fade under the influence of the sun's rays for many years.
    • Easy to remove contamination with ordinary household chemicals.
    • Good sound insulation and protection from prying eyes.

    Profiled sheet metal is easy to use.


    Cons of using a professional sheet:
    • Still, when using profiled complete protection of the territory you will not achieve. Malefactors with ease can damage such fence, using improvised means.
    • Attractive, but not perfect.
    • A very large area of ​​the fence is subject to strong gusting winds, so the design can simply fall.
    • Sheeting is subject to strong rust. For this reason, it is worthwhile to take care of the protective coating in advance, before the fence is put into operation.

    High construction speed

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    Types of coloring and variety of colors

    Profiled flooring is often covered with a paint or polymeric protective layer, which gives it a certain color.

    Types and volume of staining:

    One-sided sheet. Leaf coloring on the one hand is used in cases where there is a unilateral effect of damaging or harmful factors on the structure. Since the metal profile is painted on one side only, on the opposite side it remains gray. Therefore, this type of painting is used on the roof or roof covering of the building. The same color on both sides. Profiled metal flooring with this type is used for fencing suburban areas or private houses. It gives the design a finished, pleasant looking look. Metal profile with different two-sided coloring. In this case, both the color of the coating and its type may differ. Such profiled flooring is used where there is a harmful effect on both sides. Example: garage walls or garage doors.

    Long preserves the original appearance

    Profiled metal sheets have their own standardization.

    According to this, the color scheme according to the type of standardization and the country of the manufacturer can be:
    • The European RAL standard is represented by a huge range of colors and shades. The coding consists of 4 digital symbols.
    • Finnish - RR. Denoted by 2 or 3 digits.
    • English standard HPS. In this category, the smallest number of colors presented. The color designation consists of 4 numbers. Perhaps the presence of one letter.
    Most often on the market you can find exactly European standardized profiled sheeting.

    You can choose the desired shade on a special table with the indicated color markings. She has every seller of metal.

    It has a good protective function.

    BoardIf possible, take a look at the finished, painted sheets. So you will understand exactly what your future fence will look like.
    RAL decking is done by several methods:
    • High pressure. The paint applied under increased pressure uniformly falls on the starting material without getting inside the fibers. This look can be used as interroom professional flooring.
    • Electrolysis. Simultaneous submission of high-frequency current to the metal profile and paint forms a durable color coating. Option suitable for outdoor use.

    Decking has enviable durability

    Among the most popular shades of European RAL are:
    • Ivory.
    • Light ivory.
    • Yellow zinc.
    • Red ruby.
    • Blue saturated.
    • Red wine.
    • Red oxide.
    • Brownish red.
    • Ultramarine.
    • Blue water.
    • Green leaf.

    The choice of color is huge

    • Green moss
    • Green mint.
    • Gray.
    • Gray glass.
    • Brown chocolate.
    • Gray white.
    • White.
    • Black is dark.
    • Pure white.

    In combination with stone

    A few tips when choosing colors:
    • When choosing a fence remember harmony. Your building should not just "stand out from the crowd", it should be combined with the buildings on your site.
    • The fences at the dacha plots are increasingly being painted in blue, gray or dark red.
    • Despite the fact that the metal is easily cleaned from dirt using a jet of water, dark colors are often used to avoid contamination of the structure near dusty roads. Common are various shades of green and brown.
    • The world of creativity does not stand still! New metallic colors are increasingly appearing on the market.
    • Popular flooring with a pattern imitating brick, stone or wood.

    Qualitatively selected material looks very aesthetically pleasing.

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    DIY Fence

    To build your own fencing you should follow these steps:

    Step 1

    Before you install the "wall", you must mark up the area on which your fence will be installed.

    The distance between the supports one after another should not exceed two and a half meters. To facilitate your work and do everything quickly, efficiently, without rework, use pegs and twine.
    Step 2

    Now you need to make the grooves, which later will be installed elements of the support of the future fence. The holes are dug in the marked places with an ordinary shovel. If you have a drill at your disposal, use it, it will be faster. The depth of the well-hole is usually equal to one hundred thirty centimeters.

    Step 3

    In the first we set up our supporting pillars in the corners of the marked territory. Next, do the same manipulation throughout the future wall.

    Step 4

    Having established racks, the well needs to be filled with sand and gravel backfill and to concrete.

    Step 5

    Next set lags. We will need them when we further attach the profiled sheet to the racks.

    Step 6

    Using self-tapping screws, we fasten metal sheets to lags.

    Step 7

    Now it remains to paint all metal parts with specialized enamel. You can also paint the fence in the color you want, but it is easier to buy ready-made colored sheets, which will save you time and money.

    Such a fence will look very beautiful, aesthetic. Moreover, in comparison with a fence made of wood or a chain-link mesh, a fence made of profiled sheet becomes more reliable and robust.

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    Brick and corrugated

    The combination of metal sheet and brick is great for building a fence not only in the country, but also in a residential "house on the ground" in which you live permanently.

    Different combination of textures

    Such walls of brick and profiled sheet mounted fairly quickly. You do not need to be a specialized master, you just need to carefully consider the task. Brick pillars make the support more durable and stable. To all you get a plus in the form of enhancing the overall aesthetic appearance.

    Typically, facing bricks are used for the pillars. If you are confident in your abilities - go for it, but if you still doubt that you can assemble brickwork yourself, invite a professional.

    To strengthen the metal sheet in the brickwork used mortgage plates, corners (often used three lags).

    On each brick column above you can install a small roof:

    Large selection of colors

    • Concrete roof. It is mounted on the base with a cement-sand mortar.
    • Steel roof. Fasten with dowel.
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    From a professional flooring under a tree

    Metal sheet, made under the tree, has a galvanized coating on both sides. Drawing, because of which the metal looks like a tree, is obtained by using photo printing. Initially, a base layer is applied to zinc, followed by a protective layer of polyester or a mixture of acrylic with polyvinyl fluoride.

    Ease of removing contamination with ordinary household chemicals

    Polyvinyl fluoride is thicker than polyester, which makes products more qualitative. To make the idea more interesting, replace the monolithic wall with sections of a different format.

    A real wooden fence can cost much more than a profiled sheet hedge made of wood.. Also, the construction of a wooden fence takes more time.

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    Forged from profiled flooring

    Any fence is a kind of calling card of your house, which not only protects you, but makes your site beautiful.

    Wrought fences are made from metal rods. Patterns in the form of leaves, flowers or animals are considered the most popular.

    Often completely forged fence does not satisfy the owners due to the fact that it does not hide the yard from prying eyes. To fix this, you can order or make the most combined forging variant with profiled metal decking.

    With forging elements

    This option is distinguished by its originality and individuality.

    Designing a forged fence with a profiled sheeting is not easy, but possible, especially if you can do with a simple and unpretentious drawing of forged rods.

    It will be interesting to you:

    390 + Photos of Fences for Private Houses and Homesteads. All criteria and choices

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    Fence of metal decking under the stone

    One of the most modern, fashionable types of decoration is considered to be the surface finish of products with natural stone. To make your corner more comfortable, more interesting with the help of this material, the owners of houses, villas spend a lot of material resources to implement the ideas. It is worth noting that with the development of modern technology it is much more profitable and easier to use imitation of a wild stone - professional sheet under a stone.

    Beautiful ideas for design

    • Costs are several times less.
    • To maintain the proper form, it is sufficient to use ordinary improvised means. This material does not require special care.
    • No need to strengthen the foundation.
    • Easy to install.
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    Fence fence

    Metal sheet fence is a galvanized metal fence that is coated with a primer and a special protective polymer layer of 25 microns. This metal is cut into profile fragments. With proper installation and operation, the service life can be up to 50 years. The width is approximately 80 mm to 150 mm.

    The combination of different shades of the same palette

    A fence made of profiled metal sheet combines the advantages of wooden fences and metal fences. Such a metal fence looks easy, simple, and at the same time very elegant.

    The figured top of the fence and the possibility of using a variety of colors allow you to find the option of the fence based on your taste.

    Positive sides:
    • Excellent ventilation and no darkening of the land, which contributes to the growth of trees and cultivated plants.
    • Unlike wood, the shtaketnik of profiled metal is durable. You can not repair and take care of it for a long time.
    • The fence is not affected by special coating. The metal is able to maintain long saturated colors and its design.
    • The fence is strong, lightweight and fairly cheap.

    Wood fence

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    Fence of corrugated and polycarbonate

    Polycarbonate sheet is a modern chemically created thermoplastic.. Often used as flooring in greenhouses, as the roof of bus stops, and on the threshold of some buildings. With its mechanical strength, low weight and sufficient transparency, polycarbonate fencing well protects the site or buildings without completely isolating the earth from the outside world, which cannot be said of the main metal flooring, brick or wooden fences.

    Mechanically installing a polycarbonate decking fence is practically no different from installing profiled metal decking:

    • Assembling a metal frame hedge.
    • Installation of sheets and additional protective parts.

    Looks easy, simple, yet very elegant.

    Features polycarbonate fencing:
    • To compensate for thermal expansion, the material is set only as separate sections.
    • In order to avoid material clouding and the formation of a multitude of cracks on its surface due to the harmful effects of sunlight, polycarbonate must be coated with a special protective film.
    • Polycarbonate flooring should not be loaded or used as part of a carrier leg. So you risk turning your fence into a grid of cracks and nails.

    The advantage of polycarbonate in the construction of fences is that with this you solve the problem of shading the area from the sun and light. Polycarbonate skips eighty to ninety percent of sunlight, so the flowers planted on your summer cottage, shrubs, cultivated plants will grow and develop.

    Huge selection of assortment in thickness, color, transparency

    A good solution for you can be the option of using polycarbonate in the construction of polycarbonate fences in combination with profiled metal flooring. There are schemes and options for building a fence of a combination of these two materials.
    Advantages of polycarbonate:
    • Huge selection of assortment in thickness, color, transparency.
    • Easy to use and handle.
    • Low weight material.
    • Highly resistant to factors such as temperature fluctuations, humidity, etc.
    • High degree of sound insulation.
    • Polycarbonate is not subject to corrosion processes.

    Polycarbonate fence

    • Does not interact with alkalis and acids.
    • Does not require special, specialized care.
    • Does not create shading.
    • The possibility of combining polycarbonate with concrete, bricks, forged products, profiled metal, etc.
    • High flexibility - the material can be given any shape.
    • Large selection of colors.
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    Wall with foundation

    The use of this material as a fence makes the whole structure susceptible to strong gusts of wind, so the construction of the foundation allows you to prevent tipping and make the fence sustainable.

    Low weight

    Types of fencing from profiled sheets depending on the design features:
    • Light hedge. In this case, the role of the supporting structures and bearing elements perform metal racks. Most often, this role is performed by pipes of different sections.
    • Middle Fences. Here the supporting structures are made of more massive materials, such as brick or stone pillars.

    At installation of the base, the type of a fence and its support is important.

    The type of bearing is affected by:
    • Variety of soil on the site.
    • Moisture of the earth.
    • The level of groundwater. This parameter is especially important in the spring period.
    • The presence of strong vibration effects near the construction site. These include the highway, railway, etc.

    The installation of the foundation will allow you not only to strengthen the entire structure, but also, thanks to some of its decoration, to give your building an aesthetic and respectable look.

    Has many advantages

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    Gate and gate

    Profiled metal sheets are used not only in the construction of the fence wall, but also in the manufacture of gates and gates.

    Types of gates depending on the mechanism of opening and closing:
    • Swing gates. The most common type of gate used. They have one drawback - for their installation, operation, you must have more free space. Such gate can be made independently.
    • Sliding gates. One of the most convenient options in which land owners can save space, especially if it is almost there. Mandatory presence of the upper and lower "rail" for the movement of the canvas.
    • Lifting gates. They are installed for garages. Note that they need a place to climb from above.
    • Decorative gates. Then the decoration is only an aesthetic message. Swing gates are usually used for decoration.

    Material can also be used for gates.

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    Forged Products

    Gates and gates with wrought iron details are luxurious and not necessarily expensive. In many cases, you can make them yourself or purchase individual parts that are relatively inexpensive.

    The gate can be decorated with various details in a similar stylistic theme.
    Installation of the gate:
    • Place mounting wickets separately from the gate.
    • If there is not enough space, the gate is installed directly at the gate.

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    Fence decoration

    Hedge Color:

    • Flooring must be in harmony with the color of the roof. If possible, match the design of the house.
    • But this does not mean that you need to use one color for roofing and fencing. For example, with a brown color it would be nice to combine dark red or dark green. Blue and gray also look great together.
    • When finishing a hedge in any color it will be advantageous to look black contour edging.
    • If the shade of the fence is very bright, saturated against the background of lush greenery, it will only win.
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    Figured cutting

    The sharply cut edge of the metal-based laminate undoubtedly will ennoble your fence. Often used arc-shaped, wavy forms. The main thing do not forget to close his profile!

    To complete the "image" and give it a pleasant appearance, it is necessary to attach special protective strips of rectangular section to the top of the metal profile.

    In red

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    Carved decor

    Another interesting solution for decorating metal flooring can be intricate elements that are cut from steel metal sheets. Plasma cutting technology is used for this. Parts made in this way are recommended to be decorated with powder paint that does not crack and does not fade in the sun.

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    Forged products have always been used by designers, decorators, and house owners. The fence decorated with such decor, gate, gate always look expensive, richly.

    There are two ways of fastening decorated elements to the metal profile:

    • Use of "autonomous" frame. The frame with patterns is fixed on top of the metal flooring, which gives the feeling that the drawing is drawn directly on the fence.
    • Production of a metal frame to which all forged products are attached by welding, as well as metal flooring.

    Flooring must be in harmony with the color of the roof

    As patterns you can use:
    • Traditional monograms.
    • Geometric figures.
    • Abstract ornaments.
    • Subject drawings.

    You can combine forged parts on the hedge with other elements of the building. It can be as forged stairs, balconies, and window grilles.

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    Decors on the fence in the form of full-fledged drawings, "paintings"

    Creative people who love, can draw, you can use your talent to decorate decking drawings of various genres, styles, subjects.

    We use only sustainable facade paints

    Real professionals, masters of their craft put on fences high-grade artistic canvases of both their own and the paintings of great artists.

    To ensure that the color is resistant to sunlight and precipitation, you should only use resistant facade paints.

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    Green spaces

    You can decorate hedges:

    • Climbing perennial plants. In this case, it is best for the plants to cover the entire fence. Usually only the gate and the gate remain free. Green creepers will look great on a dark background, but will blend in if your hedge is green.
    • Green areas are planted around the perimeter of the fence. Usually these are small shrubs or flower bushes.
    • Flowers, greens in pots, attached to professional sheets on the perimeter. Small curly flowers and greens can be planted:

    The fence can be decorated with forged metal.

    • In pots. It is more interesting when they have an unusual shape and color. Pots can be porcelain or ordinary plastic.
    • In the old waste rubber boots, which can be pre-painted.
    • In used galoshes, also pre-painted.
    • In plastic bottles.
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    Flight of fancy

    It is possible to decorate a design both from within, and outside.

    An interesting solution from the proposed material

    • You can use butterflies, flowers and other details as decorations. They can be fixed with magnets or other tricks.
    • In Thailand, they love to decorate their homes and gardens with many different figures.
    • Southeast Asian style - fences are decorated with interesting and unusual sculptures, lanterns, placed on support pillars.
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    Figured metal profile

    The figured professional flooring is a material which is edged from two parties, and the edging has absolutely different forms. It is believed that this type of coverage is most interesting as the design of all external fences. This structure gives your site its own style, feature.

    The feature of figured flooring is a carved upper layer, on which, thanks to specialized devices and new technologies, an interesting relief is applied.

    Retractable doors made of corrugated flooring

    The most frequently used ornaments:
    • Peak.
    • Wave.

    In white color

    The technical characteristics of the figured professional sheet does not differ from the usual profiled metal flooring.

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    VIDEO: Fence of corrugated