Doors with Mirror: 125+ (Photo) entrance and interior in the interior (plastic, metal, wooden, coupe)


Install the door with a mirror in the apartment or private house is easy. Such a door will help not only to divide the space into zones, but also to completely change the interior. About all the features, the nuances of choice and possible options in more detail later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Doors with mirrors: key features
  • Use in interior design: good examples
  • Unsuccessful options
  • Entrance doors: use in various rooms
  • Sliding bedroom doors
  • Options for living room and nursery
  • Metal compartment doors: comparison with other materials
  • Tree
  • Plastic
  • Interior doors: the choice of decor
  • VIDEO: We update the interior with the help of doors with a mirror
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 125 photos)
  • Doors with mirrors: key features
  • Use in interior design: good examples
  • Unsuccessful options
  • Entrance doors: use in various rooms
  • Metal compartment doors: comparison with other materials
  • Interior doors: the choice of decor
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 125 photos)
  • Doors with mirrors: key features

    Any mirror visually expands the space. That is why in small apartments (for example, in "Khrushchev") often install just such a door. Here are the main features of these doors:

    • They can be of various materials (metal, plywood and chipboard, stone, plastic, wood). The cost depends largely on the material.
    • The mirror can occupy the entire surface of the door or only part of it.
    • Glass is of different colors, it is often decorated in various techniques (for example, mosaic or sandblasted graphics, engraving on glass). As a rule, products with decor are more expensive than doors with transparent, smooth glass. The decor can be embossed and convex.
    • There are ready-made models for standard apartments on sale, but if you wish, you can invite a measurer, and he will make the door to order, in accordance with the dimensions of the specific room.

    Any mirror visually expands the space.

    For the sake of safety, it is not necessary to install such doors in children's rooms. Even the most durable glass, resistant to shocks and other impacts, can break due to active children's games. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Use in interior design: good examples

    Most often, these doors are used to allocate a separate "dressing room" in the room - a place where residents of the apartment and guests change clothes, as well as to store clothes. It is easier and more convenient to create such a dressing area in a long and narrow hallway (corridor).

    Such doors can be of various materials.


    Also, the door can be an excellent option for a studio apartment. In such apartments, many people like the fact that the kitchen is combined with the living room, and the space is difficult to zoning.

    A glass door will help to divide a large space into a cooking area and a food area ("kitchen" and "dining room") or a family recreation area ("kitchen" and "living room"). If the decision is made to separate the kitchen from the nursery in this way, the mistress can watch the children playing through the glass during cooking.

    The cost depends largely on the material

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    Unsuccessful options

    Mirrors should not be too much. If the room already has a large mirror (for example, from the floor to the ceiling), it is quite possible that the mirrored door will be “extra”. When there are too many glass surfaces reflecting the light in the room, home comfort disappears from the room. Such a room is more like a dance class in which dancers or gymnasts, or a ballroom, are involved.

    Also, do not install doors with glass, decorated with small intricate drawings in any technique, in a room where there are a large number of different trinkets, figurines and other trifles. In this case, the picture on the door will "ruffle in the eyes."

    Great option for a studio apartment

    BoardBe careful with mirrors decorated with colored glass inlays. In general, the ornament of colored glass on the mirrored doors is more suitable for public places than for rooms.

    When installing mirrored compartment doors, keep in mind the following:

    • Glass inserts should be thin, this indicates the high quality of the material.
    • In order for the mirror doors to look elegant, they should be regularly cleaned with a glass cleaner, and then wipe dry with a dry sponge to avoid ugly stains.
    • If the dimensions of the room do not allow installing doors with glass inserts, you can order a wardrobe with similar doors of any size and put it where you need to divide the room into zones.
    • Colored glass makes the room darker, transparent - lighter. Doors with colored glass are suitable for the hallway (corridor), with transparent - for the living room and kitchen.

    Option in the classic style

    When installing mirror doors, it is necessary to take into account not only the area of ​​the room, but also the height of the ceilings. Floor-to-ceiling mirror visually makes the ceiling taller.

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    Entrance doors: use in various rooms

    You can install a sliding door in any room, as well as in the bathroom, if its area allows. When choosing a room to install such doors, consider the following:

    • Reliability of a design, convenience and safety of operation of a design in the conditions of the concrete room. For example, sliding doors with transparent glass inserts are not suitable for the bedroom, if the spouses want no one to break their privacy.

    Option door with a pattern

    • Compliance of the door design with the interior of a particular room Before you perform the installation, you need to make repairs in the room, otherwise the most beautiful door with an original and modern design will look like an alien element.
    • The material from which the design is made. The metal is suitable for the hallway and the bathroom, but in the bedroom and the nursery it may look too "cold", more "warm" materials — wood, chipboard or plastic painted in “warm” veta — are much better.
    • Door dimensions should correspond to the area of ​​the interior. A huge sliding door with a large decor, installed in small rooms, will look cumbersome, and the room will become even smaller. On the contrary, a small elegant sliding design will look ridiculous in a large living room, and the interior will look unformed, unfinished.

    After weighing and analyzing all the above factors, you can choose a model of a sliding door to a specific room.

    Classic does not go out of fashion

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    Sliding bedroom doors

    The main function of the door leading to the bedroom is to ensure a quiet rest, so the sash should open completely silently, without squeaking and other extraneous sounds. If the task is to make the bedroom more spacious, you should choose models painted in bright colors. On the contrary, if you want to make a huge bedroom more comfortable, "chamber", suitable model of dark wood or plastic.

    Those who prefer high-tech style, it is better to choose a classic white. Gold and silver coloring of swing doors is not the best choice for a bedroom, because such veta stimulate the nervous system.

    Door dimensions should correspond to the interior area

    Well, when it breathes and the texture of door panels combined with the color and texture of the floor. For example, a wooden plank floor, painted brown, and a similar door leaf. Or patterned parquet and doors with colored glass inserts imitating ornament on the floor. Also, when choosing colors and textures of a swing construction to the bedroom, the color and texture of window frames should be taken into account. Plastic entrance construction is suitable for plastic windows, for wooden windows - wooden or imitating wood.

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    Options for living room and nursery

    When installing swing doors in the living room and nursery, you can choose any design option. The main thing is that it blends harmoniously into the space of a particular room and promotes rational zoning of living space (especially in small apartments).

    Separating the bedroom and living room

    A great option for a child's room is a wooden door leaf with horizontal rectangular inserts made of transparent or colored glass, located from bottom to top at intervals. Such a door from afar resembles a staircase, and this will certainly please a child or teenager.

    For a spacious living room is well suited sliding door leaf, consisting of two shutters, in which a solid glass leaf is divided into separate "squares" with the help of thin partitions, and all "squares" have a common wooden frame. When such a design opens, it resembles a gate. The upper glass squares may have a curved top, like arches. This will help to visually enlarge the ceiling and expand the space.

    Stylish design

    BoardFor small apartments, one-two-leaf versions are best suited, and in spacious rooms — with three or more shutters. The smaller the valves, the more reliable the design and easier operation.

    But, on the other hand, three- and four-leaf designs can completely change the interior of a standard room, giving the room a noble look. Also keep in mind the following:

    • Entrance structures, which swing open and open automatically, are not always suitable for residential premises. Therefore, it is better to choose the door "with manual control", they look more comfortable, "home-style."
    • You can install any door only in a direct doorway, but in no case in an oblique way. If the opening is not perfectly smooth, it is necessary to correct it before installing the input structure.
    • Large, wide doors may require additional wall reinforcement to ensure reliability and safety.
    • For the children's room, you can use the door leaf. Decorated with photo printing or large vinyl labels. For the living room fit mosaic decor.

    When choosing entrance swing structures in the living room or nursery, it is also necessary to consider what function the door will perform in a particular room - an element of the design component or part of the exterior decoration. The choice of decor depends on this.

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    Metal compartment doors: comparison with other materials

    Compared to other materials, metal swing doors are different:

    • Severity.
    • High cost.
    • Durability and resistance to impact.
    • Pretty limited range of colors.

    The idea to design the hallway

    Metal is the best material if the door leaf is installed in the kitchen or in the hallway. However, in the bedroom, living room or nursery a metal sliding door without a decor, even glazed, may not look very comfortable.

    BoardFor these rooms, you should choose options that are relatively lightweight, decorated with fine elegant engraving, glass inserts of the original form. Return to the menu


    The first version of a wooden door is when the texture of natural wood is completely hidden behind glass or a layer of paint (self-adhesive film, photo printing). This option is suitable for those who love high-tech style. The second option is when the natural texture of wood, on the contrary, is emphasized.

    Cozy living room in warm colors

    If the wooden door leaf is installed in the hallway, in the kitchen or in the bathroom, it does not have to weigh much in order to use the door was convenient.

    It is also advisable to treat the canvas with an antifungal compound so that the wood does not absorb moisture and last longer.

    BoardDecor is better to choose the most modest, so that the door harmoniously fit into the surrounding space. Entrance hinged doors to the bedroom and living room can be more massive, the decor of multicolored small pieces of wood (glass) is quite appropriate here.

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    Plastic entrance structures are lightweight and relatively low cost compared to metal and wood. Due to their light weight and small thickness of the door leaf, they visually expand the space.

    In the style of minimalism

    Plastic constructions are good because, due to their low weight, they almost always swing open and close without noise, so they are well suited for a bedroom or for a children's room. One of the main advantages of plastic, compared with metal and wood - the richness of colors and shades. If you choose the original color of the door leaf, you can restrict yourself to the smooth surface of the leaf without additional decoration; this door will look original anyway.

    When choosing colors should avoid bright, screaming colors, tiring vision. However, a double-wing construction with glass inserts around the perimeter enclosed in a “frame” of a bright, cheerful color (red, orange) is quite appropriate for the kitchen.

    Place for wardrobe

    For the bedroom is well suited dark blue plastic.

    BoardWhen choosing door constructions from colored plastic, it is necessary to keep in mind that glass inserts in this case should be only transparent, without decor and engraving. And, on the contrary, when choosing a door with doors of white, black, brown, gray plastic, glass can be intricately decorated with mosaic, engraving or sandblasted picture.

    Also consider the following:

    • Wood or plastic, from which the compartment doors are made, must meet the requirements of fire safety.
    • Metal door leaf, especially with sharp corners or irregularly shaped - is not suitable for children, due to the high risk of injury.
    • The metal is great for the kitchen, as it will not allow foreign smells into other rooms.
    • Glass inserts on wooden and metal door leafs must be thicker than on plastic, otherwise the combination of glass with other material will look unnatural.

    Plastic product

    The choice of material for sliding doors depends on the financial possibilities of the buyer, as well as on the preferences of the home designer.. Some people like a rough-to-touch tree, which is associated with a village hut, and some prefer the noble shine of metal in combination with a bright glass shining in the sun.

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    Interior doors: the choice of decor

    The cheapest models of sliding doors are a door leaf consisting of one (two or more) casements with transparent glass inserts. About the same glass, but less durable, can be found in ordinary mirrors. This is a great option for "utility" rooms (kitchen, bathroom, hallway).

    Idea for a big country house

    But in living rooms it will be much more interesting to look at designs with decorated door leaf. Most often, the doors of the compartment doors are decorated with the following technologies:

    • Wood carving.
    • Engraving on glass.
    • Sand blasting in the form of a plot image or geometric ornament.
    • Mosaic decor.
    • Photo printing.
    • Self-adhesive film of high quality.

    Which option to choose depends on the preferences of the owner. For a spacious bedroom is well suited rich carved decor. If the motifs of the thread will be repeated in the decoration of furniture (for example, a bed, bedside table), the interior will be fully maintained in the same style.

    Art Nouveau style

    Mosaic - a good option for the living room. But in a children's room, this decor is suitable, because pieces of colored glass, reflecting color, can have a bad effect on the lighting of the work area in which a child (teenager) reads, writes, and does homework.

    For the child's room is best suited bright photo printing.

    BoardIf the doors are installed in all rooms, including "utility" rooms, it is desirable that all of them be decorated in the same style.

    Loft style

    The decor can be made in different techniques, but decorative motifs should overlap with each other. For example:

    • Geometrical ornament - sand blasting (in the kitchen), mosaic (in the living room), large vinyl stickers (in the nursery).
    • Herbal motifs are wood carving (in the hallway and in the bedroom), glass engraving (in the living room and kitchen).
    • Stylized images of animals - on the door with photo printing in the nursery and, as an engraving on glass (in a more stylized, generalized form) - on the doors to other rooms.

    If glass inserts are decorated, the wooden (metal, plastic) part of the sliding door leaf should be absolutely flat and smooth. And vice versa: if the basis of a wooden cloth is decorated (for example, using the technique of carving), smooth transparent glass is inserted into this base.

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    VIDEO: We update the interior with the help of doors with a mirror