Wall decoration

We combine wallpapers for the expressiveness of design: 135+ (Photo) The interiors of the bedroom, living room, children's


To create an exclusive design, we combine wallpapers with color, texture, geometry and ornament of images.

Combinations of wallpaper can be used in the form of stripes, squares or other combinations. With this solution, the interior acquires a refined individuality and a comfortable atmosphere.

BoardFor small rooms, a great idea - a combination of wallpaper without images with a bright accent on several walls. The dimensions of the wall visually become smaller when finishing with small patterns, and when decorating with large-sized wallpaper look larger.

Beige tones

Traditionally combining the same type of wallpaper, differing in color or character pattern. This option is the most simple, because when pasting does not cause difficulties. But the design of the wall decoration with two or three types of wallpaper more advantages, because it performs a number of additional functions other than protecting the surface of the walls.

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Selection rules

Although each has its own taste, it is better to adhere to the rules of design and recommendations so that such a decorative decision does not discord with the general interior styling.

When choosing, you should consider:

  • area and geometry of the room;
  • purpose of use and location of the room;
  • proportions of space.

Refreshing color for the bedroom

Wallpapers are available in different colors, composition, pattern. The basic combination rule: a pair of wallpapers should have more in common than differences. For example, textile canvas and liquid wallpaper will look contradictory due to the lack of opposing textures. The design will be harmonious, if they are combined or color, or pattern, or texture.

Compatible coatings must be of the same thickness so that the seams are neat and aesthetic. For small rooms, two types of wallpaper companions are used, in spacious rooms - three, less often - four. Before the final choice, it is recommended to apply combined wallpaper to each other and look at natural light.

Coatings must be of equal thickness.

10 design tips:
  • For a small room is better pastel palette, visually increasing the area. In spacious rooms, a combination of a dark scale and volume patterns is allowed.
  • With high ceilings, the combination of vertical ornaments is unacceptable. To adjust the height of the ceiling cover allow horizontal stripes and three-dimensional images. In a small space there is a harmonious combination of light monochromatic wallpapers and a small, inconspicuous pattern.
  • If the windows are located on the north side, it is better to use a palette of warm colors, which compensates for the lack of sunlight. When the windows on the south side harmoniously cold range of colors, adding an atmosphere of freshness.

Red in combination with a strip

  • If the surfaces of short walls are decorated with wallpaper with horizontal stripes, and long - with vertical images, the rectangular room visually looks square.
  • Bright contrasts make a small room even smaller.
  • The pronounced texture of the paintings creates amazing effects, thanks to the play of light and shade and shades.
  • Bright panels with a large picture require the monotony of the rest of the space.
  • Floral images are perfectly combined with woody texture, and geometric designs - with abstractions.
  • Bright accents look harmoniously against the background of neutral shades.
  • Perfectly combines rough and smooth, matte and glossy textures.

Classic style living room

The combination of cheap and expensive wallpaper creates a sharp contrast, even with a successful choice of a combination of colors and textures.

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Kitchen design for living room

The design of the living room often creates a general impression of the prosperity and preferences of the owners. The combination of different canvases of wallpapers makes it possible to avoid the trivial decor of the walls of the space and to originally distinguish functional areas. The kitchen space, combined with the living room, perfectly share the wallpaper with the same texture, but different shades. Exquisite option - structural paintings for painting.

For visual delineation, it is preferable to choose rolls of the same gamma. For the background - the lightest shade, for linear contrast - dark colors. First of all, the wallpaper is selected under the living room area, as it is the main one, and the kitchen is an auxiliary area.

Kitchen option

In the kitchen area wallpaper should be in harmony with the decor of the working wall. In the cooking zone, spots quickly appear on the walls, so for the wall decor it is preferable to washable dense canvases of the same tone:

  • non-woven;
  • vinyl;
  • fiberglass;
  • waterproof photo wallpapers.
Paper wallpaper, even moisture-resistant, quickly fade, soaked with odors. They can not be washed, cleaned, so you have to change in a few years.

Combination with photo wallpapers

Living space for contrast it is more profitable to decorate wallpaper with images or large texture. Great fit for the separation of photo pictures. The background palette in both zones should be very close so as not to visually split up the room. When you design a living room in the style of country, the kitchen space can be distinguished by "stone" or "brick" canvases.

When combining wallpaper with the most pronounced reliefs have an accent role, so the choice should be in harmony with the nature of other materials.

Living room design option

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Combination techniques

For visual balancing the length, width of the kitchen zone, you can use the techniques:

  • symmetry when wide strips of wallpaper of contrasting colors are placed on parallel walls;
  • asymmetry, when the surface of one wall is decorated in the middle with a bright stripe, and the opposite - with the same strips, but of different width for visual expansion, reducing the length of the elongated area of ​​the kitchen.
BoardHorizontal separation of the wall surface easily turns into a complex combination: the borders of the canvases are cut out in waves or zigzags.

Art Nouveau

Fashion trend - the creation of the illusion of contour lines, representing a combination of standard wallpaper with a border. Popular combinations:

  • striped wallpaper with a lower border of one tone;
  • striped bottom with monophonic top;
  • monograms with a monotonous border.

The choice of a pair depends on what needs to be balanced. The decor of the walls of the kitchen space should not be very colorful. It is better to use monochrome surfaces for finishing.

Prints must comply with the theme, and the palette of the pattern or individual elements - be sure to find a visual response on the furniture facades. It is necessary to carefully consider what the boundaries of the functional areas will be, necessarily leaving the main motive completely. The use of photo wallpapers in the kitchen with a bright apron is extremely undesirable.

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Ways to emphasize

To give the interior a liveliness, use is made of the accent decor of the visually appealing wall of the dining, kitchen, bedroom or work area, surface decoration near the TV or behind the sofa.

Bohemian Bedroom

To emphasize, you can use the elements:

  • contrasting tones;
  • different textures;
  • graphics;
  • beautiful patterns;
  • plot drawings.

Companions for effective accentuation are available in the same color range, but some canvases are monochromatic and others with an image.

Wallpaper inserts are commonly used to decorate classic spaces. They can be stuck with the calculation or in a chaotic manner. Paired wallpaper with such wall decoration should be of the same type of pattern, but differ in color and size. For the winning selection of such fragments are used:

  • moldings;
  • framework;
  • reiki.

Bedroom in white and brown

To give the kitchen a special dynamism, the design of walls with rags is applied. Such decoration of the wall or a separate fragment of the surface perfectly emphasizes the rustic style and country. For the modern style, decorating the walls in the form of a chessboard is appropriate.

Look good fragments of patchwork decoration of the living area. To the room did not look boring, it is better to use the original color combinations with fruit and berry patterns.

Wallpapers for the living area should be 2-3 tones darker than the light palette of the kitchen space.

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Paired wallpaper in the bedroom

Brighter canvases can be distinguished from a stylish bed, a fireplace or an unusual rack, and for the background to use a pastel range.

Paired wallpaper in the bedroom

For the accent of the wall behind the headboard, wallpaper with a pattern or three-dimensional images are perfect. The continuation of the vertical stripes to the lamp creates the illusion of mirror reflection.

The accent may be the surface of the wall, located parallel to the place to sleep. Original solution - use as a background for design:

  • ethnic style - wallpaper with national notes;
  • loft - canvases imitating wood;
  • Provence - rolls with flower arrangements;
  • pop art - bright retro paintings.
BoardA certain fragmentation of different wallpaper companions is appropriate for the style of pop art and eclecticism.

Stylish wall decoration

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Successful color palette combinations

Perfectly packaged wallpaper in red with brown, purple and pink. For contrast, they are combined with monochrome drawings. The paintings with burgundy background, complemented by pink, pumpkin, black shades, look impressive.

Pink wallpapers provide a romantic atmosphere that blends well with the paintings:

  • light brown;
  • grays;
  • milk;
  • sandy;
  • cream shades.
Orange gamma is combined with dark chocolate and caramel wallpaper with floral patterns. No less interesting in the design of "orange" tone in combination with sky-blue, green, purple paintings.

Living room with bright accents

To avoid frivolousness, it is recommended to use at least two or three accent colors.

The harmonious pair is represented by brown coatings with beige, blue-green, gray and golden hues, which are excellent for solid interiors.

Yellow and light beige canvases are excellent companions for coatings of brown, gold, green, and blue for white and gray canvases. Roll coatings of purple and lilac shades look harmonious with purple and pink tones.

If you even use a minimum of intersections of the color of wallpaper with hints of textiles, floor, furniture items, you can achieve unity of style and a complete look of the interior.

Hi-tech style

A contrasting combination of 2-3 wallpapers visually reduces the room, so for small rooms it is rational to use a tandem of wallpaper with or without a pattern, but not flashy combinations.

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Wallpaper in the hallway

The combination of wallpaper on the texture and colors - a simple solution for finishing the walls of the hallway. A small room with the help of such decoration can visually add space, in a large room - to divide and emphasize the functional areas.

Even a small hallway will look stylish if the balance of color or wallpaper textures is ensured. A narrow elongated corridor will become more spacious if the walls on the sides are decorated with light canvases, and the front ones are decorated with dark shades. The use of bright colors is minimal so that the design does not seem too colorful.

Imitation of mountains in the bedroom

Irregularities of the surfaces will help to veil the colorful patchwork combination with monochromatic canvases or interspersed with large images with curls. For a spacious hallway, the combination of simple, smooth and textured cloths with imitation of different materials is ideal.

Choose wallpaper tandem for the hallway is necessary in view of moisture resistance, durability and the possibility of easy removal of stains. Too embossed surfaces are not suitable for small and narrow spaces. Irrational decision - a combination of expensive and cheap wallpaper. The most practical option is dark canvases below, light ones at the top. Rolls of companion wallpaper companions for the hallway should be the same width, otherwise the design risks looking inharmonious.

Retro style

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Combination for nursery

Wall coverings of a children's room should be in accordance with the nature and interests of the child. Combine wallpaper can be vertical, horizontal or other way. Most often used for the nursery patchwork design. This is a complex version of the decor of the pieces of different wallpaper canvases, which with chaos and colorful design will appease any restless person.

A variety of textures, drawings, thematic and floral ornaments, graffiti will give the space a serene mood necessary for the health of the psyche of children. The most daring variations of bright and rich colors of coatings are suitable for a children's room. Kids with approval accept patchwork design with flowers, stars, images of cartoon characters, fairy-tale characters. Walls decorated with photo wallpapers look good.

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