Wenge interior: 160+ (Photo) color combinations with furniture (living room, bedroom, hallway design)


Wenge style interior is first and foremost an application for status, since we are talking primarily about the noble color that you choose for your home. Finishing the color of wenge in the interior has certain rules, look at the most interesting samples with the material.

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  • Material Features
  • History of origin
  • Main characteristics
  • Wenge color in the interior
  • Walls and floor
  • Furniture
  • A color scheme
  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Design Ideas
  • Kitchen
  • VIDEO: How wenge color can change design
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 160 photos)
  • Material Features
  • History of origin
  • Main characteristics
  • Wenge color in the interior
  • A color scheme
  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 160 photos)
  • Material Features

    The most prolific in Central Africa, this dark tree is best known for being used in musical instruments and refined furniture. Despite some concerns about the sustainability of this type of wood, the fashion for it appeared in a new environmentally friendly form.

    Its unique color and flocked appearance serve as a muse for designers of the most beautiful, modern laminate floors, furniture, objects for decoration. Although all this is not usually made of natural wenge, but instead created from more resistant types of wood, this image brings with it an image and a sense of exceptional design. Let's find out more about why Wenge is such an inspiration.

    Wenge style interior is above all an application for status

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    History of origin

    The Wenge tree is an exotic tree species that originates from West Africa. It is reflected in a pleasant shade from orange to dark brown. Over the past thirty years, the population of these trees has halved, as a result of uncontrolled forest exploitation, when all the natural habitats of trees are being exploited.

    As a consequence, the Millettia laurentii tree, from which Wenge is made, has become one of the endangered species in accordance with the World Conservation Union and organic sources. These factors make the Wenge tree an expensive and not so much an environmentally sound choice.

    Wenge is best known for its sound quality, which is why it is as popular in the world of instruments as the material used to make them. Traditionally, the name wenge is called the bean tree Millettia laurentii, which was grown for drums in places like Gabon, Cameroon, Congo.

    Wenge finish in the interior has certain rules

    Its wood is heavy, it is also extremely dense, which means that it reflects the sound well. The instruments that are usually made from Wenge include not only drums, which benefit from its deep sonorous qualities, but also guitars.

    Wenge is often used for those parts of guitars that require density and support, also musical tone - this is the neck, neck. The material is perfectly combined with a lighter type of wood, such as maple, to provide a tool with both stability and ease.

    The color looks very stylish

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    Main characteristics

    Wenge also looks very stylish, so its distinctive pattern is so popular in today's interior design market. Its beautiful wavy pattern is similar to the color of feathers of feathered partridges. This effect is manifested both in the main sections of Wenge and in partitions, where the contrast of wood between the dark and medium brown fibers is manifested in higher contrast.

    Characteristics of the material:
    • Color / Appearance: The core is medium brown, sometimes with a reddish or yellowish tinge, with almost black stripes. When finishing (especially with the use of oil) wood can become almost black.
    • Grain / texture: grain is straight, with a very rough texture. Weak natural shine.
    • Grain: diffuse porous, large and very large, but rare pores without a specific location. Sometimes there are dark brown blotches; medium rays, not visible without a lens, are at an average distance from each other. The parenchyma is vazicentric, merging, with wide stripes, as a rule, thick, with pores.
    • Strength and stability. Wenge is extremely heavy, dense material. These characteristics give the material strength, which explains why Wenge is so popular for flooring and furniture. Wood stands the test of time.

    Extremely heavy, dense material

    • Laconic appearance. It has a direct lumber for work, significantly simplifies the design and design, so it’s easy to work with when it comes to appearance.
    • Decay resistance: very durable, resistant to pests.
    • Labor intensity: It is difficult to handle manually or machine. Blunts the edges of the tool. Sanding is uneven due to density differences between light and dark areas. Very splintery - care should be taken when handling unfinished wood with bare hands, since its fragments have an increased risk of infection.
    Very large pores can be difficult to fill, this is not suitable in cases where a perfectly smooth / even finish is required.

    Wood can become almost black when finished

    • Smell: Wenge has a faint, slightly bitter smell when working.
    • Allergies / Toxicity: Despite the fact that severe reactions are quite rare, inhalation of wood dust from this tree is said to cause a reaction of the central nervous system, cramps in the abdomen, irritation of the skin, eyes, and sensitizer. In addition, the splinters from it, as a rule, heal longer and are also likely to hit a larger area than splinters from other breeds.
    • Pricing / Availability: available in wide boards and veneer sheets. Prices are high and are likely to remain so as supplies are reduced.
    • Resilience: this type of wood is not listed in the CITES Annex, but is on the IUCN Red List. It is listed as threatened by a reduction of more than 50% over the past three generations caused by a reduction in its natural range and exploitation.

    It has a concise appearance

    A tree with excellent strength and hardness properties, also dark enough to be used as a substitute for ebony.
    • General use: veneer, paneling, furniture, clocks, statues and other decor. As well as finishing materials, doors, door handles, musical instruments. Noble dark shades can not only emphasize the geometry of the room, but also bring luxury, nobility to the image of the interior.
    Wenge has a visual effect on others due to its chocolate brown color. It also provides great contrast in the design of the premises, along with lighter and more contrasting forests.

    The tree is very durable, resistant to pests

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    Wenge color in the interior

    The color of Wenge has become popular now because of the new interest in mahogany and other darker types of wood in interior design. Because Wenge is so unique in its color spectrum and depth from brown and black tones, it was also used as a substitute for ebony.

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    Walls and floor

    When it comes to the design value of your floor or wood paneling, the color and style of hardwood wenge cannot be overstated. This image is stunning, and from an engineering point of view, the floor, which rests on a dark palette, and also has a hard grain, will perfectly improve your home, especially if you need to find a very modern look.

    This is a tree that needs an audience, but at the same time its subtlety and low variation of tone means that it will fit almost any design scheme.

    Noble dark shades can emphasize the geometry of the room.

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    Wenge wood provides not only a great laminate floor, but also serves as an excellent material for cabinets in your home. From the table and chairs to the bathroom cabinets, this wood is sure to complete the look of any home.

    The reason for this popularity is a combination of durability, color and type of texture, which depends on how the material was sawn. It is an excellent wood that can be part of any design.

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    A color scheme

    What color is suitable for this dark brown tone? Here are a few examples of how to mix furniture and Wenge colors without getting a gloomy look in the room.

    Wood with excellent strength and hardness properties

    Wenge wood has a dark brown color with black veins. Depending on the processing method, this material may also have narrow, beige lines with a transition to black. The wenge tree is most often used dark, and it can be completely black with a characteristic oily sheen. Today, stores have a very wide selection of MDF melamine plates that reproduce many shades very well, including Wenge.

    BoardTo bring the dark shade of the Wenge tree at its best, mix the furniture with warm yellow, orange, red tones. Green will give the space a fresh touch.

    When deciding on the choice of shade should be borne in mind that yellow or green is not always combined with red. Check out the colors inspired by African savanna if you want to make your home in ethnic style.

    It has a faint natural sheen

    BoardEthnic style fits wenge style, as the material has a very distinctive authentic look, which is often found in nature. Therefore, it makes a realistic "earth" decor.

    When you prefer natural, muted tones, then a cream, silk-gray tone will do. Stay away from dark gray and brown tones such as anthracite, chocolate brown, which can give a gloomy effect to a room. White large glossy surfaces also create a good contrast with dark brown Wenge wood.

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    Wenge bedrooms have many traditional and modern details, such as straight lines, raised, long and low furniture, as well as a variety of components such as leather, linen upholstery and wood.

    Stylish and beautiful bedroom

    With a dark background, well decorated decoration in silver and white color, which gives the interior an elegant look.

    If you have a small room size, adding a silver oval mirror, light bedding and carpets helps to make the area larger than it really is. Another aspect that would be appropriate - white chests with open legs, long lamps in the form of a bouquet of flowers. Silver trim will give a sense of sophistication, especially when combined with shiny patterned bedding, various stylish pillows.

    If your preferred lifestyle is clean and uncluttered, then a modern bedroom style will suit you. An outstanding feature of this style is the purity of the design.

    The overall design uses many clean, straight lines for sharp corners and straight edges. The palette of this style is based on the use of neutral background tones and the minimum number of accents.

    In the style of minimalism

    The design of a modern bedroom can break away from the minimalist in the direction of greater conservatism, but not look boring at the same time. Glass or mirrors are those materials that are very often and widely used in a modern bedroom because of their clean appearance and reflectivity. Modern wenge bedrooms often include large windows and glass or mirror walls.

    A bed in a modern bedroom gives the design a penchant for straight lines and sharp edges.
    BoardIf you want to bring a bit more of a traditional look to the bedroom style, then instead of elegant carved frames on the bed, try using a decorative back.

    In general, furniture and decorative ornaments in this type of bedroom are generally modern in style and elegant in design. Bright color may be included, especially in abstract designs, but care must be taken to match the clear and clean feeling of the rest of the room.

    Wenge bedrooms have many traditional and modern details.

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    Living room

    Your living room is a place where you spend a lot of time. Here you relax, spend time with your family or entertain guests. Depending on the location of your home, the living room can include many different functions. It is often used as a formal recreation area, a place to watch TV or socialize.

    As a rule, the living room will have comfortable sofas, armchairs, a coffee table, an entertainment center and, possibly, a fireplace. This room can also work with wenge from minimal to modern design, as well as from traditional to extravagant.

    Excellent material for use in the living room

    Dark brown furniture will give the zone a feeling of male security, offering peace and comfort. A large carpet will give refinement and space for the room. A white fireplace will be the centerpiece that will provide the right accent. It will always be useful to use large windows in the room that offer more light and a great overview. They are especially needed if the room has dark furniture or decor.

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    Design Ideas

    High ceilings. A great way to create a ceiling is to use open wooden beams. The height of the ceiling allows you to increase the volume for more accent lighting, such as chandeliers or lamps.

    Dark brown furniture will give the area a feeling of male security.

    French doors or large windows. Being the center of the house, the living room should be a space of warmth and lightness. Large windows or French doors opening onto the garden or onto the veranda are amazing elements of any luxurious living room. Having large windows with a landscape, it will be especially pleasant to use the living room, facing any good view or panorama.

    Built-in fireplace with stove. A fireplace for heating a house instantly adds class to any living room. Making a fireplace in stone or brick will give the room a more distinctive theme.

    Warm wooden floor and floor mat. Wooden floorboards in light and warm colors help to ensure the living room with the unity with the rest of the house.

    The rug is a great way to highlight the zone, especially in an open plan, when living space is connected to the kitchen, dining room and lobby.

    Interesting idea for the wall in the living room

    Upholstery. No living room without a sofa and armchairs. Furniture for the living room comes in different fabrics designed to match the style and era that the house wants to achieve. This is primarily a large variety of leather and soft textiles that work in different styles from Modern to Neo Classical and Italian Gothic.

    Coffee table - more than just a place where you can put coffee, drinks and a serving tray, a coffee table is the main center of the modern living room.

    In addition to the selection of suitable materials and profile for him, it is also important to closely monitor the contents of the table, from interesting magazines to accessories, telling a story or inspiring good feelings.

    Stylish dining area

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    One of the important aspects of decor that should be considered is the color of kitchen cabinets. No matter what style you prefer - bold and bright or minimal and pastel.

    Using more than one shade can create depth or focal points in your kitchen - why not consider a bold, eye-catching kitchen island? The contrast should not be too harsh; even subtle shades can give depth to any kitchen size. For example, for Wenge, you can choose a cream shade that contrasts perfectly and complements it.

    Cozy kitchen in classic style

    BoardYour kitchen should be made of durable material to serve for many years.Try a combination of wenge and cherry wood that will inspire you to create a kitchen in your own style.

    Wenge and cherry wood are well known in kitchen design, because they are considered hardwood, have a beautiful appearance and are fairly stable in use. In addition, the cherry is easy to prune and design, has a smooth surface. Wenge and cherry forests are known for their resistance to abrasion and impact.

    Wenge with its dark grayish-brown wood has a very unique and stylish look.
    The cozy interior design of the kitchen wenge provides a comfortable interest, including the distribution of colors, grouping of objects, participation in the composition and design perspective, so that all factors are combined into a common group.

    The color contrast in the kitchen should not be too harsh.

    The laconism of wenge furniture, along with uncomplicated themes and components, is the main condition for a cozy design, a powerful distinctive feature of which serves as an ornament and harmonization of the design idea.

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