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Butterflies on the wall do it yourself: 140+ (Photo) decorations in the interior (paper, volumetric, stickers)


Crafts on the wall in the form of butterflies will help to refresh the boring and monotonous wall. They are used as a symbol of summer, lightness and freedom. Butterflies can be made from almost any material. Butterflies on the wall - a great way to decorate the room. They bring elegance and lightness to the room.

Content of this article:

  • What style will fit butterflies on the wall?
  • Preparing to create applications
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Vinyl film
  • the cloth
  • Wall mount
  • Glue
  • Pins
  • Styrofoam
  • Thread
  • Glowing butterflies
  • Handicrafts made from colored paper
  • VIDEO: Do-it-yourself colored butterflies
  • Origami butterflies
  • VIDEO: Origami Butterflies - no, no
  • Vinyl crafts
  • Clay moths
  • VIDEO: Butterflies in the interior
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 140 photos)
  • What style will fit butterflies on the wall?
  • Preparing to create applications
  • Wall mount
  • Glowing butterflies
  • Handicrafts made from colored paper
  • Origami butterflies
  • Vinyl crafts
  • Clay moths
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 140 photos)
  • What style will fit butterflies on the wall?

    Butterflies on the wall are made as a panel, fixed on one or several walls of the room. They can tinkering from paper, fabric and many other materials. Depending on the the style of the room is chosen the right way to manufacture and design of the panel.

    Butterflies are chosen according to the style of the room.

    They can be attached to the wall arbitrarily or make a panel. You can also create paintings.

    The lighter the material from which you create applications, the more they will resemble the real ones. When the wind blows slightly, their wings will rustle, creating an imitation of flight.

    The lighter the material, the more realistic

    Moths are suitable for decorating a room of almost any style, but best of all winged insects will look in styles:

    • Provence;
    • modern;
    • high tech;
    • classic;
    • minimalism.
    . It is very important that moths match their color with the color of the room. You should not make bright red or green insects for a room decorated in beige tones.

    Pick up the color of the wallpaper

    They should also be different in color from the wall, so as not to merge with it. For example, white moths would be out of place on a white or light gray wall. Successful combinations can be called:

    • Muted red with green on beige walls;
    • Yellow and brown with black on gray or white wallpaper;
    • Bright blue and red on a pink wall.

    Shade in other colors so as not to merge

    The main rule - moths on the wall should stand out and at the same time be combined, and not seem to be a superfluous decoration.

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    Preparing to create applications

    Before creating a picture with moths, you need to think about how they will be located, what size they will be and what material they will be made of. You can find ready panels on the Internet and pick up an idea from there, after which you should start making a stencil.

    Moths should not be located in one place, also, the distance between them should be different, so that the composition looked interesting. You can attach butterflies in the form of a whirlwind or randomly arrange them on the wall.

    Composition in the form vyhrya

    After you need to choose the material for the manufacture and purchase stencils. It is desirable to have several stencils of different sizes in order to make the composition more interesting. Stencil cut can be on paper, vinyl film or any other suitable material.

    Light moths can be cut from:

    • Cardboard.
    • Vinyl film.
    • Paper.
    • Fabrics

    Light green wall with butterflies

    It is easy to make paper butterflies, but you have to tinker with the fabric.

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    The paper is suitable for those people who do not want to spend money on expensive material and time for production. It is very simple to make such moths on a stencil, but they have a drawback - applications are easy to damage.

    Even small children can cut out of paper. You can also use colored paper, draw moustaches, eyes and streaks to moths. Such an application is inexpensive, and the whole family can cut it.

    Easy to cut and attach

    Paper butterflies can be cut from old magazines, as well as print coloring and cut along the contour. It is not necessary to make panels in the same color scheme - the more different colors, the more interesting.

    Paper butterflies can be glued to the middle, and then when the wind blows they will sway. Such insects can be put on glue, scotch tape or attached with a pushpin.

    Bulk paper butterflies on a wall running along the structure

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    Cardboard crafts will be a little stronger than paper, but will not be so light as to sway from the wind. They can paste rhinestones, sequins and attach decorations, and unlike paper ones, cardboard moths will withstand it.

    Wings can be made more voluminous or rounded. If the cardboard is thick, sprinkle it lightly with water, bend it, send it under a press and dry it. After drying, the decoration will take the desired shape.

    Moths can be decorated with different rhinestones and sparkles

    It is necessary to fix the cardboard more firmly, as it is heavier than paper. It is not necessary to mount it on the tape or pin - a butterfly may fall. It is better to use glue or double-sided tape.

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    Vinyl film

    Vinyl film is a self-adhesive material, so it is ideal for applications that are glued to the wall. The film has a smooth glossy coating, shimmers in the light. Bright moths from vinyl film will help refresh the room.

    We refresh the room with a floating application.

    It is not difficult to cut, in addition - you should not worry about the method of attaching stickers to the wall. You just need to remove the protective layer from the film and stick it in the right place.

    BoardIf you want the wings of a moth to move in the wind, the protective film should be removed only at the fold of the wings. On the wings of the film must be left.

    Pay attention to attach well to the wall.

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    the cloth

    Fabric moths are perfect for liquid monochromatic wallpaper, drapery or other soft finishing fabric. Moths will make the room more comfortable, improving the atmosphere in it.

    The fabric should not be crumpled, you need to iron it before cutting. Mount is recommended for glue.

    Fasten moths from fabric to glue

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    Wall mount

    The attachment material depends on the material from which the moths are made. For example, glue is suitable for paper, and foam is for lightweight materials. Also, butterflies can be mounted on threads, hanging from the ceiling.

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    You can use glue or gun. Pencil use is not recommended, as it does not hold the material, especially heavy. Glue should be used on walls that are not scary to stain.

    For each material its own method of attachment

    It is better to apply glue to the fold of the wings, so the moth will look more like a real one.

    If you apply glue to all wings, make sure that it does not protrude beyond the edges.. It is important to use high-quality glue, as it can badly hold butterflies or leave ugly marks on the wallpaper.

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    Unlike glue, pins leave little damage to the wall. Insects can also be mounted on a cork board. Pins are suitable for walls made of plastic panels, plain or cork, as well as drywall.

    Stickers of different colors

    Pins should be selected with a matching head in color and shape. You can purchase pins with heads in the form of different figures or with sparkles.

    Before sticking a pin with a butterfly stuck on it into the wall, you need to glue the appliqué to the pin with Moment glue.. If you attach the butterflies to the wallpaper, then the end of the pin half-fold at a right angle. So the construction will be fixed in the wall in a natural way.

    Pins matched by color

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    To glue the moth on the foam, you need to smear a piece on both sides and attach it moth on the wall. Applications of heavy materials are not recommended to put on such a mount, as the foam can not withstand. Suitable except paper and cardboard crafts.

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    In order not to spoil the wall, you can hang butterflies by threads on the ceiling. It is recommended to hang butterflies on threads of different lengths. You can use both colored yarn and transparent fishing line. The main thing - the thread must withstand jewelry.

    Paper Wall Decor

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    Glowing butterflies

    To create the effect of glowing butterflies, you need to fix the butterflies to the white wall, and next to it should be a table with a table lamp. To make such a composition, you will need:

    • Stencil.
    • Phosphor paint in several colors.
    • The pencils.
    • Sponge.
    • Paint brushes, preferably a palette.
    • Glue (better spray).

    Glowing stickers in the nursery

    Materials can be purchased at a specialized stationery store. For the manufacture of the composition is necessary:

    • Attach stencils to the wall using glue. You can also pin them with pins.
    • Cut the sponge into small pieces and attach to the handle of the brushes (you can apply the paint and the usual sponge).
    • Apply paint inside stencils. If you want to make moth multicolored, it is recommended to mix colors in the palette.
    • When the paint is dry, you need to carefully remove the stencils, turn on the lamp and enjoy the beautiful composition on the wall.

    Very easy to do with your own hands.

    To make the composition more interesting, moths must be of different sizes and shapes. Stencils on the wall are placed at different angles and in different places.

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    Handicrafts made from colored paper

    To make beautiful colored paper butterflies, you need:

    • Printer.
    • Thick paper of the right colors.
    • White paper.
    • Pencil.
    • Cardboard (density should allow to bend it).
    • Glue.
    • Scissors.

    See the master classes for ease.

    After preparing all the materials you need to start creating crafts:

    • Image templates print on white paper and cut. Prepare more templates in case some do not work out the first time. It is better if the templates are different in size.
    • Attach the templates to the cardboard, circle with a simple pencil, then cut. If you can, print the pictures immediately on the cardboard.
    • Cut the cardboard patterns on the back of the colored paper and cut them out. Bend the paper in half so that the butterflies are voluminous.
    • Apply glue to the bend, straighten the moth and press it with your finger against the wall. After some time, spread the wings of crafts.
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    VIDEO: Do-it-yourself colored butterflies