Ceiling baseboard: How to choose and glue? 180+ (Photos) Designs for different ceilings


Ceiling plinth for ceilings - a decorative element of design, emphasizing the style of the room. Choosing a ceiling plinth (fillets) is a creative and exciting task. It is necessary to consider various options. Only in this case, you can make the right decision. When considering various types, many questions arise regarding the choice of material, design, and placement. Find out about everything in more detail later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Why do you need a ceiling plinth?
  • Visual effect
  • Hiding communications
  • Smoothing the deficiencies of finishing work
  • Material selection
  • Foam foam: the most affordable price
  • Extrusion Polystyrene: Good Value for Money
  • PVC - not just for the floor
  • Polyurethane
  • Gypsum - for classic style
  • Tree: loyalty to tradition
  • Secrets of a successful design
  • Illuminated ceiling plinth: organization features
  • What form of baguette to choose?
  • Large room
  • Small room
  • Narrow corridor
  • Practical advice
  • Choice of fillet color: 10 recommendations
  • Plinth to a stretch ceiling: features of selection
  • VIDEO: How to glue a plinth on a stretch ceiling?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 180 photos)
  • Why do you need a ceiling plinth?
  • Material selection
  • Secrets of a successful design
  • Illuminated ceiling plinth: organization features
  • What form of baguette to choose?
  • Choice of fillet color: 10 recommendations
  • Plinth to a stretch ceiling: features of selection
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 180 photos)
  • Why do you need a ceiling plinth?

    The junction of the walls and the ceiling does not always have a beautiful view. Most often, the design with the absence of fillets looks unfinished.

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    Visual effect

    Making the junction of walls and ceiling helps to create an organic design with a smooth transition. Carefully selected baguette will help to visually add height to the room.

    The ceiling plinth has many advantages.

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    Hiding communications

    The ceiling plinth very often has a practical value - it allows you to hide the laid Internet cable, wiring.

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    Smoothing the deficiencies of finishing work

    When decorating walls and ceilings with wallpaper, plaster or other materials, slight defects may occur. The baguette put correctly allows to hide roughnesses, and also flaws of the carried-out repair.

    Perfectly smooths many flaws.

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    Material selection

    For the manufacture of fillets can be used a variety of materials. They differ in weight, price, appearance and method of fasteners.

    Among the currently used, the following should be noted:

    • gypsum;
    • tree;
    • polystyrene foam;
    • polyvinyl chloride;
    • polyurethane.

    Galteli make with many materials

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    Foam foam: the most affordable price

    Created on the basis of polymers by foaming materials are very often used for decorative finishes. The manufacturing techniques of products from polyfoam can differ considerably, influencing the durability of a thing, as well as the preservation of its original appearance.

    Most often for finishing the option of the made foam polystyrene is chosen.

    One of the most affordable options is foam foam.

    Among its advantages:

    • ease of processing, allowing it to cut with ordinary scissors;
    • ease of installation;
    • a wide range of shapes and colors;
    • low price;
    • low weight

    Very simple and easy to install.

    The disadvantages include low resistance to mechanical damage. Because of this, when working with items from this material, care must be taken. Even with an accidental pressure on such a surface, serious material damage can occur.BoardTo increase the strength and durability of polystyrene foam structures, it is desirable to paint them, and before that putty.

    Do not forget to putty before painting

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    Extrusion Polystyrene: Good Value for Money

    This material, in comparison with the previous one, differs in the best operational properties:

    • insignificant water absorption;
    • best fire resistant qualities;
    • strength.

    Good value for money

    This polystyrene is similar to the previous one, but it is slightly heavier and more expensive. At the same time, he falls into the group of budget finishing materials.

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    PVC - not just for the floor

    Polychloride - material popular for creation of plinths. Most often from it make floor models. In addition to them, fillets for the ceiling can also be made of PVC.

    Advantages of PVC baguettes:

    • affordable price;
    • ease of installation;
    • resistance to moisture;
    • a large assortment.

    Flexible ceiling pvc baguettes

    The disadvantages of PVC include:

    • lack of resistance to temperature changes (both downward and upward);
    • synthetic composition;
    • the inability to repaint.

    These baguettes can not be painted

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    Polyurethane ceiling fillets - one of the good options, combining many positive qualities.

    Among them are:

    • Moisture resistance.
    • Durability.
    • Nice appearance.
    • Ease of handling any cutting tool.
    • The possibility of additional staining.
    • Easy to mount.
    • Resistance to temperature changes.

    Polyurethane skirting durable

    Among the shortcomings - the price and artificial composition.

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    Gypsum - for classic style

    Gypsum baguette can be purchased ready or ordered to make it. Stucco molding is a fidelity to traditions when creating a classic interior.

    Baguette, cast from plaster, has a number of advantages:

    • good quality appearance;
    • long service life;
    • environmental friendliness;
    • gypsum has the property of maintaining a good microclimate due to the absorption of excess moisture and its evaporation from the surface at low humidity.

    Classic interiors with plaster option

    Cons of this type of decor:

    • great weight of elements;
    • high price;
    • mounting difficulty;
    • fragility of the material.

    The price of such plinth is higher than other types.

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    Tree: loyalty to tradition

    The decoration of the room with the use of wood allows you to create a good interior. Wooden fillets in harmony with the design of the wall clapboard and the presence of high-quality expensive natural furniture.

    The advantages of this design:

    • good appearance;
    • environmental friendliness;
    • durability;
    • strength.

    The wooden plinth is eco-friendly

    The tree will last a very long time without losing its performance. It looks solid and beautiful, suitable for decoration of expensive interiors.

    The price for such design will be higher than for artificial materials. Depending on the type of wood can also vary the price of materials, as well as installation.

    BoardIn order for the wood plinth to serve for a long time, it must be treated with special protective agents for protection against insects and rotting.It will be interesting to you: REVIEW: How to make a ceiling of plastic panels? 250+ (Photo) Do-it-yourself design (in the bathroom / in the kitchen / in the hallway) return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Secrets of a successful design

    Any skirting should be considered in relation to a specific interior (existing or created).

    Type of materialApplication areaFeatures of the organization
    PVCUsed in combination with plastic elements in the design of walls and / or ceiling. Can also be used for suspended ceilings.Additionally, baguette plays the role of a profile.
    StyrofoamSuitable for false ceilings, suspended structures, etc.His further painting is acceptable.
    GypsumClassic designCan be used as artwork.
    StyrofoamSuitable for a large number of styles, can imitate textured surfaceEasy to mount
    TreeThe classic design option that blends well with wooden elements in the same style and color on the walls or ceilingUsed in residential areas rarely
    PolyurethaneSuitable for plastic ceiling finishes, including for suspended modelsEasy installation
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    Illuminated ceiling plinth: organization features

    Original room lighting is achieved using various techniques. One of them - hidden lighting, organized with the use of ceiling baguettes.

    Using led strip

    The organization of such lighting occurs due to the placement of the LED strip in a special slot. Depending on the location of the groove (top, bottom) a different effect can be created:

    • the direction of lighting to the ceiling;
    • wall highlighting, etc.

    Create an effect using the backlight.

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    What form of baguette to choose?

    Ready baseboards are usually 200 cm long. Their width, depending on the model, can vary in the range of 1-40 cm.

    What is the shape of the design of the perimeter of the ceiling to choose? The answer to this question should take into account the size of the room and the style of the interior. The luxury of the refined interior will be successfully complemented by figured baseboard made of expensive, high-quality materials. It should be borne in mind that the complex texture of the material complicates installation.

    With a complex shape of the baguette, it is necessary to carefully arrange the joints in the corners of the room.

    White living room with white plinth

    For simple interiors, the intricate form of the baseboard will not be organic, in this case a model with simple lines is preferable. Plus of such fillets:

    • they are easier to keep clean;
    • they are sufficiently universal.

    The shape of the plinth can be chosen different.

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    Large room

    A spacious room with high ceilings allows the use of wide and even massive fillets, if this is combined with the style of the room. Galteli for a large room should not be too narrow - from 7 cm or more. Valid stucco, carving. In addition, multi-level friezes can be used. Small and simple will look uninteresting.

    For baroque or rococo stylized rooms, fillets can be chosen with stucco. There will be appropriate chic versions of models that stand out with pompousness.

    You can choose wide skirtings for a large room.

    BoardFor expensive luxury interiors, it is advisable to use plasterboards made of plaster or natural wood, and not cheaper imitations. Return to menu

    Small room

    Low ceilings in a small room are usually decorated with narrow plinths, without massive elements. For rooms with a height of 2.5 m, fillets up to 4 cm wide are suitable. In larger rooms, you can use fillets 5-6 cm wide.

    Pick color when choosing baguettes

    The main requirement for this element of decoration in small premises is not to conceal the height of the walls. Return to the menu

    Narrow corridor

    In narrow, dimly lit corridors, it is recommended not to use a baguette that is too thin. A narrow strip of interface design will create the effect of an even narrower unbalanced space. DFor balancing proportions, you can choose a baguette 6 or 7 cm wide.

    In the narrow corridor - a narrow plinth

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    Practical advice

    In addition to the basic principles of plinth selection, it is necessary to take into account the practical recommendations of designers:

    • With the help of a wide baguette, you can visually smooth the corners, give completeness, smooth the corners;
    • wide form also gives more room for smoothing defects;
    • the greater the width, the easier it is to mask communications.

    Wide variation smooths defects

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    Choice of fillet color: 10 recommendations

    The effect of choosing the right material and the form of the plinth can be spoiled by a bad coloring.

    The following tips will help you not to be mistaken:

    • With the same color of the ceiling and walls, the plinth should be different in shade.
    • Selection of a contrasting shade of plinth requires a careful and attentive approach.
    • If you have doubts about the choice of colors and their shades, you can stop at white.
    • In rooms of small height it is better to choose a baseboard in tune to the color of the walls.
    • If the area of ​​the room is small, the plinth is better to choose in tone to the ceiling.
    • Making a wide baguette to the walls visually makes the ceiling smaller. The same effect is obtained when using a dark wide plinth.
    • Ceiling cornice should be combined in color with any element of the interior design.
    • White is universal, besides visually expands the space. Black is the opposite, but sometimes it can be applied as a companion shade.
    • Bright color baguette is not desirable for small rooms.
    • The color of natural wood with the emphasis on natural texture looks best on a light background.

    White color as always universal

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    Plinth to a stretch ceiling: features of selection

    The most important parameters that should be paid attention to:

    • The lightness of the material that will not weigh down the stretch ceiling.
    • The plinth surface, which is adjacent to the wall, must be at least 2.5 cm.
    • The material must be strong enough, but allowing the bending of the baguette.
    • The use of a plaster baguette requires advance preparation.
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    VIDEO: How to glue a plinth on a stretch ceiling?