Kitchen design with an island: Features of modern planning (170+ Photos)


A kitchen with an island is an opportunity to expand the working area and is an excellent solution for people keen on cooking. Try to change, and you will never again refuse the chosen layout. More detail later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Features of use
  • Materials
  • Chipboard
  • MDF
  • Natural wood
  • A natural stone
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Registration
  • Equipment
  • Styles and lighting
  • VIDEO: Beautiful kitchens for better design.
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 170 photos)
  • Features of use
  • Materials
  • Registration
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 170 photos)
  • Features of use

    This kitchen looks like a kitchen set and a high island table in the middle of the kitchen, surrounded by chairs. Often this is not a simple dining table, but several joint pedestals in which you can embed a sink, dishwasher, mixer, blender and other technical wonders that facilitate cooking.

    Original design

    The island’s double role:

    • Expansion of the working area. Working on a pair of thumbs of a kitchen set is good if you are not going to cook anything more complicated than ordinary soup. But if you take on the preparation of a cream cake, full of decorations and covered with a thick layer of cream, you will need additional surfaces. The island provides them.
    • Dinner Zone. Table-island perfectly copes with the main task of any table - on it you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner, gather for it with the whole family. The only thing that can interfere is the height. On the island, it usually exceeds the standard, especially if you are going to build a sink in it. So you have to order special high chairs.

    Extending the work area with an island

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    The first thing to consider when arranging is the material from which it will be made. Its durability, practicality, the way it will look, and small pitfalls depend on it.

    Choose quality materials

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    Sawdust mixed with resin and pressed into a single layer. Kitchen chipboard is no different finesse, because when processing the material just crumbles. It is no different and durable. But at the same time it looks good, it is inexpensive and adequately copes with temperature fluctuations, high humidity and the prospect of being filled with spilled sauce, characteristic of the kitchen. At least, until the protective layer peels off.

    Chipboard - reliable and practical material

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    The same sawdust is ground, mixed with resin to a homogeneous mass and cast into slabs. The result is more reliable than chipboard, it is easier to process, it lasts longer. It also looks good, replete with possible colors, patterns. Copes with all possible misfortunes.

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    Natural wood

    If you take carefully processed furniture - or furniture of solid durable breeds - can serve for decades. It looks beautiful, great for classic styles, well processed - only it can be decorated with carvings. However, from time to time it needs to be processed anew, and if a tabletop is made from it, it is easy to accidentally cut it.

    Natural wood serves for decades

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    A natural stone

    Used for table tops and for the base of the table. It looks gorgeous, expensive, does not offer a special variety of colors. But it can serve for decades, is not afraid of anything at all, does not fade, does not crumble. However heavy. Wherever you live, you will have to calculate whether the beautiful new stone worktop can withstand the overlap.

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    Excellent material for, because not only does it suffer from moisture, temperature drops and other possible troubles, but it is also very easy to clean without fear of any strong chemicals. It looks, however, quite specific - the kitchen with it will resemble either the kitchen of the restaurant, or the operating room of the surgeon. Therefore needs to be diluted with other materials.

    Stone and wood blends well

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    Used mainly for the manufacture of worktops and for small beautiful inserts. Sometimes you can find glass shelves in cabinets or shelves. Modern glass is durable, long serves, if broken, then in large pieces, which are difficult to cut. It looks beautiful, offers many possibilities: it can be matte, color, toned, with stained glass, engraved, using fusion technique, with color printing.

    Often, the materials are combined with each other - so the tree looks good with metal or glass, and chipboard with MDF can be decorated with simple plastic inserts.

    BoardChoose the material primarily for practicality, only then for the price.

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    To the kitchen with the island looked good, you need to take care of the design.

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    Table-island may look different, it depends on how it is made. It may be:

    • Simple design. Tabletop, four legs - everyone is accustomed to such classics, it will not surprise anyone. The table top can be rectangular or round, it does not matter. It is important that the table was large, stood at a proper distance from the headset and could accommodate the whole family.
    • Transformer. This table consists of a tabletop and legs, but is made differently than the usual. It can open - either move apart, or fold out, or include special individual inserts. Well suited, in which they like to receive many guests, but do not like to have too much surface.
    • Bar counter. Something like a classic island, just as tall, but already. Reminds of bars, saloons of the wild west, loft style. Looks modern.
    • Classic island. It is either one big pedestal, or several pedestals. He has no legs, there is a base. Above the standard table, its surface is wider. Provides useful cooking features.

    Transforming table - convenient and practical

    Headsets can also include different items, although the lower pedestals usually remain unchanged. But on top may be:

    • Nothing. If you do not like the multi-level design, you can refuse hanging cabinets or shelves, and place everything you need at the bottom. This solution has a plus - the ceiling seems so higher, and the kitchen itself is more spacious.
    • Lockers. They have doors, they will be useful if you have chosen a minimalist style, if you don’t like to leave what you need visible or if you prefer to keep things away from dust. Often, the lockers look bulky, but if your kitchen is suitable for island planning, it is unlikely to hurt her.
    • Shelves. Wooden or glass, they look lighter than classic lockers, plus they allow you to immediately determine where it is. It is useful if you know for a distraction. Can be used, for example, in the Scandinavian style.

    In the style of minimalism - nothing more

    Popular are also built-in cabinets, which merge with the walls. An excellent solution for minimalism and similar styles, where, the less protruding parts, the better.

    And, of course, it is important to think about what useful accessories will complement the island.

    Each island performs its function.

    It may be:

    • Washing. Usually it is built into a corner, so that it is convenient to reach it. This allows you to use the work surface and immediately wash everything that needs to be washed, without departing from the place. The only negative is that in order to carry out the water to such a sink, the table will have to be made really high, and also use the services of a plumber.
    • Dishwasher. Eliminates the unpleasant duty of washing dishes, is built into the island so that it is easy to unload into it all the plates, cups, cutlery after meals. Does not fit into classic styles, but it will look great in high-tech.
    • Plate. Unusual, but quite acceptable solution. It also provides the cooker with more room to maneuver.
    • Toaster. Can be built into the countertop, can stand on it. It will look good in hi-tech, and for classic styles, the deliberately old-fashioned models, reminiscent of the early twentieth century, are suitable.
    • Food processor. It can also be built-in, or it can be separate. It allows you to grind objects and can also create a feeling of an ultra-modern kitchen, or the old-fashioned, simple kitchen.
    • Multivarka or double boiler. It is very useful for people who diet on the call of the soul or for health reasons. May look like a real decoration.
    • Indentations. Easy to do on an acrylic tabletop, for example. Allow to sweep the chopped ingredients not into a separate bowl, but into the very surface of the table, which speeds up the cooking time.

    Complete the necessary equipment and furniture

    BoardIt is better not to put a tablecloth on the table-island - it is still intended to cook on it. But you can make beautiful seats on the chairs, which will complement the overall look.

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    Styles and lighting

    Regardless of what kind of construction your kitchen has, you can use the description of styles to make it more beautiful.

    White and black design

    For the kitchen with the island are best suited:

    English classics

    This style of natural materials. There should be stone or porcelain tile on the floor, wooden panels on the walls, and where it is not safe to place plaster. The ceiling should also be plastered. At the same time - the ceiling is white, the walls of saturated natural colors, usually yellow, light brown, red, the floor is dark. Furniture made of wood. Old-fashioned equipment or installed in cabinets. There is a carpet on the floor, long curtains on the windows, preferably a real or artificial fireplace, some photos of family members. The main feeling is old-fashioned comfort.

    English style


    In fact, the French classics. The floor is the same tile, the walls are bright wallpaper in a frivolous flower, the ceiling is covered with plaster. Wooden furniture, but not solidly coarse, as in the English style, but elegantly elaborate. Forged backs are welcome, well, if the table has a glass tabletop. On the windows there are curtains made of tulle, which cover only half of the window, on the table there is a mandatory vase with flowers and a lamp in a pretty flower shade. Accessories are not too many, mostly little things for cooking. The main feeling is a summer joyful morning.

    French classics in your kitchen

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    High tech

    The floors are dark, either covered with tiles or concrete. The walls are light gray or white, covered with either plastic panels or plaster. In the work area - metal. The ceiling is stucco. Lockers must be built in, furniture of the same strict colors, preferably with metal inserts. There is no need to hide technical innovations, on the contrary, they should be very clearly visible - they play the role of accessories here. There are no curtains or roller blinds. There is no textile at all. The general feeling is minimalism with a taste of the coming future. Well, if there is a pair of hanging wires anywhere.

    Dark tiled kitchen is hi-tech

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    Tiles or concrete on the floor, brick and paint on the walls, plastered ceilings, preferably with protruding beams. Bar counter, wood and metal in the design of furniture. On the wall of graffiti, accessories are the minimum. It is desirable that there was a leather sofa.

    Pick everything up so that it is harmonious and beautiful

    Regardless of which style you choose, you need to think about lighting:

    • Natural. It should highlight the table, because otherwise it will be hard to work. In general, the design of the windows depends solely on the style.
    • On the ceiling. One lamp is suitable for classic styles, but the individual lamps for each zone are for modern ones. Keep in mind that the first solution gives a soft, diffused, not too bright light that leaves shadows, but with the second one it is much more convenient to work.
    • On the tables. Usually these are small cute lamps, designed not so much to help in the matter of lighting, as to focus attention on something.
    • On the walls. This is usually LED strip or small graceful sconces.
    • On the floor. A floor lamp looks good if you have a sitting area in the kitchen.

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