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The combination of blue in the interior with other shades or objects is the epitome of serenity and serenity. In its pure form, blue color is not often found in modern and outdated interiors, it is not among the sought-after shades. Many people consider it dark and gloomy, so they prefer neutral or warm tones. After all, much depends on the color chosen for the interior - emotional state, emotional balance, mood of a person.


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  • Blue features

    Blue is considered a touch of relaxation, saturates the interior with freshness, lightness and gives it depth. Being in such a room, a person gets rid of the anxieties and negative thoughts that are pressing on him. The interior is enveloped by its coolness and tranquility.

    Not often found in modern and outdated interiors.

    Blue can be used in any room. Bathrooms and displaced bathrooms are the most popular place for it. Because it is he who is associated with water, the sea breeze, and the bathroom is the most appropriate room for the realization of such associations.

    This color is considered a touch of relaxation.

    In fact, it is suitable for the children's room. For example, the same nautical theme can be easily applied in the interior for children. The color will also harmoniously look in the kitchen if Mediterranean, classic or Provence style is chosen for it.

    No less suitable places for decorating with color are the bedroom or living room. It will fit in the office, and in the dining room, and in any other room. He is able to give space a depth, make it visually larger and more spacious, despite the fact that the shade belongs to the group of dark colors. But such an effect can be achieved on condition of the metered use of color in the interior and its skillful placement.

    Can be used in any premises.

    Overabundance in the interior will have a negative impact on the human psyche, cause despondency and apathy. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Perfect combinations

    The palette of blue is quite wide, varied and saturated. If this shade is chosen as the basic tone for the walls, then you should give preference to soft and pastel colors, for example, sky blue, pale cornflower blue, dusty blue, Provencal blue, blends with purple, lavender, purple and the like.

    The palette of blue is quite wide, diverse and rich.

    As details and accents you can choose brighter shades. for example:

    • Prussian blue;
    • blue dust;
    • dazzling blue;
    • an electrician;
    • the color of the Caribbean;
    • royal and underwater blue.

    Will look perfect on:

    • pictures;
    • chairs;
    • cushions;
    • armrests;
    • capes.

    For different details, you can choose brighter colors.

    It goes well with:

    • white - this double combination is typical for the Mediterranean style;
    • beige - it may include milk, sand, ayvor, yellow, such combinations are found in the style of Provence;
    • brown - with it the interior acquires a state of character and looks natural, this combination is typical for a classic style. To neutralize the cold shade apply warm tones of coffee with milk, cinnamon.

    Observe the tone balance

    When combining colors in the interior, it is important to observe the tonal balance. The interior should not get too cold, so it is combined with a warm light. It can not necessarily create warm colors, but receptions with lighting. For this, floor lamps, lamps around the perimeter of the walls, large central chandeliers are used in the interior.

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    Popular blue-gray tandem

    Due to the similarity of the color range, the interior in such shades is perceived very easily, it is comfortable to be in it, the atmosphere pleasantly relaxes, but at the same time it is solemn and even refined. Therefore, it is best to use such a tandem in the dining room, living room or in the office.

    The interior in such shades is perceived very easily.

    If you choose light tones for the room, the situation will help to relax, unwind, gain strength. This combination is also ideal for the bedroom.

    Rich dark blue and light gray create a certain contrast, which will not be flashy. That is why the combination will always look harmonious and pleasant.

    By itself, gray is neutral, so you can choose it as a background, complementing rich or bright blue accents in the form of sofas, chairs, pillows, carpets, floor lamps and other accessories in the interior. The main thing is not to overdo it with such details that they do not merge into one inharmonious spot.

    Rich dark blue and light gray create a certain contrast.

    To balance the strict gray-blue interior and soften the color combination, you can choose wallpaper or curtains with floristic ornament. Return to the menu

    Blue-brown combinations

    Brown shade in the interior is associated with tones of natural wood. The coloring of natural material is ideally combined with most shades. Will harmoniously look:

    • dark oak;
    • nut;
    • cherry;
    • chestnut;
    • mahogany

    All of them will add to the interior the nobility, restraint and luxury inherent in the classical style.

    Warm brown will reduce the intensity, a little will soften its cold. But to use a combination of such shades is best in spacious rooms. In such a room you can make a choice in favor of absolutely any shades, even the most saturated.

    Natural material colors blend perfectly with most shades of blue.

    A small room two dark tones can simply turn into too dark. Muffled shades and pastel colors will help to avoid the gloominess of the situation in a small room.

    This combination of shades is natural. So the sea and the mountains, the earth and the flowers, the sky and the trees can be combined. Therefore, any interior will create this feeling of unity with nature.

    Brown tint in the interior is associated with tones of natural wood.

    Most often, delicate shades of blue are chosen as the main tone of the room, for example, for decorating walls, and brown shades complement it. You can also apply the reverse technique, choosing brown as the main color.

    In both cases, a positive effect with bright accents will be created, charging with positive energy.

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    Combination of blue and green

    Two of these similar and related colors for good reason are located on the palette next. They are not for nothing called analogs, because they both bring peace and tranquility, but in combination they are not contrasting. Nevertheless, I want to note that not so long ago this tandem began to gain popularity.

    These colors are not for nothing located on the palette next

    A few years earlier, such combinations frightened designers and interior owners a little. Moreover, such combinations were not even used in clothes. Now, people are full of determination and courage, they are ready to go for any experiments in a combination of colors, shades, textures, objects and other details.

    The combination of these shades makes the room lively, harmonious and gives it depth. This bright or muffled tandem will look good in the nursery, equally suitable for both girls and boys.

    These colors bring peace and tranquility.

    More restrained and neutral colors of green and blue will have a positive effect on a person’s emotional state. Therefore, they can be used in the living room, dining room or other rooms that cause associations with nature.

    The decorated kitchen will suppress not only a person’s appetite, but also a desire to eat sweets. Just green nuances can bring harmony to this room. Tandem with green in the bedroom will help you quickly relax, calm down and instantly fall asleep.

    The combination of these shades in the interior makes the room lively, harmonious and gives it depth

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    Combining blue tones with yellow or orange

    I have already mentioned that the cold finish should be softened with warm shades. Therefore, yellow and orange will be very useful here. They perfectly dilute the cold interior.

    BoardThe blue palette is also divided into warm and cool colors. Those that will be in the category of warm, you need to combine with warm shades of yellow or orange. Conversely, the cold is best combined with neutral yellow and orange.

    Yellow perfectly dilute the cold interior

    We must clearly understand that blue and yellow are not always flashy combination of two rich colors. This can be a low-key interior with a combination of sand and sea wave.

    The combination of the night sky and orange is a combination of two opposite colors - warm and cold, which in tandem give a huge charge of energy.

    Such combinations are appropriate to apply in modern style, saturating with bright details that emphasize modernity. These bright combinations are suitable for children, especially for boys, and of any age - from baby to teenager.

    Blue is best combined with warm shades of yellow or orange

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    Blue-blue tandem in the interior

    When a combination of similar colors, such as blue and blue, is the expansion of space. In this case, you need to choose fundamentally different colors of walls and furniture. For example, you can make the walls dark blue, and the furniture is bright blue or even turquoise.

    Most often, the combination of only two colors is not enough, so they are diluted with at least white or black. You can add to them brown, beige, milk, which are ideally combined separately with each of them.

    The combination of these colors is an expansion of space

    Looks much brighter design, complemented by bright accents:

    • in the living room it is enough to put some bright pillows of yellow, orange, red or pink;
    • in the bedroom you can put a few floor lamps, vases or bouquets of similar bright colors;
    • in the kitchen it can be a variety of kettles, multicookers, toasters, dishes, cutting boards and many other accessories for bright accents.

    These colors are diluted with at least white or black.

    BoardYou can play on the contrast to add expressiveness. But here you can’t do without white support. Return to menu ↑ return to menu ↑

    All in blue

    Let's take a closer look at the design options. Is this really a good option?

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    Choosing the color of the night sky for the kitchen is not the most standard solution. People try not to experiment in this room with bright colors, preferring more practical shades. The disadvantage for the kitchen is to suppress the appetite.

    Blue kitchen interior

    In addition, the cold shade would be appropriate in the summer in the kitchen. But on winter evenings in such a kitchen there will be a lack of comfort. But there are several techniques that help to successfully enter in the kitchen:

    • You can use shade as an accent to liven up and remove the extra coldness. For this you can buy blue tablecloths, table, chairs, decorative items.
    • As a finish, it is better to use only on one wall. Moreover, you need to choose the one that does not serve as a background for food, making it less appetizing. In addition, the whole scene can visually expand the boundaries of space and make the room more spacious.

    Choosing the color of the night sky for the kitchen is not the most standard solution.

    • A kitchen set can be purchased for the kitchen, where the companion colors of blue are involved in the decoration. Care should be taken to choose furniture with glossy facades, because they increase the feeling of cold. Dark classic shades are suitable for the classic style, and for others modern - any other, even bright.
    • Blue apron looks very original, but does not add to food attractiveness. Eliminate this disadvantage can the details of warm colors, located near, for example, yellow, orange, red, brown accessories.

    Care should be taken to choose furniture with glossy facades.

    • In a spacious kitchen, you can allow yourself to use more blue, but in a 1: 1 or 1: 2 ratio with white, beige or other light shades. The completed interior acquires ethnic or Scandinavian motifs with this combination.
    • You can dilute the cold of blue with natural wood, which will make the kitchen more noble. You can enter a tree in any of a variety of options: parquet flooring, kitchen furniture, tabletops, wooden tables, chairs, windows, picture frames or photos.

    Blue is a noble color.

    BoardIt goes well with warm metals such as bronze, brass or copper in detail. This combination technique can be used in loft, classic, art deco and other ethnic interiors. Return to menu

    In the living room

    You can successfully enter into different, even the most unexpected, styles, as well as make the basis of design. But for some reason in residential premises it is used quite rarely. With a skillful combination of finishes, details and accessories in the living room, blue will help create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere of friendliness.

    At registration of the room moderation is important. The excess will irritate the nervous system.

    You can successfully enter into different, even the most unexpected, styles of interiors

    To design the living room, you can choose absolutely any style.:

    Maritime style in white and blue gamut - implies the additional use of red and black tones to revitalize. If the primary colors are the same, but the style is not marine, then they can be combined with green, yellow, orange accessories.

    Maritime style in the living room

    • Italian style is the same color combinations, but complemented by pink and lemon shades.
    • Modern denim style is to use interesting textures of upholstery, such as denim, and textile wallpaper.

    Denim style

    • Country style is the use of shades of yellow and cornflower blue in objects and accessories against the background of blue walls.
    • Pop art implies the use of bright and flashy shades of blue and blue.
    • Hi-tech - style with the use of natural colors, so it is closer to metallic. So you should choose a mixture of blue and gray.
    • Arab, Oriental and Moroccan interiors - a concentration of a huge number of small details of blue.
    • Classic - in this style it is worth highlighting with dark-blue something one: walls, floors, ceilings, upholstered furniture. Be sure to them should pick up appropriate for the tone accessories: curtains, capes, vases, figurines, flowers.

    Hi-tech - style with natural colors

    The high-quality interior of the living room, in which blue does not cause apathy, irritation and provides for the expansion of space, requires significant costs. Since this room will require multi-level lighting. Return to menu ↑

    In the bedroom

    Who said that the blue in the walls of the bedroom - it's dark? Deep shade on the walls and even the ceiling looks restrained, aristocratic and stylish. But still, designers advise to choose a more relaxed tone so that the bedroom can get rid of disturbing thoughts and have a good rest.

    The deep blue tint on the walls and even the ceiling looks restrained

    It is necessary to decorate a bedroom in such color with care and moderation. It is best to allocate some part of the room for decoration. You can paint the walls or part of them, the ceiling is one thing.

    The other part of the room should create either a soft contrast or saturate with heat. Floors for the bedroom is better to choose brown. It can be dark or light parquet, laminate, linoleum.

    It is necessary to decorate a bedroom with such color with care and moderation.

    As a wallpaper, you can choose the species with the application of ornament, vertical stripes that raise the ceiling or horizontal, expanding the space.

    Additionally, white, ivory, beige, milky are used in the bedroom, all shades of brown. Blue in the bedroom can be combined with other colors in the following styles:

    • minimalism - enough saturated walls and white bedding, mirrors and wooden furniture to create a feeling of immersion on the seabed;
    • Scandinavian style - you need to take two main ones (white and blue), almost equally dilute them with each other, add lightness and some bright accents;

    Blue color in the bedroom to combine with other colors

    • Provence - pale blue shades with the addition of beige, sand, milk, ayvor and many cute accessories, unusual white furniture will perfectly convey this style;
    • the classics - heavy curtains, massive furniture, decoration - and all this from natural materials in combination with blue will convey the luxury and restraint of the classics.
    BoardAccording to the designers, you should not choose blue for decorating the walls of spacious rooms. This technique is suitable for the visual dissolution of the walls in small rooms.

    You should not choose blue for decorating the walls of spacious rooms.

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    In the nursery

    It is often used to decorate a children's room, as it helps the child to concentrate on doing homework, during classes, games and other things.Children's room is a place where you can embody all the bold combinations. Children's decorating ideas:

    • The most standard of them is a combination of white and blue to create a marine theme.
    • If the room overlooks the sunny side, you can try to embody in it a combination of blue, violet, blue to create a cosmic wall or ceiling.

    Often used to decorate a child’s room

    • Dreamy girls can appreciate the blue of the starry sky or neutral clouds.
    • Teenage girls will enjoy images of night city lights or sunsets in blue, which can be selected as photo wallpapers.
    • A favorite cartoon, a fairy tale, a movie or a book can be an idea for decorating a children's room. Here you can safely combine not only with warm shades such as sand, beige and brown, but also bright accents of red, orange, yellow, green.

    Perfect for boys room

    The choice of primary color depends on the nature of the child. Too active and restless children, this color is perfect. But closed and even apathetic children will feel uncomfortable in a blue setting.

    To maintain the business environment, for example, in the office, always used cool shades of the selected color. They help to create a discreet, simple, but at the same time expensive and elegant interior.

    The choice of primary color depends on the nature of the child.

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    Suitable for the bathroom can be a wonderful relaxing oasis for energetic and emotional people. In this place they can truly relax and save their energy.

    In this room, you can use many techniques of combining colors, using different shades of the main one. Receptions for decorating the bathroom:

    • as a wall decoration you should not choose too dark and deep colors, especially in large rooms;

    This color can be a wonderful relaxing oasis for energetic and emotional people.

    • In this room such shades of blue as turquoise, sea wave, Pacific color will look good;
    • natural combination with white will give plumbing, which for the most part comes in that color;
    • in such a specific room as a bathroom, the combination of blue with green will be most welcome. They will present associations with the sea breeze and will keep the summer mood even in cold winter. The main thing is to choose warm shades of blue. An unobtrusive combination can be achieved thanks to a tile-mosaic;

    Minimalist bathroom

    • for the bathroom, such styles as minimalism with smooth surfaces and simple line shapes, art deco or bohemian luxury with dark hues and brilliant details, Mediterranean style means a lot of white and natural wood, as well as picturesque accents, updated classics, where the main dark is diluted lighter shade.
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    Accessories and furniture

    Sometimes blue can make a bright accent in any room. What specifically to allocate and how - to your taste.

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    In the interior of these curtains are used in the case when the placement of additional accents. Accessories of light shades visually enlarge the room, make it more spacious. The item for decorating the windows of dark colors will add freshness, coolness and luxury to the interior.

    Used when placing additional emphasis

    To choose the right curtains that match the interior style and mood of the room, you need to use these recommendations:

    • A rich color is worth choosing for spacious rooms with large windows. The window opening will be favorably highlighted without damage to its significance. You need to use this technique in the dining room or living room.
    • In small rooms, especially bedrooms and kitchens, you can not use curtains of rich and dark colors. It is better to choose muted shades and even close to the blue options. Such light and air curtains will not focus on the window, dim the room, but will be able to slightly increase its boundaries.

    A rich shade is worth picking up for spacious rooms.

    • If the room is decorated with light blue colors, then the dark tulle on the window will serve as a favorable contrast. Such curtains will look very original and unusual with a combination of light translucent material and a deep blue shade.
    • Curtains should not be selected under the wallpaper. It is desirable that between them there is a difference of at least several tones. Such a soft contrast will allow unobtrusively highlight the window.

    These curtains will look very original.

    A strict and discreet design can be diluted with curtains with different patterns, corresponding to the style. You can also select similar patterns on curtains with other ornaments in the interior, as if creating a complete picture of the room.

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    Wallpaper selection

    The mood of the room will depend on the right decoration for the walls. Will she energize or pump? Can expand the space or make it gloomy?

    Gives a special mood to the room

    For each room, the choice of wallpaper must be approached individually. However, there are general rules that would be helpful.:

    For the bedroom, it is better to choose light shades of blue to achieve maximum relaxation. You can combine them with beige, white, silver shades. Depending on the style, both monochromatic and wallpaper with ornaments will suit.

    Light tones are best for bedroom.

    Dark blue shades are often used to emphasize the solemnity of the living room. They are combined with other bright and warm tones, such as orange, yellow. A sense of luxury is precisely contrasts. You can choose wallpaper with ready-made color combinations, for example, with white. It can be floral ornaments, geometric shapes, vertical or horizontal stripes. Indigo wallpapers for living rooms are gaining popularity.

    For the solemnity of the living room are often used dark blue shades.

    Blue wallpaper in the kitchen must be smoothed with warm shades of furniture and textiles. It is better to choose light shades of blue, as well as wallpaper, which are used in combination with gold, silver, gray or lavender flowers. For the children's room, you can choose a photo wallpaper with a suitable image in blue. They will not overload the situation, make the interior forcing.

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    Sofa function

    Such a significant piece of furniture, such as a sofa, in blue, is a very courageous decision, if the matter does not concern the children's room. Normal in the rooms for children, you can notice any unexpected color combinations, but this does not surprise anyone. But in the living room flashy color of the piece of furniture can not often meet.

    The sofa in blue is a very courageous decision.

    Blue sofa fits perfectly into styles such as classic and modern varieties. It can be high-tech, art deco, and Provence. As an upholstery, you can choose a smooth material, luxurious looks velvety in combination with lacquered armrests.

    BoardIn order for a sofa in a room not to merge into a solid blue spot, but to stand out in the interior, it is necessary to choose the right shade, shape, size and harmoniously fit into the decor.

    The following techniques will help to do this effectively: