Roman curtains in the interior (205+ Photos) - Stylish window decoration with your own hands (step by step instructions)


Experimenting with different models of curtains, you can create a spectacular interior for living rooms, children's, cabinets. Just to get a brilliant result, you need to dream up and spend some money. Roman curtains occupy the top lines of the rating of decors for windows and successfully complement the design of rooms for various purposes.


Curtain Features

Modern Roman blinds seem too simple. However, due to the many advantages, these models are hung on the windows in kitchens and bathrooms, in living rooms and on balconies:

  • products are fixed on the wall above the opening, on the ceiling and on the window frame or above the frame inside the opening. Even if the internal opening is not deep enough, the curtain does not hurt to place the flower pots on the windowsill;
  • adjustment of level of raising / lowering of a cloth. This is especially useful if the curtain falls below the sill. To water the flowers to wipe the window sill is not required to fully lift the canvas. Textile stripes fixed at different levels create soft lighting in the room. At the same time, natural light is not greatly reduced, but the furniture and furnishings are protected from direct sunlight. Multi-level textiles will exquisitely decorate a window consisting of several shutters (this refers to the bay windows);

Roman curtains occupy the top lines of the rating decors

  • easy care - the design of the curtains eliminates the strong accumulation of dust. Fabric cloths can be quickly removed from the eaves for washing;
  • It is convenient to change the window decoration at different times of the year. In the summer it is desirable to hang transparent and translucent materials on the windows. And for the winter, cloths of more dense fabrics are sewn;
  • a variety of textile fabrics allows you to easily choose curtains for the interiors of different styles;
  • safety - in the designs of curtains special weighting bands are used, which are fixed in the lower part of the canvases. These strips eliminate the strong fluctuations of textiles in drafts, which is important when installing thin kitchen curtains near gas stoves.

Products are fixed on the wall above the opening

The high prices of some models equipped with electric control mechanisms can be considered a minor minus of the designs.

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Types of roman blinds

The device of the curtains is not difficult. On the eaves fixed textile fabric, having several horizontal rods. When raising and lowering these rods, it turns out to create elegant fabric folds. Three types of curtains are hung on the windows:

  • frameless version - flat cloth evenly folds along the bottom edge when lifting. This window decor looks simple and fits well into the interiors of rustic styles (Provence, Country);
  • frame models in the raised state are folded into horizontal folds. Smooth lines of fabric look a bit ascetic, but they help to see beauty in simple things. The strict design of the curtains will emphasize the brevity of the furnishings of the rooms, designed in high-tech styles, minimalism;
  • the main difference of the cascade model is that the canvas is decorated with soft folds even when lowered. Such curtains for windows harmoniously complement the design of the premises, made in art-deco and modern styles.

Have the adjustment of the level of raising / lowering the blade

Roman curtains will originally decorate the windows of strict offices and cozy living rooms, will successfully fit into the atmosphere of a small home office or a spacious assembly hall.

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The subtleties of choosing textiles

Expressive window decor can be created with different materials. The interior will be interesting and unique if the fabric fits in color, texture, pattern.

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Fabrics with a pattern

To design the windows organically fit into the design of the premises, it is better to follow the recommendations of the designers:

  • If a light monochromatic range (white, beige, gray, light green, cream) dominates in the room and surface finish, then it is better to decorate the windows with Roman curtains with bright patterns (blue, turquoise, red, green, orange). It is advisable to use contrast in colors in kitchens, living rooms, children's rooms. A fun game of colors will add to the room vivacity, freshness, originality;

The design of the curtains eliminates the strong accumulation of dust

  • when the interior is dominated by ornaments and patterns (carpets, wallpaper with prints, patterned furniture upholstery), then monochrome canvases of calm colors are hung on the windows. In order to create a peaceful atmosphere indoors, it is preferable to choose companion fabrics. That is, the shade / pattern of the curtains repeats the color of the upholstery of the furniture or some element of the pattern of the floor covering or fabric upholstery;
  • A real fashionable trend was the combination of similar shades of the same color (light green / pale green, blurry blue / celadon, light brown / terracotta). Such curtains are especially pertinent at registration of the nursery, bedroom. So that the rooms do not look boring, materials with a small pattern are selected for the canvases;
  • When choosing a picture, the dimensions of the room are also taken into account. In spacious rooms it is appropriate to hang curtains with large patterns. The modest size of the premises will not emphasize textile fabrics with small patterns or thin stripes;
  • To create an organic atmosphere, curtains are hung on the windows, supporting the mood and character of the room. For design in the style of country fit light curtains with a cage or a strip. The soft rustic interior in Provence style will beautify the beige, pink curtains with medium-sized floral patterns. For the teenage room, decorated in a modern style, you can choose curtains with fashionable prints.

The canvas is decorated with soft folds even in the lowered form

The basic rule to follow when choosing paintings with a pattern is that the fabrics should repeat the elements that are in the finishing materials of the room, in the textile design of the room (carpets, pillows, furniture upholstery). Return to the menu

The main types of ornaments

In order not to get lost in the patterns and ornaments, designers identify four main types of patterns that are applied to window textiles.

In bright, orange color

  • Stripes. They can be placed on the curtains vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Advantages of striped textiles - a visual change in the geometry of the room. Vertical lines visually raise the ceiling and narrow the space. Horizontal stripes visually expand the room, windows. The width of the stripes on the fabric is also important. Wide stripes are suitable for spacious rooms, and narrow ones for small ones.
  • Cell - a popular and widespread pattern (especially when decorating a kitchen and a nursery). This design fits well into the atmosphere of the spacious Scandinavian or country-style kitchens. The most famous cell is Scottish, which combines red and green hues.
  • Floral ornaments on the curtains they draw attention to the windows and unobtrusively bring freshness and cheerful mood to the atmosphere. Colorful roman blinds create a home comfort in the kitchen, bedroom or nursery. Best of all, medium-sized floral patterns fit in the tranquil rustic style of the Provençal.
  • Custom prints or geometric patterns elegantly fit into modern styles. Textile canvases with strict forms of patterns will look in the living room, a teenage room. Children will love fabrics with pictures made using photo printing technology and depicting their favorite fairy tale characters. Such curtains are created mainly under the order.

BoardWhen choosing patterned curtains, one should keep in mind that the pattern can be located all over the canvas, at the bottom / top or have a border appearance. Among designers, it is considered that the ideal option for any ornaments, patterns is a white canvas. So feel free to hang on the windows white curtains with original drawings. Return to the menu

Roman Curtain Design

The peculiarity of Roman blinds is to decorate the window elegantly and practically as a single-handed so in the company with curtains, curtains, sewn from different materials:

  • The standard version - the window opening is curtained only with a Roman curtain. The canvas at the same time serves as a window decoration and protects the room from the sun's rays. For classrooms, home libraries, dense curtains of monochromatic colors are best suited.. To emphasize the severity of the interior, to prevent the fading of books, furniture, textile fabrics of dark shades are chosen. The color scheme of a restrained nature - shades of brown, gray, blue, dark green. And already in living rooms, kitchens, children's or bathrooms, you can install designs with translucent patterned canvases. These materials will not greatly shade the room and bring a sense of spaciousness, freshness;

Elegant and practical window decoration

  • in the combined case, the canvas is installed in the window opening and serves mainly a protective function. Traditional curtains from fabrics of different textures and density will become magnificent companions for the Roman curtains. The thick Roman curtain of linen, cotton, sateen in combination with tulle, fastened on the eaves (fixed above the window opening) looks unusually. Interesting ensembles are obtained by selecting monophonic and patterned materials.. To make the Roman blind seem imperceptible, we use textiles of light monochromatic shades or to match the window frame. Such combined techniques for the design of openings will look outside the box when designing living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms.
So that in the rooms facing the north, a warm, soft atmosphere is preserved, the window leaves sew them with thin materials (batiste, chiffon, tulle, silk) of a light palette. But the windows facing south is better to close with thick Roman curtains (linen, cotton, satin).

Suitable for windows of various shapes.

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How to fix the cornice?

Constructions can be mounted both inside the window opening and above it:

  • internal assembly is mainly chosen for canvases covering individual windows. The cornice is attached directly to the frame of the window sash. If you do not need to install a separate canvas on each frame, then choose a model with a canvas, dall the window. The eaves are fastened above the window frame and it is necessary to make sure that the canvas in the raised position does not interfere with the opening of the window sash. With this method of installation, you can use the sill even if the curtains are lowered. Internal fastening curtains often combined with the installation of other curtains;
  • Often tenants tend to completely close the window opening, while the eaves are fixed above the window. An unexpected and original view is obtained by the room, if several windows are closed by a single curtain. Such a solution looks interesting and gives the room a harmonious look. But we must bear in mind that it will not be possible to open separate windows - only all at once. Therefore, these curtains close the narrow window openings that are located near. In rooms with low ceilings, it is better to fix the cornice above the window opening or even to the ceiling. This will visually significantly increase the height of the rooms. Non-standard design techniques can be interesting to beat the interior of different rooms.

In the classic interior

The main rule when selecting and installing curtains - window decoration should not visually violate the geometry of the room.

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Choosing cozy curtains

Let's consider in detail the use of these curtains in the bedroom, kitchen, living room. In which room will they look better?

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For kitchen

High humidity and temperature are frequent guests in the kitchen. If the window is located next to the stove, then over time a drop of fat, water will surely “decorate” the curtains. Therefore, for the kitchen, curtains are sewn from fabrics that are easy to care for. Excellent tolerate frequent washing curtains made of synthetic materials. Such materials are inexpensive (for sewing window decoration need little fabric) and you can often change them.

BoardIn the kitchen it is better to hang Roman curtains of frame / frameless types. Semi-transparent, transparent fabrics will create a bright and soft atmosphere in the kitchen. During the day, such textiles will not greatly reduce the natural light of the room, but it will still protect the room from direct sunlight.

In the interior of the kitchen

Few kitchen areas boast a large area. Typical kitchens are usually small in size. Therefore, we must bear in mind that the Roman curtains are too bright colors or with a large ornament visually reduce the size of the room. Nalyapisty textile cloths will simply annoy others.

Therefore, a soft, soulful and homely atmosphere in a small kitchen will create a material of monochromatic pastel shades or with a pleasant medium-sized pattern. Since the light finish of the walls is the most common, the fabrics of similar colors or suitable contrast will create harmony and comfort in the room:

  • for the kitchen decorated in shades of green, light green curtains will do;
  • if the room has more beige shades, then textiles are selected in sand tones or cream;
  • the kitchen in light yellow tones will organically complement the textile canvas of orange, olive shades;
  • If in the spacious room the main color is blue, then the windows can be decorated with fabrics of blue or green colors.

Transparent fabrics will create a bright and soft atmosphere in the kitchen.

Experts advise to take into account the amazing feature of color shades - to influence the increase in appetite. Red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise shades have a positive priority. But when choosing a gray, black, purple palettes should think about. It is believed that such tones suppress hunger.

In the case of monochromatic wall decoration, designers recommend decorating windows with fabrics with patterns and ornaments. Linens with small drawings of flowers, leaves will create a relaxed and family atmosphere in the kitchen. Very peppy and fresh look attached to the kitchen textile fabric in the section or strip. Moreover, the sizes of the strips or cells may be different. Return to the menu

Stylish decor windows in the living room

To the choice of curtains for the central room of the dwelling should be approached with special attention. After all, the living room reflects the taste preferences of the owners and is in some way the hallmark of the apartment. It is in the living room that family celebrations are most often held and guests are received.

In the interior of the living room

For successful stylistic decoration of windows, designers advise to use some tricks:

  • In the interiors of the classical style, cascading canvases sewn from dark materials with a medium-sized golden pattern will look exquisitely. For translucent frame / frameless curtains, thick curtains of velvet, velor, and tapestry will be great companions;
  • Roman curtains in ensemble with horizontal / vertical blinds are suitable for modern style interiors;
  • For furnishings designed in the calm Scandinavian style, canvases made of white cotton or raw flax will do.
If windows are decorated only with Roman curtains, then preference should be given to cascade models. To highlight the sophistication of the situation, designers are advised to choose a decor for window openings from more expensive materials. Silk and satin linen will give a stylish look to the living room.

Discreet, light interior

Plain fabric with a fine silver / gold pattern will add elegance and lightness to the decor.. And already products from dense tapestries, jacquards will add to the interior of the living room notes of solemnity and aristocracy.

Some owners do not imagine a room without traditional curtains. In this case, frame / frameless structures are mounted inside the window opening. Combinations of roman blinds and curtains will look especially impressive in living rooms with high ceilings.

It should be borne in mind that traditional curtains can have different widths, fit beautifully in folds and also perform not only a decorating function, but also a protective one. Thanks to the transparent canvases, the living room design will produce a light and airy impression.

Tight fabric gives strong protection from light.

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For the bedroom - a guarantee of comfortable rest

To create a soothing atmosphere, it is advisable to pay attention to the curtains of calm, dull shades. Bedroom design will take on a finished look, if textiles duplicate the shade / pattern of furniture upholstery or bedspreads.

Materials desirable to choose natural (flax, cotton). Roman curtains with bamboo or jute canvases will perfectly fit into the interiors of rustic styles or eco style.

In order to easily create a comfortable twilight in the room in the early morning hours, it is advisable to sew curtains of thick fabrics:

  • linen;
  • jacquard;
  • tapestry;
  • silk.

For the bedrooms located on the south side, textiles with a metallic coating will be an excellent option. Such fabrics reflect the sun's rays well and will help prevent the room temperature from rising on hot summer days. If the appearance of the metallized fabric causes embarrassment, you can use it as a lining for a curtain sewn from another material.

Creating a peaceful environment

For bedrooms with several windows, it is advisable to choose textiles rich colors that support the overall tone of the interior. In this case, the decor of the windows will be the main decoration of the rooms. In a small bedroom with a small window, you can hang a curtain of calm pastel colors, which will not emphasize the modest size of the window opening.

The room should provide a comfortable rest, so it is recommended to install the products on the electric drive with a remote control. Then it will be easy, without getting out of bed, to close / open the curtains or fix them at a certain level.

Materials desirable to choose natural

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For children's rooms

Curtains for children sew from:

  • natural;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • breathable;
  • practical materials.

Preference should be given to Roman curtains, sewn from:

  • flaxseed;
  • cotton;
  • woolen;
  • satin fabrics with small additions of artificial fibers (polyester, nylon).

These impurities will simplify the care of paintings, prolong the service life of products. It is advisable to mount frame Roman curtains with smooth textures to reduce the accumulation of dust in textiles.

Small children are put to bed several times during the daytime. Therefore, the combined model will be the best option. It is desirable to complement translucent textile cloths with thick curtains or drapes. In small children's portieres can look too cumbersome. Therefore, the installation of Roman curtains in two rows would be a great solution.

Curtains for children sew from natural, hypoallergenic materials

Blue, green shades relieve stress and are calming. Red colors increase energy and activity. And yellow, orange shades improve mood and increase appetite. Therefore, in the rooms of active, energetic children hang curtains soft color palette. If the child is calm, shy, then for the windows you can sew curtains of saturated shades. When choosing a decor for windows, they are more often guided by the theme of the furnishings than by the common stylistic decisions. As a rule, girls choose a fabulous delicate interior, while boys prefer marine or sports motives.

Delicate models for girls' rooms

The abundance of pink in the nursery may look too cloying. Therefore, it is recommended to use other colors in the decorative finish. An excellent choice would be textile fabrics of pale coffee, sand, light green or pearl gray shades.

Choose bright, cheerful colors.

In order to make the situation more playful, it is worth paying attention to the canvases with pictures (polka dots, small geometric patterns, small floral patterns). Very fine will look like a small strip or cell. Girls definitely like materials with the image of their favorite characters from cartoons.

Options curtains in the nursery for boys

For finishing the boy's room, parents usually choose discreet colors (shades of gray, blue, green). You can dilute the strict or laconic design of the room for the kid with an unusual window decoration. Textiles in a strip or a cell - depends on the tastes of the child and the wishes of the parents.

Soft material will make the room home and cozy. If the child is keen on games, designers, then you can hang curtains with ornaments (geometric patterns) that have a contrasting shade. For example, gray canvas with a small orange or red cell. Or blue textiles with white diagonal lines.

Option for a boy's room

The design of the nursery will be unique if the windows are decorated with curtains depicting cars, ships or airplanes that many restless people are interested in. The kids will be delighted with the curtains on which their favorite fairy-tale characters are painted (Spiderman, Ninja Turtles).

As children grow up, their interests change rapidly.. And choose the decor of the room, its decoration is desirable, along with teenagers. In the nature of the room can look through some kind of interior style. Most of all, teens are suitable for high-tech, minimalism, loft, Scandinavian style.

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On the balcony - features of choice

When installing a Roman curtain on a balcony / loggia, tenants need to decide three basic questions: which textiles to choose, which installation to use, which mechanism to use to control the device.

Burlap use

  • Most often, the balcony space does not imply complete blackout. It is enough to install Roman blinds protecting the balcony from the view from the street and bright sunlight. Designers recommend to take into account that thick curtains visually reduce the size of the premises. Since standard balconies can not boast of large dimensions, for the windows sew curtains of translucent materials.

For loggias or balconies with windows to the south sew curtains of thick light-colored materials. Ideal - fabric with a reflective coating. To make the balcony a harmonious continuation of the room, textiles choose close colors (or a couple of tones lighter than the palette of the room).

The most common decor of the balcony windows - bamboo straw fabric. This material gives the room coziness and comfort at any time of the year.

In a bright, pink color

  • You can install structures in three ways: on the frame, ceiling, wall. If all the frames of the balcony are opened, then it is desirable to fix a separate curtain on each window casement. Solid textile fabric will be an excellent choice for balconies with a panoramic version of the glazing.
  • The easiest way is to raise / lower the curtains on the balcony using an electric mechanism. You can control the design of the room - no need to specifically go to the balcony. Devices with automation are not cheap - this is the main disadvantage of models.

Modern balconies are increasingly ceased to be warehouses of unnecessary things. Even on small squares, comfortable work rooms, play zones or recreation areas are arranged. And Roman curtains help not only to save precious square meters, but also give the balconies a stylish and unusual look.

Low-key, elegant version

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For bathroom

Every woman dreams of a bathroom with a window - it’s nice to see a waking up city in the morning. For decoration openings choose curtains of thick fabrics or of thin textiles on the lining, so that in the dark they do not shine. Manufacturers sew curtains from materials of various shades. Do not underestimate the Roman blinds - they make the bathrooms very elegant and stylish.

In the interior of the bathroom

Hang on the window better cloth with special impregnation. If conventional fabrics are used, mold and fungus can occur in the folds of the wet material. Therefore, the curtains are sewn of polyester with the addition of mixed fibers (polyester with cotton, flax, viscose). Such cloths are easily erased, durable, do not fade in the sun. Finding a model of the right type is easy:

  • for bathrooms with a classic interior suitable products pastel shades. Fabrics with medium-sized silvery / golden ornaments look original;
  • curtains with bright contrasting prints will perfectly fit into rooms of modern style;
  • for ascetic high-tech styles, minimalism will suit fabrics with a slight metallic sheen. For a Scandinavian-style bathroom, you can pick up textiles in shades of bleached flax or blurry-blue, light sand shades.

Today, when arranging the windows of the living room, kitchen, and children’s room, the tenants most often make a choice in favor of Roman curtains, giving the interior an original and unusual look.