The most unusual and interesting crafts from coffee and coffee beans for 5+. Easy workshops for beginners step by step (130 + Photo)


Every day, hand-made is gaining popularity. For some, this is an original gift, but for others - the possibility of a good income. Materials for such handicrafts are any household items. Most often needlewomen use their masterpieces of coffee beans. They help to create original fragrant interior items. Learn how to make a topiary or coffee toy with your own hands quickly and beautifully. Detailed workshops below.

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  • Coffee toy
  • Pattern
  • Filler
  • Coffee processing
  • How to make topiary?
  • Benefits of Coffee Topiariya
  • How to make a tree with your own hands?
  • How to make high-quality crafts from coffee?
  • VIDEO: What can you make from your own coffee?
  • Conclusion
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 130 photos)
  • Coffee toy
  • How to make topiary?
  • How to make high-quality crafts from coffee?
  • Conclusion
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 130 photos)
  • Coffee toy

    An interesting souvenir for friends and relatives will be a cinnamon coffee toy. They are called "attic" due to the fact that they are painted brown. Such crafts are quickly gaining popularity. They will be able to complement different gifts in an original way.

    Coffee crafts with their own hands

    BoardTo make a coffee toy original, you must strictly follow the step by step instructions.

    Coffee bear with hearts

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    Initially selected toy to be sewn. Today, the Internet has collected a lot of different stencils patterns of such toys. The most popular are:

    • seals;
    • dogs;
    • owls;
    • bears;
    • hearts;
    • stars.

    Crafts can have a different size. Most often, the finished coffee toy is in the range from 12 to 20 cm.

    After a stencil is selected on the Internet, it needs to be printed out and transferred to fabric. Cotton is best used for coffee toys.. Every person at home has old pillowcases or sheets. This is the best material for the manufacture of handicrafts.

    Select the desired pattern

    The stencil is applied to the fabric, outlined along the contour with a simple pencil or pen. Then carefully cut with scissors. To sew a toy, you need to make two patterns.

    Cutting patterns by drawing

    The cut parts overlap each other. It is necessary to ensure that all the legs, tails, ears and other parts coincide with each other. When this is done, the patterns can be stitched. The threads are matched to the color of the fabric. If it is white, then the thread should take the same shade.

    Stitch patterns in any way

    Patterns stitched in one of two ways. Among them:

    • Manually.
    • Sewing machine.

    Fill the toy inside

    Regardless of the method chosen, a blank of 2-3 cm should be left on the blank of the toy in an unstitched state. He will need to further fill the toys.

    Sew a tail

    Pattern is ready. Now she is on the wrong side. To evaluate the work done, it is necessary to turn it out. Pencil or a needle to straighten all the small elements. It's like legs, tail, ears and other parts of the future coffee toy.

    We draw on top drawing

    We paint our bear in bright colors

    Cover the toy with a coffee brush

    Here is such a beautiful bear

    Behind, too, add a little pattern.

    A little more decorate with ribbons

    Beautiful present for any child

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    The filler for a coffee toy can be any. Among the most popular options stand out:

    • synthetic winterizer;
    • flax fiber;
    • batting;
    • trimming old fabrics.

    Choose a filler depending on the toy.

    Hand-makers prefer to use sintepon. It easily takes the desired shape and is also inexpensive.

    BoardTo give the coffee toy an extra flavor, small flowers of dried lavender are added to the main filler. Thanks to this, the craft will function as a sachet.

    You can add a little scent to smell

    When the toy is completely stuffed with the selected filler, the left place can be sewn up.

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    Coffee processing

    The final step in creating a toy is to prepare a coffee solution. To do this, you need the following ingredients:

    • 2 teaspoons of instant coffee;
    • 50 ml of boiling water;
    • 1 teaspoon cinnamon or vanilla;
    • 2 tablespoons of PVA glue.

    Ivory cat is a good gift

    Coffee toy is prepared in the following steps:

    • Coffee is poured boiling water.
    • Add to the composition of cinnamon or vanilla. You can make 2 toys with different flavors.
    • Pour to the resulting blank glue.
    • Everything is thoroughly mixed and left for 10 minutes. During this time, grains of coffee should settle at the bottom of the dish.
    • Take a brush with a width of 10 cm, dip into the solution and apply to the toy. It is better not to touch the bottom of the dish so that the coffee grounds are not on the toy.
    • Spread the toy evenly on all sides and leave to dry completely. Speed ​​up the process is fashionable in several ways:

    • hang the toy in a preheated oven. It is not necessary to light a strong fire so that it does not burn. 5-10 minutes is enough for drying;
    • leave the toy on a hot battery. In this case, take more time. It usually dries out in 1 day. The main thing is to periodically turn it from one side to another.

    After the toy dries, you can move to its decoration. To do this, you need acrylic paints and brushes. A simple pencil draw on the blank face. We paint it with black paint, and then paint it with the colors you like.

    Fragrant gift do it yourself

    You can make any inscription on a coffee toy: a joking utterance or a personalized greeting. The design and decoration of the toy depends on the fantasy and preferences of the person for whom it was made.

    Humorous sayings will raise your spirits

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    How to make topiary?

    Previously topiary was called a haircut of various forms of shrubs and trees, which originated in ancient times. Currently, it is a fashionable home decoration. Decorative composition will be a great gift. The craft carries happiness, wealth, good luck.

    Topiary is an imitation of trimmed tree, which consists of 2 main parts:

    • The base is in the form of a stem of a plant. It can be straight or with bends.
    • Round top. To do this, use a variety of items, but the best looks handicraft of coffee beans.

    Coffee Bean Topiary

    Topiary is placed in a pot, but you can create a composition without it. Additional items for crafts are:

    • feathers;
    • rhinestones;
    • tapes;
    • twine;
    • various natural materials.

    You can use all available tools

    To topiary looked beautiful in the interior, it must be done, starting from the general style of the room. To create a winter tree is better to use cold tones. Among them:

    • blue;
    • white;
    • blue;
    • red.

    Fit into the overall interior using neutral tones

    For the New Year mood, topiary becomes an additional element to the dressed up Christmas tree. Some even replace them with New Year's beauty. For this you need to properly decorate an artificial tree. This is done with the help of shiny balls, Christmas tree branches, tangerines, tinsel and sparkles.

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    Benefits of Coffee Topiariya

    Many people choose a tree made with their own hands as the main or additional gift. This happens due to such advantages of the product as:

    • Unusual design.
    • Attractive appearance.
    • The embodiment of happiness, wealth, good luck.
    • Suitable for any holiday.

    Suitable as an additional gift

    BoardThe main thing when creating topiary is to show imagination. It can be made in any shapes and shades. Return to the menu

    How to make a tree with your own hands?

    Before the New Year holidays, various decorations and compositions actively appear on sale. Topiary can be purchased at the store, but do it yourself much nicer. It does not use expensive materials, and also does not spend much time. The composition of coffee does not cost much, but it will become a real fragrant decoration of any interior.

    Coffee tree master class

    The main thing to perform the following sequence of actions:

    • Prepare a ball of foam or foam for floristics. To further he less conspicuous, it is best to paint it brown.
    • Glue coffee beans on its surface in an even dense layer.
    • As a trunk, you can use a straight stick or other sturdy material. If it is a tree, then before using it you must first dry it.
    • To the trunk did not seem boring and monotonous, it can be decorated with tape or paint.
    • To decorate the winter topiary best to use cones. They must be chosen according to the size of the tree. Before use, the natural material is dried in the oven.
    • The tree is set in a flower pot. For coffee topiariya suitable ceramic or earthenware. Materials will create a natural effect around the composition, as well as make the entire craft more sustainable.
    • Fix the tree will help any mounting mixture. The main types include:

    Necessary tools for work

    • gypsum;
    • alabaster;
    • putty.

    The easiest to use alabaster. To make it, you need to mix 3 glasses of water with 1 kg. alabaster. Stir the mixture and pour into a pot with a tree. Hold the tree for a few minutes to make the composition freeze.

    We take the workpiece paste over

    In the end, you get a topiary on a thick leg with a round crown of coffee beans. If you want to add a solemn look to the composition, then additional elements in the form of ribbons, lace, sparkles or rhinestones are used for this.

    Glue the grains with the flat side

    BoardTo hide the wiring diagram, it is best to put a moss-simulating material on top of it. For reliability, it must be fixed with adhesive composition.

    This ball comes out

    Sticking for aesthetics second layer

    It turns out smooth and beautiful crown

    Tape the barrel tape

    Paste over the satin ribbon

    Here is such a barrel

    We collect in the pots a little water

    Add alabaster and quickly mix

    Quickly insert the barrel, until nothing froze

    We are waiting for complete solidification

    Glue the first layer of coffee beans

    We spread the second layer

    Everything is smooth and beautiful

    We extrude glue on the trunk

    While the glue is not dry, put the crown on the trunk

    It should work out like this.

    And at the end we decorate with satin ribbon

    It turned out quickly and beautifully

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    How to make high-quality crafts from coffee?

    Do not be afraid to do different crafts with their own hands. Having understood the technology of manufacturing, as well as using high-quality materials, you can create real masterpieces. To do this, follow a few simple tips. These include:

    • Use only quality materials. It is not necessary to buy expensive materials or other items. Most of the things that will help in needlework, fashionable to find at home for free.
    • You can not copy other people's work. Better show a little imagination. As a result, this will lead to success, which will help to create unique compositions.
    • Get real pleasure from work. When a part of the soul is put into the craft, it becomes noticeable on the result. These things have a soul.
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    VIDEO: What can you make from your own coffee?