Flowers in the interior: 175+ (Photos) Beautiful combinations (in the living room, bedroom, in the kitchen)


Flowers in the interior is a frequent decoration of rooms for many styles. Properly selected floral pattern allows you to create a harmonious atmosphere at home, giving a feeling of calm and peace. In addition to a purely aesthetic role, the floral pattern influences the perception of space, highlighting the dignity of the interior and hiding flaws.


A color scheme

The choice of shades can be carried out according to standard classical schemes. But you can get creative with mixing by trying interesting combinations.

Fresh flowers add naturalness to the interior.

For win-win combinations include:

  • monochrome, including shades of the same color (for example, brown range - from sandy to chocolate);
  • contrast mixes, for example, purple with yellow;
  • blue, green, yellow;
  • well-matched, but not belonging to the same color range (light green with yellow).
For a harmonious interior, a balance of shades should be observed, the most successful color combinations should be selected. Introducing floral elements in the design, the designers try to repeat the dominant shade in other elements of decor and design.BoardA harmonious combination of patterns with a floral pattern can be achieved by repeating the hue of the background.

Floral pattern allows you to create a harmonious atmosphere at home

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Monochrome interiors - coping with boring design

A one-color interior has many advantages, differing in brevity, style, severity. But is it good? To make such an interior more vibrant and dynamic, you can simply add white fragments.

This color can be added not solo, but in combination with shades that are already present in the room. This will be achieved the necessary vitality of the interior. An example of such use: a flower in the dominant shades on a white background. Return to the menu

Inversion - do the opposite

Does the interior have dark prints on a light background? They can be repeated in a new form by selecting a dark background and a light pattern.

Beautiful wallpapers with roses

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Game with two colors

Two colors - is it a lot or a little? By choosing only two shades, you can create a boring interior just by replacing the drawings.

To do this, you can:

  • alternate these colors as backgrounds and prints;
  • combine floral pattern with a strip;
  • combine large images of flowers with small ones.
BoardBest of all, this technique works when a light shade prevails over a dark one.

Bright element in the living room

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Three color game

This technique may seem similar to the previous one, but it gives you more options and allows you to create various combinations. At least one of the shades should be light in this case, but he can already pass the leadership and recede into the background.

Three shades allow you to create interesting compositions.

You can assign each of them a certain area in which to organize dominance. For variety and dynamism, the interior can be supplemented with monophonic objects that repeat one color. Return to the menu

One main shade in the game with prints

This technique echoes the previous ones, but it looks brighter. By choosing a juicy color as the main color, you can complement it with light inclusions. This allows you to select one of the walls, a window opening or upholstered furniture.

Modern style in the interior

A floral pattern on a light background in combination with surfaces of saturated colors will play the role of an accent. As companion shades it is best to use light, dull colors.

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Black and white interior with a dramatic accent

This technique is considered fashionable and intriguing. A bright accent of such an interior can be the image of a single scarlet flower on the wall. As an accent shade is recommended to choose one that will not be annoying over time.

The background contrast of black and white is interesting even by itself. And with the addition of bright color blotches, it acquires the necessary depth and chic.

Trendy and intriguing design

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Texture Mixing

Accent-metallic is one of the fashionable methods in creating modern interiors. Light shine on a matte background creates a sense of volume and highlights the desired object or surface.

This technique allows you to select a floral pattern in an impressive and original way. With metallic luster can be not only a print, but monochrome surfaces, for example, cushions.

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Carpet, sofa, wall: what is common?

Common may be shade present on all items. It can be a fragment of a wall with a dark background and a light flower in combination with a dark sofa and a carpet of a light shade.

This carpet will add romanticism

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Do you really need a floral print?

Despite the popularity of floral motifs and their frequent use for decoration, it is not always acceptable. In many ways, the result will depend on the qualifications of the designer, his experience and the quality of the material used.

Floral pattern can even be entered into the interior of a strict room with a minimum of decorative elements. The minimalist style, like the others, can be complemented by small bright images that highlight the rest of the interior, but will not attract attention.

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Wallpaper with flowers: the rules that should not be broken

Wallpaper with floral print can be a skillful tool for the transformation of the apartment. They are not only mandatory for a number of styles, but also provide an opportunity to bring freshness into a boring interior and arrange the necessary accents. Getting to the selection of material design, you must follow the basic rules.

Such wallpaper is a skillful tool for the transformation of the apartment

Flowers on the wallpaper can be so different. Proper selection of the size of the picture - one of the important points. For a spacious room, the choice of image size is unlimited. But the most impressive here will be large prints.

BoardFor rooms of a modest size, it is best to stop at a small pattern that will not visually conceal the height of the ceilings and the width of the walls. It is not necessary to completely paste over all the walls with wallpaper with floral patterns. In most interiors, the allocation of only one of the walls will be sufficient.

Going on about their fantasies, you can cross the line separating style from excessive pomp. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the furniture, which should be combined in its style, color and dimensions with the design of the walls. Brightness of colors can be inappropriate, for example, for a strict aristocratic English style.

Properly select the size of this print

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Indoor use of various styles

Before proceeding with the introduction of floral print in the design, you should consider the style of the interior. Depending on the style, such flower drawings will be selected that are characteristic of a certain direction.

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Country Music - for those who appreciate naturalness

This style refers to the natural. It is characterized by wooden furniture and natural fabrics, simplicity of design in combination with natural shades. Here will find its place hand-painted floral patterns, as well as colors with a characteristic scattering of small flowers.

Style refers to the natural

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Modern - to be in trend

In this interior colors can not be too much. They must be present as a single image in rich colors or occupy one of the walls. Suppose the large size of the picture on the wall or on the upholstery of the sofa.

BoardWall mural with a realistic image of a large flower is a good solution. Another option is a soft floral print on the background of a similar shade. This design will help to give the room sophistication and refinement.

Living plants will add life to this style.

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Scandinavian - gaining popularity

This design direction is becoming very popular, it is preferred in the design of country houses and city apartments. Good taste suggests wallpapering with a floral pattern of only two walls. The rest can be just white. And this combination will not be uninteresting, since according to the Scandinavian canons of design, the images of flowers should be rather large.

No less interesting will look like wallpaper with embossed, monochrome or accents with gilding. To make the Scandinavian interior special help built-in lighting.

This design trend is gaining in popularity.

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Provence - for romantics

This style - one of the directions of country music, taking its origins from the south of France. Natural shades in pastel colors can be complemented by lavender, blue and yellow, creating the necessary accents.

There can be no contrasting combinations and bright colors. Coloring Provence differ softness and tenderness. They are well suited for decorating girls' bedrooms and add coziness to country houses.

Wallpapers can have an artificially aged look, look burnt in the bright southern sun.

Provence - one of the directions of country music

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Here can be used shades of pastels that allow you to create delicate images. Figure mainly medium size. These can be wildflowers or garden roses. Such drawings are well combined with good-quality furniture and a solid approach to design.

The floral pattern on the walls can be complemented with a similar print of curtains and upholstery of upholstered furniture. The English style prefers moderation, therefore it is not customary to glue all walls from floor to ceiling here with floral wallpaper.

English style

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Flowers are different: features of incarnations

A large variety of floral motifs allows you to choose the type of design and the colors that will be best suited.

StyleImage sizeKinds
Country musicSmallTea roses, jasmine, buttercups, daisies, bluebell, lavender, etc.
ProvenceSmallTea roses, jasmine, buttercups, daisies, bluebell, lavender, etc.
ModernLarge natural, black and whiteChrysanthemums, peonies, poppies, etc.
ClassicLarge natural, black and whiteChrysanthemums, peonies, poppies, etc.
ModernLarge brightChamomile, rose, calla, etc.
LoftBlack and white, graffiti, Stylized images.Black and white, graffiti, Stylized images.
English and FrenchAnyNaturalistic
Ethno, pop art, modernStylized imagesStylized images
Fusion, pop art, retro directionsGraphic imagesGraphic images
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Flowers, similar to their natural prototypes, are always in fashion and always relevant. This approach is most popular among the design incarnations.

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Stylized images of plants can be found in many ethnic directions. Such a flower will look decorative, even if made in just one color. In itself, stylization is a simplified image that can look quite simple, but this is where its main feature lies.

Beautiful headrest bed

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Black and white

The room, decorated in contrasts, has its own special charm. Such an interior acquires the necessary rigor and clarity. Such drawings can be not only on the wallpaper, but also on the upholstery of upholstered furniture, in the floor mosaic, etc.

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Flower blast: a large bright print thick pattern

So motley, bright and energetic. This print gives energy, looks cheerful and juicy.

But you should be careful with him - in large quantities he is tedious, hides space and can be annoying.

To prevent this from happening, it is best to place a similar print in doses, for example, only on a kitchen apron or on some facade planes. This drawing is "friendly" with monophonic objects and likes to be diluted with calm colors.

Motley, bright and energetic color

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Pastel - tenderness and romance for peace of mind

The tenderness and simplicity of bedding finds its response in the images of field flowers, cute boutonnieres and garden plants. Making the interior pastel buds and heads of flowers, you can make the interior as delicate and comfortable as possible. The English classics, like the French Provence, use such images in the design of not only the kitchens, but also the bedrooms, the girls' rooms and the verandas.

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A bright graphic pattern, a riot of colors and clarity of lines - this is exactly what adds to the image of realism and distinguishes it from stylization.

A riot of colors

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Flowers in the kitchen

The kitchen room has its own specific design. Floral prints are quite appropriate here. The main thing - to comply with the measure. For those who seek to bring a zest to the interior and keep the intrigue, it is recommended to use images of plants as accents.

Allocation of only one wall or its fragment will allow not to overload the interior with the decor and keep the style. Allocated wall does not necessarily have to adjoin to the working surfaces.

In the interior of the kitchen

No less interesting will look the floral decoration of the dining area. After giving free rein to fantasy, you can use custom-made 3D wallpapers.

If the overall design allows, then for the kitchen apron, you can pick up a tile with a floral pattern. Return to the menu

Living room decoration

For the living room most often the floral print is not chosen as the predominant one. They can be used in various ways:

  • put the necessary accents;
  • combine with other materials and textures;
  • connect with plain wallpaper.

In the design of the living room can find its place vector styling, wallpaper, etc.

In the design of the living room

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Bedroom decoration

Depending on the style of the room and the one for whom it is intended, the appropriate print is selected. If earlier it was believed that the image of flowers is only a female prerogative, then the trends of recent years change the well-established statements.

One bright flower against a black or white wall will look extraordinary and quite appropriate for a man's room. At the same time, the rest of the design should support the composition so that it is not lost against the background of bulky furniture and an abundance of decorative elements.

Bedroom option

For the female and girl's bedroom, a provencal romantic design with an abundance of small flowers in delicate colors can be suitable. Such a choice should be complemented by the stylization of the entire room, including necessarily wooden furniture, aged, light, light fabrics and simplicity of the interior.

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Bathroom in colors

Flowers in the bathroom add elegance to the room. Most often with a floral print tile is chosen in large bathrooms. The spaciousness of the room allows you to upload the whole picture. Such motifs are well combined with a monophonic background, light tile.

Add bathroom elegance

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Curtains with flowers: are they popular or not?

More recently, the vegetative patterns on the curtains did not occur often. Nowadays, such styles are becoming popular in which the presence of color images is used very often.

Depending on the style of the room, the necessary textiles are selected. Typically, the drawings are on a light background. It is important that the curtains echo the colors and shades with other textile details of the design.

This will allow the interior to be not separate, but to form a single overall picture:

  • for country, a combination of plant patterns with a cell can be selected;
  • Victorian and English style to a lot of flowers on the canvas;
  • Provence sentimental, curtains with small flowers on a light background - its characteristic feature;
  • vintage - the selection of the picture should be based on the appearance of the furniture and other design elements;
  • Shabby chic is often associated with romantic roses and other cute flowers.

Curtains should fit other room elements.

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Selection rules

The floral print on the curtains is chosen not only in accordance with the style, but also with the purpose of the room. It is important to decide what will be the size of the panels, which method of attachment and the type of cornice is better.

Selection Tips:

  • For short curtains, it is better to choose a small pattern of flowers.
  • Solid interior - a good background for the use of colorful curtains.
  • The richer the drawing on the curtains, the calmer the rest of the room decoration should be.
  • Beautifully look curtains, the background of which or the picture matches the color of the walls.
  • The more dynamic the drawing, the more difficult it will be to fit into the existing interior.
  • Floral print in the design of windows goes well with striped walls.

Floral print on curtains

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Flower painting in the interior

The ornament on the wall is one of the decorative design techniques. It can be done with stencils or by hand with appropriate drawing skills.

A full-color flower painting is an extraordinary solution for a bedroom or living room. For manual work, the plot of the image can be greatly simplified.

An alternative to painting can be the placement of photo wallpapers that mimic handicraft. Painting, as well as wallpaper, must match the style and color of the room, as well as take into account the size of the room and the future placement of furniture.

BoardFor someone who cannot draw beautifully, stencils will come to the rescue.

Ornament on the wall - an example of decorative design

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Indoor flowers in the interior

The use of fresh flowers in the interior should be done correctly. Flower pots, vases with fresh cut plants and bouquets of dried flowers bring a feeling of freshness.

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Advantages of use

The advantages of using fresh flowers:

  • give off oxygen;
  • purify the air;
  • decorate the interior;
  • some are used for medicinal purposes;
  • improve well-being;
  • make it easier to cope with stress, etc.
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Approach to placement

Choosing indoor flowers, it is necessary to take into account that each plant is demanding to the conditions of detention.

Factors to consider:

  • Lighting. Some of the plants love the shadow, others - the abundance of the sun. If it is irresponsible to treat the issue, then the plant may die.
  • The ratio of the area and the height of the room with the size of the flowers and pots.
  • If the background for the plant is a wall with wallpaper in a small print, it is better to give preference to large-leaved copies of flowers.
  • With the prevalence of bright colors in the interior design, the plants will stand out against this background.
  • It is necessary to select flower pots in accordance with the style of the room.
  • For ease of care and watering plants can be grouped together. Placing on stands, ladder, floor or window sill.

Each plant demanding conditions

When placing flowers on the windowsill, it is important to take into account that the plants are not exposed to drafts and do not touch the glass leaves. Return to the menu

In the living room

The severity of the interior of the living room can be enlivened with fresh flowers. With large windows and high ceilings, you can choose large plants that will organically look spread out on the floor. If space allows, you can group several plants into one group.

In classic spacious living rooms, large-sized tubs can be positioned symmetrically with respect to a window, mirror, or other object.

Can one flower pot become an accent? Maybe if you arrange it well. A bright room with one or more pots on the dressing table will look original. It is better to pick plants with bright large leaves. The alternative is a bright bouquet of tulips, roses or other flowers.

Plants help revive the living room

BoardTall plants should be placed on the floor. So they will look advantageous, visually increasing the height of the ceilings.

Only for very large living rooms can recommend plants with a spreading crown. The reason is simple - this form visually makes the room smaller, and the ceilings lower.

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In the bedroom

This part of the apartment is designed for rest and relaxation, so you do not need to overload it with a large number of plants.

In addition, such instances should be excluded:

  • with strong odor;
  • actively absorbing oxygen (lilies, ferns, etc.).

With insufficient natural light in the room, pots with plants can be placed on the shelves with additional lighting.

Part of the apartment is designed for rest and relaxation.

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In the nursery

Children are sensitive to foreign odors, and some plants can provoke the development of allergic reactions. In this regard, the abundance of plants is best avoided. It will be enough to literally one or two pots of plants that are hypoallergenic.

One of them is chlorophytum. He is unpretentious in care and well cleans the air from pathogens, including from Staphylococcus aureus.

Flowers in the design of the nursery

In the room of a small child it is not advisable to place flowers on the floor. The optimal place for pots will be on the windowsill, shelves or in hanging pots. Return to menu

In the kitchen

Selection of plants for the kitchen often comes down to an analysis of the simplicity of flowers. In this room, temperature fluctuations often occur, there is increased humidity, and drafts may occur due to the need for ventilation.

If the window sill is not desirable to occupy with flowerpots and pots, then you can use the system of wall shelves or hanging structures.

An interesting option for the kitchen

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In the hall

In almost all apartments hallways suffer from a lack of light. Fresh flowers here are selected only shade-loving. With a large area, flower pots can be placed directly on the floor. And to save space, it is desirable to give preference to the vertical method of gardening. It may be climbing plants.

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In the bathroom

In this room, the conditions for plant life are also not ideal:

  • temperature fluctuations;
  • humidity drops;
  • lack of light.

There are flowers that can exist in such difficult conditions. Among them are:

  • ivy;
  • chrysanthemum;
  • aspidistra, etc.

Place the plants near the lamps on either side of the mirror

So that the flowers receive even a small amount of light, they can be placed near the lamps on both sides of the mirror. If there is a small window in the room, the pots are arranged so that the sunlight reflected in the mirror falls on them.

BoardFlowers should not be placed where they can get soap or shampoo, as well as splashing water when washing and bathing. Return to the menu

"Trendy" flowers

Today, flowers play a special role in interior design. Their style and relevance have nothing to do with randomly placed pots of various sizes with all sorts of plants.

Stylish design option

In the number of fashion trends:

  • predatory plants;
  • florariums;
  • miniature garden;
  • exotic and rare specimens;
  • miniature garden.
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Flowers in vases

One of the additional design elements are vases with fresh flowers. Bouquet as well as potted plants, should be combined with the interior.

For monochrome interior solutions, a bouquet can be picked up motley, assembled from various plants. It will add variety to the design and will become an attractive accent. Wildflowers - an interesting option for the interior, which is dominated by light shades.

Beautiful bouquet for table decoration

BoardThe greater the length of the stems, the lower the bouquet can be placed. And vice versa. Return to the menu

Dried flowers and artificial plants in the interior

There are situations when it is dry flowers rather than live plants that are preferred in the interior design. In this case, not only dried flowers, but also spikelets, twigs, and leaves can be used to make bouquets. Such a bouquet should be composed as an element that complements the interior.

Dried flowers do not require complex care. Therefore, they can be placed in any of the rooms.

Modern, artificial bouquet

Techniques for supplementing with artificial flowers and dried flowers:

  • In the kitchen, you can not only place them in vases, but also hang them picturesquely if style allows.
  • Tall flowers and ears can be placed in floor vases.
  • The coffee table can be decorated with original composition.
  • Curly artificial flowers will complement the hallway, corridor and bathroom.