How to stylishly and beautifully decorate the Christmas tree for the New 2018? What kind of toys you need to get? (175+ Photos)


The spruce itself can be different, synthetic, real, or in the form of a modest branch, which is no less capable of making the holiday atmosphere magical. In order for the coming year of the Yellow Dog to bring exclusively positive emotions, happiness and well-being into the house, you need to take care of the correct selection of jewelry.


Which tree to choose?

Recommend to choose in 2018 a live fluffy spruce. She will not only be able to fully fill the house with comfort and joy, but also provide him with the necessary energy that will protect him from adversity over the next 12 months.

Learning to choose a beautiful tree for the New Year

It is better to buy an artificial beauty only if there are no conditions or possibilities for the installation of a real spruce. It is necessary to learn a few rules:

  • The tree should be checked for the presence of beetles or other living things that pose a health hazard.
  • When purchasing a living spruce, it is necessary to clarify the date of the log and pay attention to the color of the needles, they should not be yellowed.

The color of the needles should be without yellowness

  • For such a purchase is better to go in the afternoon, so that you can consider all the flaws.
  • Spruce can be shaken, while with it should not fall needles.
  • The best time to purchase is December 25-27.
  • It is recommended not to select trees in suspicious places. To do this, there are specially designated markets and nurseries for New Year trees.
  • If you tear a few needles and rub them in your hands, the smell should be saturated and pronounced.
  • The cut of the trunk eliminates the presence of mold, dark spots or fungus.
  • The branches in the lower part of the spruce are directed upwards.

Lush fresh beauty on your holiday

If we are talking about purchasing artificial decorations for the house, you need to check the material for the presence of harmful chemicals. They can manifest themselves through an unpleasant odor and specific storage conditions.

If the family basically sets only pine for each year, here it is also worth considering a few simple rules. The main thing for this tree is freshness. To check this, you need to examine the needles. They should be bright green and not have spots with a yellow or brown shade. If there is a wax on it, it means that the pine was cut down recently, then you can safely buy.

Follow the above tips.

Each branch of the tree should be supple and fluffy. It is also worth trying to raise the pine, if it is light for its size, it is better to continue the search. Return to the menu

Choosing a place

Before you start installing spruce and decorate it, you should take care of the proper preparation of the room. The main goal in 2018 is to cajole the host of the next 12 months, that is, the Yellow Dog. Depending on the needs of the family, spruce can be installed in the following parts of the house:

  • If family members have health problems, a pine or spruce should be installed in the center of the room. It is there that the energy is concentrated to enrich the life force;

Christmas beauty in the middle of the room to the health of the family

  • in order to improve the material situation, it is necessary to find the southeast part in the apartment and put a tree there. This will help to get a long-awaited career advancement or an award at work;

Delivered spruce for career growth

  • to increase mental capacity, it is better to establish a New Year's pine in the northeast;

The combination of wood and flowers

  • those people who plan to go on a trip need to prepare a place in the room in the north-western part;

Beautiful Christmas tree for travelers

  • some couples will hope for replenishment in the New 2018 so that everything goes well, the pine must be moved to the west;

Spruce West for Progeny

  • if there is discord in the family and the relationship is on the verge of breaking, the spruce should stand in the southern part of the room.

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Colors for decoration

To beautifully and with maximum benefit for each family member to decorate the Christmas tree, you need to use the teachings of science feng shui. The fundamental role played by not only the correct location of the tree, but also used to decorate the objects and their color.

Golden decoration toys

In the year of the dog, it is recommended to use accessories of yellow color and all its shades, as well as sandy shades of tinsel. Successfully dilute the composition will help the balls of gold and red.

Red ball with the symbol of the year

For those who are going to install artificial white spruce, you need to think about purchasing one-colored jewelry. Here it is most appropriate to use a deep blue color, gold and red tones.

Golden balls for a fabulous mood

The latter color is best used for decoration with ribbons, hearts or threads. Yellow can be used with brown, it is also the main one in the Year of the Dog. Balls are desirable to use bright orange and beige. In addition to the necessary energy, they will provide an atmosphere of comfort on New Year's Eve.

Decorate the pine orange mandarins

To attract luck, you can put accessories with autumn hues on the pine. Other successful solutions will include blue, silver and green jewelry.

Ribbons on the New Year tree

For those who are going to use two colors, you must observe the following combinations:

Yellow with golden

Natural jewelry in yellow shades

Green with its shades

Green shades in the decoration

White with silver

White and silver toys for decoration

Beige with brown

Decorate with noble brown toys

If we are talking about colors not mentioned above, their quantity should be moderate. You can not supersatu spruce red or purple. Return to the menu ↑


The most important figure in 2018 will be the Dog. It can be made in the form of a figurine or a toy for pine, which is recommended to be installed on its top. On the festive table, it is found in the form of a salad with a figure or an attractive dog's face. If the toy is large, it can be under the tree, it will also bring home well-being and good luck.

Relevant toy for your guest

Do not hesitate to use all dog-related paraphernalia. It can be kennels, bones, bowls or collars. All items can be bought or made independently from scrap materials or even food. As for other toys, for the New Year 2018, standard symbols such as angel wings, stars of Bethlehem, cherubs or postcards with scenes from the Bible are perfect.

Do not forget about the angels

Decorations that can be eaten

Do not forget about the other traditional characters, it can be Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, penguins, deer, northern bears, snowmen and hares. All this does not spoil the energy of the celebration. Edible decorations can also be hung on a spruce — nuts, fruits, tangerines, bagels, candies and oranges, and wheat grains packed in bags will bring financial wealth to the house.

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Feng Shui Symbolics

Families who use Eastern philosophy to ensure well-being and peace of mind, also should resort to some techniques:

  • in order to build relationships within the family, you can hang sacks of coffee beans on the Christmas tree;

Hard material for a soft atmosphere

  • the most important thing is health, for longevity and getting rid of diseases, it is necessary to hang large monophonic balls on a pine tree;

Solid large balls

  • successes in the financial sphere and general material wealth can be ensured by coins, bundles of notes or decorative chests with treasures. Jewelry will not be superfluous;

Jewelry as spruce ornaments

  • bells and a bell are hung on a New Year's tree in order to scare away evil spirits and attract good ones;

Scare away evil spirits with a bell

  • Those who are going to get children are recommended to hang out any children's things and toys. These can be socks, rattles or pacifiers;

"Children's" decorations for the holiday

  • in order to meet your soul mate in the New 2018 or to strengthen existing relationships, you need to hang up paired toys. For example, hearts, pigeons or angels.

Two turtle doves for strong pair

  • On the night of December 31 to January 1, any statuettes, toys or other reminders of the Yellow Dog will bring well-being in all areas.

Symbol of the Yellow Dog in the coming year

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Decoration order

If at the time when the tree was bought, there was a strong frost outside, she should be given some time to thaw. If possible, it is better to rinse it in the bathroom, it is to clean it from the city dust and allow it to fully reveal its flavor.

Treatments for guests at home

That the pine stood steadily, especially if it has impressive dimensions, it is necessary to take care of purchase of a massive cross. Folk device in the form of a bucket of sand is appropriate to use only for trees of medium size.

Adaptation for the stability of the tree

The lower part is decorated with tinsel and the remaining toys, white fabric can be used to simulate snow. Also here you can put the figures of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, and next to the packaging with Christmas gifts.

White imitation snow

How to use a garland?

Not everyone understands that for the garland there are also several ways to install on the Christmas tree. In order to use the unconventional principle in 2018, you can listen to the following tips:

Horizontal or vertical way

Here it is necessary to observe strict lines. The garland is mounted on a fir tree, either in circles from the top to the bottom, or by vertical stripes emanating from the toy on top.

Luminous garland located vertically


In this case, all accessories are hung with small indents and to the side. Bulbs should also be located on the pine girdling it over the entire height. To make this screw more noticeable, you can use your own types and colors of toys for each strip.

Spiral garland with color transition

Intuitive principle

Here for the imagination of members of the whole family there are no limits. All decorations can be hung on a spruce tree in a chaotic manner. The only rule that should be followed is to avoid the accumulation of the same toys in one place. The most spectacular products should be placed in the foreground. Garland is worn on the same principle, there should not be empty seats even from the invisible part.

Garland in any convenient order

Moving effect

In this case, the decoration is used alternating large and small accessories. They can also be placed on the Christmas tree in a staggered manner, while the garland must comply with the principle of two lines of illumination. For this you need two sets of light bulbs. One is wrapped in a spiral from right to left, and the other way around.

Large and small toys in the decoration of the Christmas tree


This is a gradual increase in the size of toys from the top to the bottom. This is the only principle that does not necessarily imply the use of a garland. But if there is a need for it, it is hung in waves around the New Year tree.

Bright beauty burning with lights

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For the 2018 year of the Yellow Dog to be one hundred percent successful, the last thing you need to pay attention to is the Christmas tree decoration style. Most often, every family has already established traditions that have been followed for many years. But perhaps it is 2018 that will be the start for change.

Christmas tree in the style of the room

The most common style is European. It uses 1-3 colors most suitable for each other, and the number of New Year's accessories is moderate. But do not forget about more creative ways.

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In this case, materials of exclusively natural origin are installed on the New Year's pine. Some do without even the Christmas tree itself. It is enough to take natural materials and imitate wood from them adhering to the simplicity and calm color palette.

Eco-style in the New Year

Dried fruits, shells, twigs, berries, dough figurines and other foods are used as accessories.

Accessories in the form of natural products

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This style is famous among the people of older and older. Here, for the Christmas party dress used toys come from the Soviet Union and other things that resemble the past year. Despite the absence of something new, this method will give an unforgettable feeling, will wrap the house in comfort and remind you of a long time ago.

Stylization of the Soviet New Year tree

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Here it is customary to use the simplicity of the dress and the light tones of the Christmas toys. They are mostly white and light blue. Their shape should be as smooth as possible, and their sizes should be medium.

New Year's decor in the Scandinavian style

In this case, you need to look for special jewelry, as they should not be too much, but at the same time they should be beautiful.